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What Is a Podcast?

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What Is a Podcast?

What Is a Podcast?

You know, it wasn’t too long ago that I was going around thinking, “What is a podcast, anyway?” – but from all the buzz I was hearing, I knew it was something I really should be doing in my own marketing strategy!

So, when I did decide to get started, I went and found the best of the best to get me on the road to creating my podcast – his name is Scott Paton – the author of Podcasting Unleashed and serious podcasting expert.

Scott showed me that Podcasting is simply a way to distribute audio and video shows via the Internet that let you subscribe to a number of files, also known as “feeds”, and then listen to or watch the program at the time of your choosing.

So, rather than having to go to a web site to see if there is a new MP3 there for you to listen to or receive it via email, which can be blocked by Spam filters, subscribers use a “feed” to deliver the MP3 file directly to them.

Podcasting, much like Blogging did for news and editorials, lets anyone have their own “Radio or TV show”.

While you have always been able to download MP3 files and listen to them on your computer, Podcasting automates a lot of the process. Now an RSS Feed delivers the MP3 file to your computer (when you want), then your computer downloads the MP3 program to your iPod (and that’s where the name came from).

But, you don’t even need an iPod for it to work, as most MP3 player have the software to automate the process. Many people simply listen to the recording on their computer, or even burn it to a CD.


What I get out of that is that podcasting is simply another way for me to connect at a heart to heart, voice to voice, face to face level with my community (and future members of my community!) – which is always something I love – especially when it turns out to be a lot less ‘technical’ than I thought it would be!

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What Is a Podcast?

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This was almost hate mail…

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I certainly hope you’re one of the lucky ones that got in and were able to reserve your place in the easy-peasy podcasting program, where I will show you (begins July 5th) how to make $30,000 a month (yes on-going cash in your pocket) and build your list off iTunes (no-techno experience required millions of people searching for you) by speaking into your phone in your basement 2 hours a month.

You don’t even need to promote it (although I will show you how to do that) to get sales or to build your list. This is way easier that a teleseminar.

Did you know that people who search on iTunes are totally different people to those who search on the web? That means YOU are missing 40% (and growing) of the market by not doing this – so start doing this now!

It’s like a whole phone book or other internet that you don’t show up on.

Right now iPhones are automatically promoting you – but that may change any day now so be part of this opportunity now.

Did you know that because there are so many iPhone apps that iPhone has started to block them and make the screening process harder to get through?

This may likely happen with people who try to get their podcast up later. Now it’s free and easy and guaranteed!

Seriously, I am in the middle of moving, my clothes are looking grubby from painting, and Tania calls me to tell me, I have never gotten so many panicked emails from people who didn’t believe me that the door would be closing, or said their email was down – that it wasn’t their fault. Please let me in!

So, ok, if you didn’t get those emails from last week, then here is a BRIEF window of opportunity for you:

Only open for a day or so – then no matter who emails me, we’re closing the doors on this.

Brief window here:

You are so great!

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