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Using Video for Sales

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As November is my birthday month, I have promised to send you each week a SUPER big deal with only opportunities for business and profits growth.

If you’ve been on my list for a while you notice that I rarely send out “buy me” posts  but here I have hand-picked a few HOT options that may be tailor made for you and by genuine people, and incredible experts.

The 2 experts below – blew away my mastermind group and showed how EASY it can be to add video to what you are you doing. And they kept everyone laughing so I know you’ll love them.

So here goes the FIRST cool offer for all those who want to add video to your sales strategy…

Do Not Miss This Information: If you use video or if you WANT to use video, this information will change the way you look at how powerful it can be for you and your business success. 

Consider This:
Video is the most powerful means of communication ever created, other than appearing in front of each of your clients daily (and who has time for that). Do you know that 80% of people will watch a video when going to a website and 52% of those people will take some form of action?

Consider what happens on YouTube: Every minute, 24 hours of video are uploaded. Every day, more than 2 billion videos are viewed. And in 60 days, more video will be uploaded to YouTube than the three major U.S. television networks produced in 60 YEARS! (And though the largest video website, and the second most active search engine on the Internet, there are lots of other places open to videos, including your own website!)
Can you picture in your mind that airplane landing on the Hudson River? Miners being rescued? Oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico? Flames climbing western hills ready to devour all the homes in their way? If you’re like most people, that answer is “yes,” and the reason you can is because of VIDEO! Those images have been burned onto your brain, and you remember. Your clients will remember you that same way.

Why Does Video Grab People So Well?
1. Everyone is overloaded! They’re busy, their brains are working overtime, they need something to grab their minds and make them pay attention.
2. Many people are bored with their lives and look to you to pull them out of their doldrums. Nothing like totally engaging them with video to do just that.
3. People are people, buyers are buyers, and they all like to laugh, learn, be entertained, have a chuckle in their hearts and a smile on their faces. And THEN they buy.

But Isn’t It Difficult To Create Videos For Your Business?
No… not these days. Not when you have a road map to follow created by people who know what they’re doing. And that’s why I’m writing.

This note is to introduced you to two bald and crazy guys I know: entrepreneurial psychologist Dr. Marc Kossmann and marketing-crazed MBA Charlie Seymour Jr who have really figured out how to use personal videos to build a business. I know these two – we’ve been to conferences together, they visited me in my home in September, they even previewed parts of this course to my Mastermind Group here in Vancouver and they were a smash hit. (Look for some video testimonials from some of our folks!)

They’re funny, lighthearted, and all business! They talk our language. They know what they are doing. And they use only consumer-level cameras (the type you can get for around $150), simple lighting, and editing software that is available on both Mac and PC. Everyone can do what they do with some lessons. And they have pulled so much great information together – that’s why I want to be sure you learn about them.

These two guys know that YOU are the most important ingredient in your videos, so they created information just for you.

OK… Video Is Vital But How Do You Begin?
Maybe you’re asking:
• How do I get comfortable in front of the camera?
• What do I say?
• How should I look?
• What do I wear?
• Do I look into the camera or off to the side?
• Should someone interview me or should I go it alone?
• Should I stand or sit?
• How do I get the sound to be excellent?
• How much personal information should I reveal?
• What equipment do I need?
• How will I do the editing and is it hard?

These guys answer these questions and many more in their newly released course: “Unleash Your Rock Star Identity – Create Your Own Legend Now Through Video – 7½ Steps To PersonalSuccess – Level 101.” The title is long because the course packs so much great information for you. It’s all presented on video so you can watch them show you how it’s done!

However, this course isn’t about “video” – it’s about presenting you THROUGH the power of video. (Dr. Marc and Charlie call it “Create Your Own Legend Now.”) The focus is on YOU: telling your story, getting people to know YOU, keeping your competitors away from your clients, making you more money.

What Should You Do Now?
Dr. Marc and Charlie have put together a compelling information page which you can get to by clicking this link:

When you go there, discover how important videos are to your financial success, how you can create videos with ease, the value of video in making you money, why video works to capture new business, who can use video, where you can use video, how you can prosper from this powerful tool, and much more.

They outline the entire course for you, show you a dizzying preview of what it will look like, and top it all off with their No-Weasel, 91-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee In Two Parts (takes some pretty confident guys to offer that!).

And if you don’t yet know Dr. Marc and Charlie, wait until you see the testimonials they have from people like mega-super-selling authors Brian Tracy, Jeffrey J. Fox, and Dan Kennedy PLUS some video testimonials from people who attended an actual preview of this course in Vancouver, BC.

Hurry – They Have Bonuses For Those Who Respond Right Away

OK… enough chit chat here – these two guys do a great job telling you all about the power of video AND how they can help you harness it for big results. (They even have video commentary right on their information page – jump over there to see it!)

And they have a Limited Special For Quick Response – only those who respond quickly will be rewarded with it. So go over to their information page right now, see what they have, and sign up for their course. Here’s the link to use:

As you know, when I recommend a top-notch course like this, we get a referral fee when you invest in it.  But if this course isn’t everything you want it to be, if it’s not everything that I or Dr. Marc and Charlie say it is, if you don’t like it for any reason, get all your money back and we won’t be compensated – that’s only fair! See their Guarantee – it’s all spelled out there.

Do it now while you’re thinking about it. See their information and explode your success through video.

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