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Step Up!

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A friend of mine just sent what I feel is a great and timely email and I wanted to pass it onto you.  At this time he isn’t even aware of me doing so.  But Gary is not only a former client of mine, but a really good friend and I learn about as much from him as he does from me.  He is a great teacher and one of the few truly insightful, intuitive people I know.

Whether you read his message and just soak it up, or you read it and book a session with him or with me, whatever you decide or need is great.

Just today I decide to print out personal notes from my client’s I’ve worked with a display them in frames around me – as a reminder.  Being surrounded by love and reminded of our gifts can be important on those days where we waiver.  These notes are not simple thank you’s, they are immensely personal notes that often bring tears to my eyes.  Words have power, and when it comes from the heart and a personal space it is even more powerful and often needed for the recipient.

I want you to do well on your journey and every now and then, even the best of us (meaning you), sometimes need some encouraging words to remind us who we are, and to stay true to our path.

His email is below.

Warmest Regards,
Stefanie Hartman

Notes from Gary:

It has been a while since I’ve written a newsletter and with so much occurring at the moment in the world and having received lots of emails from clients and students with concerns from different parts of the world I’m putting thought to keyboard.

This is what has been happening in my world. I have been extraordinarily busy with trainings and clients in Australia with the corporate side of the business booming. I’m back in the states developing several on-line trainings so the information can reach a wider audience. I’m finishing that project up before heading off to Paris, Bali and Australia. It’s been a busy year but not without its challenges and unpredictable circumstances.

What I have witnessed is, the amount of energetic, emotional and financial intensity occurring right now is really nothing like I have experienced before and hence the number of emails I have been receiving. As I read through many of the emails I desired to share some thoughts and recent personal experiences of mine with the hopes they may inspire, encourage and bring focus.

We are living within a time where the illusion of our political and financial systems are becoming transparent here in the US and around the world. Many emails have confessed confusion and fear that goes along with realizing what once seemed so invincible and stable is actually not really stable at all and far from invincible.   Many of my students and friends are on the threshold of real personal and financial concern and my feeling is we require putting this period of our lives and history into perspective.

On a practical note I truly believe that there are no insurmountable problems only inflexible thinking and a lack of innovation and adaptability. So for many of my phone coaching clients that I am working with, I’m helping them generate ideas, clear their fear and scarcity thinking, clarify their communication in their business and personal relationships, so they can see possibility instead of lack and fear. Most importantly create a doable plan for the next year that works.

We must remember we are reality generating creatures and what we feel, speak and dwell upon, we create more of and create it faster than ever before. You can adjust to every situation given you when you remain the one with the most flexibility and have the possibility mind set. Is it easy?

No, but is it your best possible option? I would have to say yes.

The alternative really sucks and creates just more fear, upset and feelings of impossibility which is the last place you require you’re thinking to be.

I am constantly reminding myself that at the heart of all we experience in life is a spiritual experience with wisdom’s that are constantly revealing themselves if we only have the eyes and heart to witness them.

I’d like to share a brief moment I had today that may shine a light on a topic that is very important in these times. There are some big places in my life that I am facing uncertainty.   I found myself at the gym this morning and was sitting on one of the machines wondering which way my fate would fall. What ball would be thrown to me and what game would I be playing. Suddenly I found myself closing me eyes and saying the following:
Great Spirit I do not know where you want me to do the work.

I will go where you open the door for me to enter. And I will not stand for long beating at the door that has closed. I surrender my life over to be directed and be of service. Give me the courage and wisdom to surrender to the synchronicity of life’s circumstances because I know that is how You speak to me.  Give me the power to be patient, confident, courageous and strong in all my life’s situations whether it meets my desires or not. Let me live unattached to what I think it ought to be and be happy with how it is.

After speaking this silently within myself, I felt a surge of strength and peace, come over me. Yes small things can happen at the oddest moments that make a big difference even on a bench press machine at the local gym. So ask more inside yourself to whatever you believe in. It’s not what you say, it’s the sincerity of your heart.

If you are struggling in any aspect of your life I truly believe there is a power that here’s for you if you ask. Remember to ask.

Additionally it is not just about a personal prayer and suddenly you’ve done your bit, it is equally about taking massive action through goals, innovation and mind set. You cannot afford to luxuriate in negative thinking and fear based worry about the future. Unless of course You desire to create it in the image of your fear. There is nothing that the world can throw at you that you cannot conquer as long as you’re a good steward of your focus.

Polish your mindset and heart with surrender mixed with some powerful intention and creative innovation. It has been the only thing that has ever worked in my life. This is where the rubber hits the road. It is not what you know but how you utilize what you know in moments of tribulation. In the fire of your life challenges is where your studies and learning’s become transmuted into your character and the eternal wisdom of your soul.

Light, Gary De Rodriguez

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