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Step Up!

Posted on 17 Aug 2011 | Author Stefanie | Comments 5 comments | Tags

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A friend of mine just sent what I feel is a great and timely email and I wanted to pass it onto you.  At this time he isn’t even aware of me doing so.  But Gary is not only a former client of mine, but a really good friend and I learn about as much from him as he does from me.  He is a great teacher and one of the few truly insightful, intuitive people I know.

Whether you read his message and just soak it up, or you read it and book a session with him or with me, whatever you decide or need is great.

Just today I decide to print out personal notes from my client’s I’ve worked with a display them in frames around me – as a reminder.  Being surrounded by love and reminded of our gifts can be important on those days where we waiver.  These notes are not simple thank you’s, they are immensely personal notes that often bring tears to my eyes.  Words have power, and when it comes from the heart and a personal space it is even more powerful and often needed for the recipient.

I want you to do well on your journey and every now and then, even the best of us (meaning you), sometimes need some encouraging words to remind us who we are, and to stay true to our path.

His email is below.

Warmest Regards,
Stefanie Hartman

Notes from Gary:

It has been a while since I’ve written a newsletter and with so much occurring at the moment in the world and having received lots of emails from clients and students with concerns from different parts of the world I’m putting thought to keyboard.

This is what has been happening in my world. I have been extraordinarily busy with trainings and clients in Australia with the corporate side of the business booming. I’m back in the states developing several on-line trainings so the information can reach a wider audience. I’m finishing that project up before heading off to Paris, Bali and Australia. It’s been a busy year but not without its challenges and unpredictable circumstances.

What I have witnessed is, the amount of energetic, emotional and financial intensity occurring right now is really nothing like I have experienced before and hence the number of emails I have been receiving. As I read through many of the emails I desired to share some thoughts and recent personal experiences of mine with the hopes they may inspire, encourage and bring focus.

We are living within a time where the illusion of our political and financial systems are becoming transparent here in the US and around the world. Many emails have confessed confusion and fear that goes along with realizing what once seemed so invincible and stable is actually not really stable at all and far from invincible.   Many of my students and friends are on the threshold of real personal and financial concern and my feeling is we require putting this period of our lives and history into perspective.

On a practical note I truly believe that there are no insurmountable problems only inflexible thinking and a lack of innovation and adaptability. So for many of my phone coaching clients that I am working with, I’m helping them generate ideas, clear their fear and scarcity thinking, clarify their communication in their business and personal relationships, so they can see possibility instead of lack and fear. Most importantly create a doable plan for the next year that works.

We must remember we are reality generating creatures and what we feel, speak and dwell upon, we create more of and create it faster than ever before. You can adjust to every situation given you when you remain the one with the most flexibility and have the possibility mind set. Is it easy?

No, but is it your best possible option? I would have to say yes.

The alternative really sucks and creates just more fear, upset and feelings of impossibility which is the last place you require you’re thinking to be.

I am constantly reminding myself that at the heart of all we experience in life is a spiritual experience with wisdom’s that are constantly revealing themselves if we only have the eyes and heart to witness them.

I’d like to share a brief moment I had today that may shine a light on a topic that is very important in these times. There are some big places in my life that I am facing uncertainty.   I found myself at the gym this morning and was sitting on one of the machines wondering which way my fate would fall. What ball would be thrown to me and what game would I be playing. Suddenly I found myself closing me eyes and saying the following:
Great Spirit I do not know where you want me to do the work.

I will go where you open the door for me to enter. And I will not stand for long beating at the door that has closed. I surrender my life over to be directed and be of service. Give me the courage and wisdom to surrender to the synchronicity of life’s circumstances because I know that is how You speak to me.  Give me the power to be patient, confident, courageous and strong in all my life’s situations whether it meets my desires or not. Let me live unattached to what I think it ought to be and be happy with how it is.

After speaking this silently within myself, I felt a surge of strength and peace, come over me. Yes small things can happen at the oddest moments that make a big difference even on a bench press machine at the local gym. So ask more inside yourself to whatever you believe in. It’s not what you say, it’s the sincerity of your heart.

If you are struggling in any aspect of your life I truly believe there is a power that here’s for you if you ask. Remember to ask.

Additionally it is not just about a personal prayer and suddenly you’ve done your bit, it is equally about taking massive action through goals, innovation and mind set. You cannot afford to luxuriate in negative thinking and fear based worry about the future. Unless of course You desire to create it in the image of your fear. There is nothing that the world can throw at you that you cannot conquer as long as you’re a good steward of your focus.

Polish your mindset and heart with surrender mixed with some powerful intention and creative innovation. It has been the only thing that has ever worked in my life. This is where the rubber hits the road. It is not what you know but how you utilize what you know in moments of tribulation. In the fire of your life challenges is where your studies and learning’s become transmuted into your character and the eternal wisdom of your soul.

Light, Gary De Rodriguez

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Police and 3am Dog Rescue!

