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This was almost hate mail…

Posted on 30 Jun 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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I certainly hope you’re one of the lucky ones that got in and were able to reserve your place in the easy-peasy podcasting program, where I will show you (begins July 5th) how to make $30,000 a month (yes on-going cash in your pocket) and build your list off iTunes (no-techno experience required millions of people searching for you) by speaking into your phone in your basement 2 hours a month.

You don’t even need to promote it (although I will show you how to do that) to get sales or to build your list. This is way easier that a teleseminar.

Did you know that people who search on iTunes are totally different people to those who search on the web? That means YOU are missing 40% (and growing) of the market by not doing this – so start doing this now!

It’s like a whole phone book or other internet that you don’t show up on.

Right now iPhones are automatically promoting you – but that may change any day now so be part of this opportunity now.

Did you know that because there are so many iPhone apps that iPhone has started to block them and make the screening process harder to get through?

This may likely happen with people who try to get their podcast up later. Now it’s free and easy and guaranteed!

Seriously, I am in the middle of moving, my clothes are looking grubby from painting, and Tania calls me to tell me, I have never gotten so many panicked emails from people who didn’t believe me that the door would be closing, or said their email was down – that it wasn’t their fault. Please let me in!

So, ok, if you didn’t get those emails from last week, then here is a BRIEF window of opportunity for you:

Only open for a day or so – then no matter who emails me, we’re closing the doors on this.

Brief window here:

You are so great!

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$30,000 for 1 hour of work – copy this!

Posted on 25 Jun 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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Did you catch my P.S. off the last blog post?

True story…

I discovered this and HAD to show this to you. I mean, you could do this in your sleep – and yet you’re probably not aware you could make money this way.

Ok, here’s the skinny…

An unknown guy, in a relatively tiny niche, makes $30,000 a month (and growing) from something he does once a month and only takes him 1 hour a month to do – on his own schedule to boot!

In fact I got these stats about 6 months ago, so it’s highly likely he has doubled that by now. WOW.

Ok, when I tell you exactly what he’s doing your going to
1) Thank your lucky stars and be ecstatic you read this post today – jeez!
2) Think “Damn! I should have been doing this months or years ago! I need to do this RIGHT now.

I am going to lay out the time you’ll need and the cost you’ll need to get this working for you. Believe me – it’s cool!

Ok…so back to how’d he do that?

Unknown guy – makes some Hypnosis Cd’s in his office. Has some luck selling them, then one day decides to put them up on an item called iTunes – under the audio podcasts.

What is iTunes? It’s basically the audio section of every fricken iPod in known universe – it comes WITH the iPod or iphone.

Basically it’s like having Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Apple or Microsoft putting YOUR audio interviews, or telclasses or products up on EVRY single computer on the planet – like the computer comes with your program installed on it.

Talk about instant promotion and exposure!

So in about a year, this guy builds a following of over 60,000 people, through no marketing efforts of his own. He simply posted the audios and people found him in the searches and “subscribed” to his podcasts.

Things were going well. He was getting more known (at least in the podcasting world).

Then he thought “Hmm, I am getting exposure and more clients certainly but how can I create more moolah from this?” He came up with the idea (that I teach in MIT Course) of taking something you already do once and finding another way to make MONTHLY income from it.

So each month he records a “Premium Podcast” where he charges a whopping $5 bucks for it. Of course, people want to get the best stuff don’t they – human nature – so 6,000 people bought this – and every month he gets $30,000 ONGOING cash depsoisted automatically in his bank account.

Let’s run that by you again in 3 simple steps:

1. He records – via audio a “special” show. (*find out how to write this in the easy peasey – get it done Podcasting videos)
- This takes him 1 hour to do.
- He does this from his home
- He does this at 2am, 9pm, mon, sat or Friday – it doesn’t matter, no reservations needed he just picks 1 hour he’s not busy a month and does the recording.
2. He edits it – or leaves it unedited.
3. He posts it on iTunes with click of button, it even allows him to choose the release date on iTunes (*find out how to post on iTunes in the easy peasey – get it done Podcasting videos)

Every month – money that makes him financial free at month 1 – gets automatically deposited into his account.

Think of the possibilities – you could then up-sell your other products, seminars or hey – just sail around the world.

This is so cool. You HAVE to this.

I don’t say that often. But seriously.

Look, I still kick myself for not buying for $12 bucks on go-daddy. I met the guy who did and it gave him like $60 million or something crazy like that.

Life can be like this – we may not see real estate deals until years later, or worse see the opportunity but not have the cash to take advance of it, almost no-one understood the potential of the internet at the time or how much real estate would go up.

But this is cheap, accessible and gives you MASSIVE results.

Get in now before iPod people start charging for this.

And more people are catching on (including your competitors).

Many of you consider me your Business Futurist. So now consider me YOUR angel. I don’t know how to give you a bigger nudge.

PLEASE get into podcasting NOW – when you may be the only person in your field – that’s like being the ONLY dry cleaner listed in the phonebook under Dry Cleaners. Or you may be 1 out of 50 or 60 – that’s great!

You can wait until everyone is doing it, or you can DOMINATE YOUR MARKET by acting NOW!

