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medical update and message

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I’ve received so many well wishes and calls regarding the scare I had with my husband 2 weeks ago.  Thank you so much.  As many of you requested I just wanted to send a quick update.  BTW – If you missed the first email that went out 2 weeks ago to my database about the accident you can read it below this email.

Jarrod is still in a lot of pain; he can’t sit or stand for long without being in pain, which makes each day difficult.  Although he is walking around a bit and able to change some of his own wounds now.  I just spent yesterday from almost sunrise to sunset in hospital and clinics driving around and meeting with surgeons who are all giving us an opinion on whether Jarrod should go into surgery on Monday to slice his upper jaw off and get it repositioned.  My husband is a big guy and I swear he almost fainted at the news of that plus possibly being wired shut for a month.  Talk about a horror movie scenario.

We are looking at other alternatives and may postpone that surgery for now.

We are both in good spirits though and laughing wherever we can.  I even teased him that he probably should not have been wearing his “ironman” sweatshirt to the doctor meetings, as it may have given them subliminal messages.  He laughed.

So after feeling exhausted and drained for the last 2 weeks (that’s both of us).  I am excited to get back to work.  I’m still doing the home care thing, but it’s nice to have clients and work to focus on as well.

One email I received from a student included her grandmothers advice (wise woman) who said, “One phone call can change your life in an instant.” That has stuck with me as it’s so true, good or bad.   So as life can change in an instant, appreciate your life and loved ones, but also to get your butt in gear – so that you can have a good instant phone call.  I know it can be a hard balance sometimes, as I am balancing right now, taking it one day at a time and focusing on what important (my husband’s health), but also not putting off projects (like my book) and others that I have wanted to do.  I know what it’s like to have felt behind when I see competitors stuff coming out and daily other priorities take over.

I know you can relate as I’ve spoken personally to almost every one of the people in my database.  This happens to all of us on different scales.  Even the mega famous people in your niche, trust me I have worked with people like that.  The difference may be that they took on a partner or got help from a team or just simply made up their mind to go for it no matter what.  Even a good Virtual Assistant who can help you put into action what you’ve been stalling on could make the key difference in your business.

But the biggest difference really begins with you stop being in the dumps or in inaction, and begin believing in yourself, your talent, and your parking space in the world, and thinking bigger if you want bigger.  At the BIG office in life – you already have a registered VIP parking spot reserved for you up front, you just have to believe it and drive up into it.  The world is not against you, it is just waiting for you to act, so it can act back and help.

Well that’s my new philosophy now.  Maybe you will find one that works for you.

It’s like the universe wanted to drill this message into me, once I got it.  At 2 different hospital waiting rooms I “happened” to pick up 2 different magazines, both that re-iterated the message I just gave to you, plus gave me new content ideas for my book (the project I was putting off – for too many logical reasons).

Then arriving home, I caught 15 minutes of the X-Factor TV show, and saw a woman who reminded me in looks and personality of Tina Turner, one of my personal idols.  She was a single mother of 2, had a hard life, and people around her telling her she was “nothing” and had no talent almost all her life.  Turns out, she may be the BEST talent in the whole competition.  She sings like any famous singer and with more soul and depth, probably from her experience and pain.  She makes you just want to listen to her as you understand “she gets it”.  Isn’t that like your story and my story?   How you and I can relate to others too?  They can hear you as you KNOW what they’ve gone through.

Slowly, she is realizing that the only difference between her and the famous and wealthy, is the fact that she stopped believing in herself.  She is one a mission to change that.

So let’s join her mission and be bold together!  It’s time.

All the best,
Accident happened Friday, Sept 30th, 2011

Email From:  Stefanie Hartman
Sent: Monday, October 3, 2011 9:42 AM

The past 3.5 days have been a whirlwind for me on the home front.  Friday afternoon while just wrapping up a meeting with Irene, a client I’ve had for over 4 years, I got a call from the Emergency Room at the Hospital.  They informed me that my husband was in a motorcycle accident, has regained consciousness and is asking for me.