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Had an interesting night last night, thought I would share it with you.  You know it was really a lesson about people waiting for someone else to help someone in need.  I even saw a show about this on “What would you do?”, where people witnessed someone needing help and 99% of people did nothing to help.  Well that happened last night.

I am getting over a bad head cold, plus sore throat and lying in bed trying to get some much needed shut eye last night as I have some very full days ahead due to vacation coming up.  Basically I’m working double time to try to fit as many meetings as I can and finish up work so it’s seamless when I’m away and family moves in to basically vacation swap at my place.

All night my husband and I hear a loud dog barking and crying.  We were hoping that the dog would just settle down. 

It goes on until about 2:30am, when we can’t take it anymore and go out to do something about it. 

My own dog started to pant and pace, as it was picking up anxious energy from the barking dog.  Dogs seem to know when a dog is just barking or is really stressed.  It got me thinking:  What if the dog is hurt?  What if the owners are hurt in their home and the dog is alerting us?  What if an angry tired neighbor gets frustrated and hurts the dog?

That’s when my husband knew he wasn’t going to get any sleep because if he didn’t go I would have.  And he doesn’t want me wandering around in a park at night trying to find a stray dog.

So in the dark and the rain, out goes my husband to first establish if the dog is hurt or not.  He comes home to report that it seems fine, is not tied down or anything, is in fact in someone’s back yard and has a name tag and is actually a sweet black lab trying to get into its house. 

The dog was barking but my husband and I take a lot of dog training so we know how to gently dominate and relax even a large animal.   The dog is soon licking my husband and trusts him.  My husband returns to the house to give it one of our dog’s own bones and some food and water thinking that might help. It is now 3am.

Well the lab ate like it was starving and was quiet while it chewed the bone – for about ½ hour.

Then it started up again.  So we phoned animal control to see if they could house it for the night and try to locate the owner.  Last thing I want is for an animal to be put down, so we stressed it is obviously owned and lives in that house.  They tell us they cannot do anything until the morning.

I remembered years ago when the SPCA wouldn’t come out at 6pm to help rescue tiny kittens that had fallen in a grate in front of my apartment.  My girlfriend and I spent an hour rescuing these little things ourselves. And my friend even drove 45 minutes to get to me.

No wonder citizens have created their own rescue programs as these big institutions seem to not be of much use.

So it’s now 4am and with my husband due to work in just 3.5 hours and no sleep at all, goes out again because we see 2 cop cars with lights flashing and now the dog is screaming bloody murder and we hear the animal hitting the house and all kinds of noises that really creeps you out – you know the kind that makes your little hairs stand up?  So my husband again runs outside, down the block to see if he can help.

Well the 2 police officers were called by separate neighbors (not us) trying to help somehow I guess.  The officers did not know how to handle animals and were scaring it and this could possibly have turned ugly and ending in a dog bite.  Plus they told my husband they had no options.  They didn’t want to leave the dog but they could not take her either.  

So in minutes my husband calms the dog again, and suggests to the officers that we take it in for the night as they were baffled as what to do with it and we put a note on the front door of the owners’ house that we had their dog and to call us.

The officers’ looked into the house and saw that it looked abandoned.  So we didn’t know if this dog was just left when the owners moved and they deliberately left their dog (this happens) or if they were renovating it and staying at a hotel nearby.  We had no clue.

So in our house walks this big black lab so happy to be inside, his tail thudding loudly on our floor as it wags.  It was raining outside while this was happening so both my husband and the dog needed to be toweled off.

Our own dog who is a small 16 pound schnoodle (half poodle and schnauzer) welcomed the 80 lb dog, let it eat her food and even slept beside it all night and contributed to calming the lab during the night.  Which is amazing as our dog typically fears big dogs as she was attacked when she was tiny and generally prefers humans to any dog, any day.  She doesn’t even want to greet or smell other dogs.

The lab was so exhausted and its 80 lb body was still stressed as it was in tension for over 4 hours, it slept very loudly with loud snores and small whines that were clearly unintentional but essential ways for its poor body to attempt to recover and re-gain balance.

So really we saved the neighbors sleep but now not our own.  Although we felt very good about helping this sweet animal.  We took comfort in the fact that the dog relaxed instantly when it was inside our house.  It felt safe and no longer alone. Listened to our commands and slept next to us all night.  It was not a bad dog, it was a good dog in a bad situation – a situation created by people.

Early this morning we found out that the owners moved out due to renovations, and this dog was supposed to be with a house sitter a block and half away.  At some point the sitters say they lost the dog and tried to look for it (ya right you could hear this dog for blocks as we live in a really quite neighborhood).  And why wouldn’t they think to go to the dog’s house to see if it found its way home?  Plus the dog was in a closed gated backyard. 