- Search for ‘Golf’ on Google. There are 245,000,000 results.
- Search for ‘Golf’ on Technorati. There are 533,707 Blog posts.
- Search for ‘Golf’ on iTunes. There are only 53 podcasts on the popular Golf topic.


Please do this.

And right now – you can get this easy peasey touch button video course for $347 ON MY LIST only.

I will be offering this to other people to promote and on click bank and if you’d like to be our affiliate you will be selling it for $497 and I’ll even give you 50% of the sales BACK TO YOU!

Promote it and make money – or just fricken learn how to do this. This $347 is only available to MY people- cause I created this so I get the say-so. $30,000 for 1 hour of work – copy this! LOL.

I promise you, all you’ll need TIME wise to invest in this is about 2 hours a month. That’s it. You can do more. But to get a following that’s what you need.

And I’ll show you how to create it, post, it what to say in it, and even tips on how to make tons of extra not mentioned here cash with it. I’ll even have a bonus day where you can ask questions LIVE to me and the podcasting trainer.

And P.S – you only pay for this course – ONCE. You don’t pay monthly, even though it is POSTED monthly. You’d be silly if you didn’t do this. I’m not up-selling you anything and neither is iPod people. This may be the cheapest most powerful marketing tools you will have.

Don’t miss out on NOT buying something so inexpensive (like my story) especially when the timing NOW will make you so much money AND build your list for FR-EE.

In 2 years you’ll hate yourself for not jumping in now. Maybe even in 1 year. People are starting to catch on now.

Get in there!

PS. I’m only releasing this for a few days! This opportunity will close in 72 hours!!! Limit 1 per household.
P.P.S – If you don’t have time to watch a handful of videos (like 4 or 5) then ask your spouse or teenage to on your behalf and just do the podcast – they can post it for you.


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Can you believe it’s summer?

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Well, if you’re feeling like me – time has flown by!

So many of my students admitted to me that they had SO many plans for their business this year. They were going to get their blogs up and running, create eBooks, do podcasting, and build an amazing relationship base with their customers – and they were going to have it all done by now!

It can be hard to get everything on your list done when you’ve got a business to run as well.

Well if you are planning to do 1 thing to BOOST your sales and get more customers I would recommend starting to Podcast – timing is important and NOW is the time to OWN your market on iTunes.

Right now you are MISSING 100% of a whole new audience for you – people who will seek you out and buy from you. And with the apps coming on the market they can buy from you right on the phone (I will reveal that soon to you) and you don’t need to be a techie person to do a podcast or sell – all you need to know how to do is basically talk into your phone.

And I know you can already do that. LOL.

How would you like to build an audience of 150,000 in the next year… with no advertising? No website? NO SEO? No PPC? No Affiliates? No cost?

How would you like to have a major Fortune 500 company give you $100,000 for simply “keep doing what you’re doing – just add their logo to your podcast”, like 2 stay at home mom podcasters did. These moms didn’t even have a product or business; they just chatted on the phone and posted them on iTunes (as a podcast). They created a following and now do videos as well.

I really believe that it’s important to have all of these business growth and marketing tools up and running – especially NOW before this market gets as busy as the internet. You may be the ONLY podcast in your industry! That’s amazing – and yet millions are listening.


Wouldn’t you like to spread your message virally via cell phones? Podcasting can do that.

With 100 million iPods sold and 10 million iPhones in use, the potential for podcasting is about to be realized.

The thing is, I love marketing strategy and techniques and teaching my students the behind-the-scenes secrets of how the super successful become well-known, generate massive leads, and well…make a ton of money doing it.

This made our hot marketing list as it is a top secret for building a list of subscribers, customers, leads as well as simple way to earn “extra” big cash – with no expense!

Here’s what I wanted to teach – what I set out to find and track down for you:

I wanted to show how ANYONE, even a 6-yeard old could do this – in fact the most technical you will need to do is “push record”, “push stop recording”, and it took you no more than thirty minutes a week.

And all you had to do was talk about a topic that you loved to talk about?

Well, lucky for you and me, I have been searching for the special people to help me with all this stuff, and I have FOUND someone really special – Scott Paton – The Dean of Blogonomics and Podology. Scott has been teaching 1000′s of entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers and trainers around the world, how to leverage the massive popularity of iPhones, iPods and what he calls “The Un-Web”. He has co-hosted podcasts that reached 30,000, 50,000 and 150,000 loyal subscribers with no advertising, no social networking, no AdWords, no SEO, nothing but talking and following a 10 minute system. On a consistent basis.

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to cross podcasting off your list that you’ve been meaning to do since January (or before) to catch yourself up to the latest techniques and growth tactics!

Ease your mind and fatten your wallet in 2010. Make that your new motto! Stop by and check it out TODAY – you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Quick and EASY training to help you with podcasting

It’s all the training you will ever need. Simple. Direct. Effective.

Warmest Regards,

PS – You could do what this Hypnotist did….After his audience grew to 60,000 avid listeners, he offered them a chance to learn hypnotism from him on a premium show costing a mere $5 bucks a month. Ten percent of his listeners took him up on it and now he makes a cool $30,000 a month from his second show. $30,000 dollars a month for 1 hour worth of work. WOW.

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