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Using JV’s to go to Hawaii and be in a Business Book

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Ok…this is cool…all in the same week I was able to go to Hawaii AND be featured in a Business Book and it all happened through the creativity of Joint Ventures.

Hello, or shall I say ALOHA?   I am just returning from a quick escape to the Hawaiian Islands from the snow!  Wait – don’t hate me – yes I was so excited to leave the bitter cold (as would anyone) but I’ll tell you how it turned out not to cost me a cent.  I simply traded my consulting time for a stay at a beach house and cashed in some air miles.  Lesson of the day….What could you BARTER or JV on to get something you’d like this year?

This trip was exactly what I needed to clear my head and de-stress.  Now I am keyed up about the upcoming travels this year with my mastermind group.  I know it will be so much fun!   No matter where we go, this is a GREAT time to travel as many people are staying home, so there are great travel deals to be had by airlines and hotels, plus fewer tourists.

I wish I could pocket some of that sunshine and bring it to your doorstep.  You know I would share it!!

By the way if you know of any small groups like 6-8 people who’d like to stay at a beach house (literally the beach is across the street), please let me know and I’ll help set that up for you.  It costs about $395/day sleeps 6-8 and comes fully stocked with a private pool, kitchen with amenities, boogie boards for surfing and lots of sun.  Go with a group of friends and it becomes a cheap vacation. I also promised I’d help him get some rentals. Using JV’s to go to Hawaii and be in a Business Book

So onto other news…

I don’t know what it is going on lately but for some reason I’ve had several people call me to contribute to a book.  I am grateful to every single one.  Thank you!

This time I asked one of my former students and brilliant gal, Vickie Jimenez, to help me write the feature as she LOVES anything to do with Joint Venturing.  Thank you Vickie.  By asking for her involvement, I get help and she gets published. Great win/win.

O.K. So “The Official AWE Emerging Trends Guide 2009″, is now ready for distribution!
This book for entrepreneurs is launching today so you know the drill, if you purchase TODAY, you’ll receive thousands of dollars in free bonuses!

Here is a sneak peek as to what is included in the book:

Obviously the feature Vickie and I wrote is THE most important one to read. LOL (just kidding) Sorry I’m still giddy from all that sun and rum with pineapple juice.

Build Your Business

  • Top Business Networking Trends to Watch For in 2009 by Gina Bell
  • Key Web Development Trends That Entrepreneurs Need to Know by Susan Daffron
  • The Most Powerful Trend in the History of Business: The JV Explosion by Stefanie Hartman and Vickie Jimenez
  • The Emerging Trends of the Virtual Membership-Based Business Model by Sheri McConnell
  • Emerging Legal Business Trends and How They Affect Your Ability To Think Big by Alexis Martin Neely
  • How The Ever-Changing Landscape of Internet Marketing Affects Your Message And Why You Must Adapt by Lisa Manyon
  • Cold Calling in the 21st Century: The New Rules by Wendy Weiss

Grow Your Business

  • Three Key Elements for Business Success in 2009 by Melanie Benson-Strick
  • The Future of Virtual Assistance: Lifestyle, Mindset, and the Team-Based Business Model by Erin Blaskie
  • Online Book Marketing Trends by Penny Sansevieri
  • Emerging Trends in Social Networking for 2009 by Mari Smith
  • Top Five Trends You Must Know to Continue Growing Your Info-Profit Business by Adam Urbanski
  • Trends in 2009: Video, The Internet, and Your Bottom Line by Viki Viertel

Go Beyond Your Business

  • How to Consciously Capitalize on the Biggest Trend in Business Ever by Christine Kloser
  • Why Savvy Web Entrepreneurs Will Find Even More Opportunity In The Growing Cultural Creative Market by Christina Merkley
  • The Intersection of Technology, Information, and Transformation: Using the Internet as a Tool for Change by Marilyn Schwader
  • The New Solo Entrepreneur: The Secret to Business Success – Tapping Into Your Joy Energy! By Laura West

If you’d like to purchase a copy, click here. I’m going to purchase a few copies now myself!

Using JV’s to go to Hawaii and be in a Business Book

Emerging Trends

Wishing you success and happiness,

P.S. – Don’t forget… the bonuses that they are making available are only available during this initial launch phase. Afterward, you can still order the book but you won’t be eligible to receive all of those amazing bonuses!

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