They say everything happens for a reason, well I tell you reason #1, it was a blessing that Irene, someone I am close with, was there at that moment.

I drove an hour to get to the hospital and unfortunately to get there I had to drive through the accident scene.  I was at the red light 4 car lengths from the intersection.  I saw the flashing lights, the caution tape, and about 6 officers roaming the scene.  I had to wait, shaking, until I could pull ahead and turn right at that intersection.  I pulled over and waved the cop down.  In doing so, as I crept up to the corner I saw the blood in the intersection, glass everywhere and my husband’s motorcycle, which looked as if someone took a chainsaw and sliced the top off it and front section.

I felt sick and had to sit in my car a few meters from the ER entrance just to get my senses together before I could drive to the ER entrance.

Reason #2, Jarrod had the accident ½ block from hospital.  In motorcycle accidents they want to get there soon.  Apparently, staff heard the accident and ran to the scene.

Upon arrival, I saw my husband on a stretcher and I had about 60 seconds with him to kiss him and tell him its ok, help calm him as they whisked him away to check for spinal cord injuries and other internal injuries.   I won’t tell you everything that happened over the next 5 hours, but as you can imagine, he had several exams, I had several meetings with doctors, and police, and then had to call his parents, and make arrangements with friends to look after our dog and bring my husband clothes as his were all cut off him.

The next 2 days was pretty much the same.  Plus helping to care for him at the hospital.

Reason #3 things happen for a reason, I was scheduled to have a business meeting with an ER Doctor at 4pm, related to my business, so thank you Dr. Tim for being on the phone with me all Friday afternoon translating the news and telling me what to expect.  You were a miracle for me that day, and a soft place to land.   So almost at the exact time of our scheduled meeting, instead of discussing business we were discussing my husband’s condition.  Amazing.

The accident is still under investigation but from witnesses, it looks as if a truck came in illegally and made a u-turn in the middle of intersection and hit my husband.  Witnesses said he flew 15 feet.  As of now my husband has short term memory loss due to the accident. For now, it’s probably better that way, we are waiting for it to return.

I brought him home late Sunday night, and I am acting as his home care nurse, as he cannot do much by himself and is in constant pain.  But he is sleeping a little better at home.  He has been very emotionally impacted by the event and our family is made stronger from this event.

He has several appointments with dentists, doctors and plastic surgeon and more.  So due to help caring for him, changing wounds, feeding  and driving him to places, I hope you can extend some leeway to me as I have had to re-schedule some client meetings this week and next.  I am doing my best to minimize that as much as possible.

Overall he was very lucky; he had all the right equipment on.  I had the unpleasant task of bringing all his stained and shredded gear home that night.

He might need some plastic surgery on his face and jaw as he has fractures there, and I am deciding whether to request Pierce Brosnan or Gerald Butler.  I’ll keep you posted.  Plus some broken bones, sprains, road rash and a punctured lung, and of course his muscles are seizing.  But in the big picture it could have been much worse.

I also learned about the power of community during this experience. Even though I can have fun at parties, I am typically a private person, who likes her private time, that’s how I recharge my batteries.  So I don’t always go to every event or seminar.  However, it was so wonderful, my neighbors brought over wine (for me) and cookies for Jarrod, and another brought brownies and offered her sons services to cut our lawn (not sure what her son thinks of that).  Family has helped out as well.

The Power of community is important, in life and in business.

So let’s continue to support each other as everyone wins with that mentality.  And life has interesting timing.

Thank you for all your well wishes!  Please understand I won’t be able to call everyone back, as I am rushing around just trying to get everything done, and with little sleep these days.  But please know that you are all in my heart and I am supremely grateful.

So go out today and hug someone you care about as life can change in an instant.

Make this a powerful week.  Don’t wait; get your dream projects going!

Thank you.

All the best,

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