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New Rules for Old Marketing Strategies

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New Rules for Old Marketing StrategiesThere’s no denying it. Marketing strategies have changed, and they’ve changed a lot. While the role of marketing may not have changed – in that the goal is still to meet the needs and wants of consumers — other factors such as corporate attitude, marketing approaches — not to mention marketing function — and the power dynamic between buyer and seller certainly have. These extensive changes are, for the most part, due to the rapid evolution of technology.

The changes in technology are doubling its pace each year. Today’s marketers are now faced with the additional challenge of working with devices that allow consumers quick and easy access to an endless portal. This facilitated and evolving technology has changed the way businesses connect, collect information and interact. In an attempt to keep up, experts suggest doing whatever it takes:

Marketing team to research department
There was a time employees looked forward to the annual marketing conference, the conference that was arranged each year to educate staff on the latest business advancements. Today, however, your business’s marketing team should really be a research department. Marketing techniques and online tools are advancing at a record pace, again, almost doubling each year, making that annual conference insufficient. Cutting edge marketing is demanding and so is keeping up with all the latest platforms that can help your business.

Change to accommodate social media
There’s a new operator in town and it’s called the consumer. There was a time when marketing was not social, which meant the rest of the business didn’t revolve around what the marketing department did…or didn’t do. Today, however, that is not the case. Social media means your company needs to be an open book. It needs to be social, interactive and responsive.

Exchange old marketing slogans for new multimedia
This new marketing world has experienced a shift from punchy marketing slogans to multimedia content that moves people. To keep your company in the game, consider hiring creative talent that can produce videos, broadcast media, implement technical skills and write content that is meaningful.

On the other side of the marketing coin lies an element that has not changed: a unique selling proposition. It’s just as important now as it was before to be extraordinary, meaningful and to deliver on your promise. Making the effort to always create a better user experience will often result in a repeat user experience.

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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