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Online Marketing Tip: Learn to Like Google+

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Online Marketing Tip: Learn to Like Google+These days our devices may be overloaded with platform choices and knowing which ones to choose can be overwhelming. However, making hasty decisions could cost you in the long run, especially if you’re involved in online marketing.  Although there are other social media networks known for their ability to share and comment, Google+ continues to gain popularity.

While some joke that only Google employees use Google+, this fast-growing social sharing option has exceeded 540 million users, 300 million of which are active on a monthly basis. Not exactly the Google ghost town others are claiming. Aside from posting and plusing, Google is also a leader in search engine optimization and Google Authorship, two important factors any content marketer needs to care about. Moreover, Google is responsible for Google images, drive, docs, gmail, YouTube and analytics, and are not the networking site to ignore.

Google co-founder Larry Page admits that sooner or later, those ignoring Google+ will suffer the consequences: Google search will in turn, ignore you. While some remain adamant that G+ is nothing more than Google’s attempt to clone Facebook, the site has grown invaluable to millions for its sharing, learning and networking, not to mention content marketing.

Here are a few G+ facts that you need to know:
•    Between May and October of 2013, Google+ experienced a 58 percent increase in users.
•    Google+ is not just another interactive website. While it offers social interaction, it is part of an enormous network that includes, aside from the listed above, Google maps, earth, wallet, finance and Google search. Google Search is likely the most important feature non-G+ users may want to keep in mind.
•    Google’s search algorithm looks for engagement and response and relevance and already favors content that originates in Google+.
•    Content that is original, as well as site users that post regularly, rank higher in Google Search.
•    Google+ is an excellent resource for businesses – not only techies. It is quickly becoming the place for large corporations, management, technology, small businesses and international companies to connect and influence.

While Google admits there is a steep learning curve to G+ and have made efforts to simplify its platform, some still feel it’s too complicated. This is where hiring a professional content management coach can work to your benefit. An experienced professional can save you a lot of time and frustration by seamlessly integrating your brand into other Google products, such as Google Apps for business. As Google says, this is one platform where you get out what you put in!

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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Is It True? Are Business Women Dominating the Social Media World? Yes, Say Experts

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Is It True? Are Business Women Dominating the Social Media World? Yes, Say Experts It’s difficult not to notice how technology and social media have affected the lives of nearly everyone. In our heads-down society – as we text and tweet away – it’s hard not to get caught up in the social media storm. It’s enough to leave anyone wondering who then, are these people buzzing through the lines of our lives? You may be surprised (or not) to learn it’s women, not men, who lead the pack when it comes to online socializing.

The lead is so large, in fact, that experts say women now dominate nearly every social media network out there. As with all rules, there’s always an exception, and in this case, it’s LinkedIn. This professional networking site is the one place where male users outnumber their female counterparts. Otherwise, sites such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest boast more women than men. And not just by small margins.

According to sources such as Burst Media and Pew Research Center, women are taking over social media. Statistics show that 76 percent of adult American women are Facebook users, checking their account multiple times a day. This compared to 66 percent of U.S. men admitting to be avid Facebook users, of which only 33 percent log in to their account on a daily basis.

Research concludes that American women are the top social media users. This includes all social media platforms. The statistics look something like this:

  • Pinterest: Women 33% Men 8%
  • Facebook: Women 76% Men 66%
  • Twitter: Women 18% Men 17%
  • Tumblr: Women 54% Men 46%
  • Instagram: Women 20% Men 15%
  • LinkedIn: Women 19% Men 24%

Not only do women utilize social media platforms more than men, they use social media on a daily basis. Stats show that 30 percent of American women use social media several times a day compared to only 16% of American men. This means, of course, that it’s women who are more likely to interact with business brands online. Studies have found the average female consumer looks something like this:

  • Access offers and coupons: Women 53% Men 36%
  • Makes comments: Women 28% Men 25%
  • Shows online support: Women 54% Men 44%
  • Stay current: Women 39% Men 33%

Women are also known to access more news through social media platforms than men. Findings show that 58 percent of American women get their daily news via social media, compared to about 42 percent of American men. Are you wondering where these women go for their daily feed? Approximately 58 percent head to Facebook (compared to 42 percent of men), while 52 percent prefer Google Plus, compared to 48 percent of men.

Women are also leading the trend when it comes to mobility, with 46 percent preferring smartphones and 32 percent relying on Tablets. This has lead marketing managers and businesses of every niche to realize that women are driving the growth of visually-based social media and are likely to continue dominating the online world for years to come.