What we think really happened is that they deliberately left the dog in the owner’s back yard, and sent their son out in the morning to feed it and the kid panicked when it wasn’t in the yard and ran home to the house sitter (his dad).  Then they found our note and collected her from us and gave us a made up story.  It is likely they planned on leaving the dog in that backyard out in the elements for many days or weeks, and just drop off food and the owners would be none the wiser.  I may be wrong but their story just doesn’t add up.

These are not dog sitters I would hire, and to me is a form of abuse – it’s neglect.  And they are LUCKY that no harm came to this dog, that it was us who came, instead of a bad or stressed out person who could have shut the dog up in a harmful way.

So today I am very proud of my little family, my husband and my dog, each of us played a role.  And it just goes to show, convenient or not, don’t assume someone else is helping that animal or person in need, or that they can. 

I’m tired, but my conscious is clear and that’s a great feeling.  And I think I love my family just a little bit more today, and what a great thing that is.

Please add in your comments, I’d love to know your thoughts on this and any story you have. 

Police and 3am Dog Rescue!

Jarrod And Mischa

The picture is of my two heroes.

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Hey – Dreams Do Come True!

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Hey   Dreams Do Come True!Now that the weekend is approaching, I am sending you a personal email asking for you to support a sweet guy and friend of mine, Sam Worthington.

Don’t worry – it will be FUN.  And no, you don’t have to send me money.   Ha Ha. I’m not asking for that kind of support.

Just take a friend or your spouse out on an enjoyable evening and please go see the AVATAR movie!  My friend is the star of the movie, he  plays the main character ‘Jake Sully’.  Info:

We go waaaaay back and I’m SUPER proud of him.

Besides, it’s a fun movie – I suggest you watch the 3-D version.  Very cool and nice message about our planet.

He is presenting at the People’s Choice Awards soon, yay!  

By the way – he has worked really hard at his career, he worried about the ‘next job’ as actors do.  He even spent some time living in his car.   Anyway, he is humble and grateful and very importantly works VERY hard at what he does.  And I think that is good for you to know.  He never felt ‘entitled’ to any success or for any leg-ups in this world.

So go watch the movie, and think of yourself and Sam – and know that dreams DO come true.  Just keep at it- like Sam.

Enjoy the weekend!


PS – for all you JV Club Followers – now YOU are 1 degree away from a major movie star!  Ha Ha.  But his hands are full right now, so please don’t send me ton of emails or requests to do a business deal or become a friend of his.  I will respect his privacy.  Hey – I’m not even posting all my private photos of him – same reason,  just this one great shot.

Much love!

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Lessons From NYC

Posted on 22 Oct 2008 | Author Stefanie | Comments 12 comments | Tags

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Tania (our Director of Operations) and I are back from our New York Trip.  We went there to meet with some CEO’s and outstanding people to plan some great partnerships, alliances and events next year.  I was also being filmed for an Internet marketing magazine coming out next year called 
I have traveled all over the world but this was my first trip to the Big Apple. And I have to say while I love the west coast and the beauty and good weather that it brings, I really am a big city girl at heart.  Tania and I also fell in love with the people. New Yorkers (we found) were generous, really intelligent and ready to make things happen – which we loved.  I am a “walker” not a talker so obviously I was in heaven there.
The weather was actually better than on the west coast, I believe due to the hurricane that pased by Florida. It was a simple reminder of how good things can come from the bad.
We did a little shopping, mostly had meetings with people, and then I made a point to pay my respects at ground zero.  Being there in person and speaking to my New York friends about it, it was easy to feel what a monumental life changing event that day was.  This may sound strange, but you could feel peace and love (and still a little bit of confusion) around this site, something that was unexpected to me.  I expected to feel fear and destruction only.  I think this event brought many inner heroes out and bonded humanity. 
I was told that there are some people who understandably want to forget that day, for their own reasons. I was also told that many people who helped with the rescue (in a few minutes they actually had 30,000 volunteers at the site), have health problems today and unable to work or find jobs.  They are outcasts to those who want to forget. 
These are ALL HEROES.  People brought food, shelter, lights, and offered themselves up, even putting themselves in harm’s way, and never thought twice about it.  That day there was some acts of pure selfishness, but they were outnumbered by the massive actions of many of pure love and unselfishness.  That may be why that is the overwhelming energy left there (as far as I felt).  What an incredible lesson that even through acts of fear, it is no match for the counteraction of decency, love and generosity of the human spirit.  “Doing” not just thinking, but taking positive action on whatever it is that you know is important in the world, will help others and is truly what you were meant to do – then please do it!  Jump in, as those people did at ground zero.  They knew they needed to take action and didn’t think about it. They just did it.  Imagine how powerful your life would become if you applied that same energy, that same immediate urgency to your own life, to your own dreams.
This can be a time when the destructive energy of “fear” may be creeping into our lives.  This can also be a time when there is massive opportunity.   I don’t know about you, but the next time I get down about something I am definitely going to remember how important positive ACTIONS are to getting rid of any fears and doubts I may have.  I am jumping into my life!!!
Have a great week!
Stefanie Hartman

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