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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Do You Have Bad Social Media Habits? Find Out What Common Mistakes Businesses Are Making

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Do You Have Bad Social Media Habits? Find Out What Common Mistakes Businesses Are MakingWe all know how important social media is to the success of our business, but have you ever given thought to if you’re doing it correctly?  You may be surprised to learn that a great many social media users are not conducting themselves appropriately when it comes to online etiquette.

If you didn’t even know there was such as thing – as social media etiquette – you’re not alone. Turns out many businesses are conducting annoying social media habits. Here is a list of the most common inappropriate uses of social media and how these habits could be ineffectively, affecting you.

Too much talk
While the basis of social media is its interactive nature, one of the most common mistakes businesses make is to talk too much about themselves and their business. Offering valuable information to the point consumers can respond in kind, should be your goal. However, a lot of people post self-congratulatory updates and tweets that give readers the impression you’re only interested in you.

Failing to post at all

Perhaps you’ve finally resolved to not over-talk, but be careful about wandering to the extreme opposite end by not posting at all. Social media researchers have noticed a trend in those who let a few days slip past with any tweet or post. Once they do get back online they overdo it. Overcompensating is an excellent way to make your posting matters worse. It’s better to schedule posts or pace your tweets by using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Requesting a share
While one goal of social media is to spread your word, many users admit that being asked to share or retweet posts is annoying. Making the request is seen as needy and has the opposite effect you want, in that it tends to discourage others from sharing your post. If you’re sending the right content with the right people, they’ll voluntarily share.

Ignoring inquiries
Nearly every one of us has, at some time, been ignored by a company and can relate to the dissatisfying experience that came from it. Ignoring inquiries and neglecting to respond to your online customers is a mistake some businesses are making. If you have business-related inquiries streaming in from your social media pages, it’s just as important to answer them as if they were questioning you live and in person.

Overusing hashtags
Innovative techies are constantly introducing new ways for us to make every post and tweet count. Hashtags are a great way to help your content be found. They are also helpful for sorting, compiling and categorizing online information that users are looking for. But inundating your post with multiple hashtags only clogs up your post and comes across as unprofessional. A great rule of thumb is to limit yourself to two hashtags at a time.

Practicing proper social media etiquette is one of the easiest ways to get favorable online results for your efforts. Always remember you represent your brand, so be mindful of posting inappropriate material and always respond to your audience in a calm, friendly manner to gain all the marketing benefits offered by online platforms.

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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Delegate your articles, videos, blog marketing plan

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I know this is short notice, but I’ve just been invited to speak on the panel at this cool outsourcing event in Los Angeles California  at the Westin LAX hotel Dec 2nd – 4th, and if you were in the area I wanted to make sure you would be able to attend.  In fact, this is a $1997 ticket price, but Daven is letting me bring 20 people for free (in return for my help with his event).  So if you’re interested, please attend with me.

Just so you know, this is NOT a massive speaker line-up with people selling things.  This is 3 day TRAINING on how to outsource your business.  I am looking forward to learning more about this myself.

Daven is the CEO of 123Employee, and he has helped thousands of small business owners work less and make more money. He teaches from experience, he has turned multiple passions into million dollar businesses and today he run’s his multi-million dollar outsourcing business and manages over 350 employees… from his laptop and cell phone! At ‘Outsource Live!’ Daven will disclose many of the secrets and strategies he has used and how you can use the same strategies in your business.

You will learn how to create a practical wealth generation plan. How to outsource your social media, marketing to increase lead generation, how to SAVE valuable time and delegate effectively without stress, so you can work less, earn more, how to leverage software, and much more.

The event is usually $1997, but if you use this special code: WEBPASS

You can attend for FREE, but you must use the code!
Click here to learn more

Hope to see you there. 

PS – Sign up but also let me know you’re coming.  That way I know who to look out for.

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Social Marketing

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Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore.

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And the winners are…

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This is Tania, from Stefanie Hartman’s office. 

Stefanie asked me to let you know the winners of tickets to the event in San Diego on October 10th and 11th. 

She is now in Calgary dining with Richard Branson and meeting the Dalai Lama, but last weekend she was at two other events.  She met with her Confidant Circle Mastermind group and was a guest speaker at Dov Baron’s Quantum Mastery Seminar.  It was such a whirlwind of meeting new and existing friends and generating ideas and excitement with everyone at both events. 

It was so great to connect again with all the Mastermind Members, my mind is still spinning with ideas and my hands are cramped from writing down all the brainstorming you guys generated.  I saw the same thing happen to people that I saw happen at the last live meeting in San Diego and I don’t know why I still get so shocked by the power of having a group generate ideas for others and Stefanie as the laser focused leader – it’s eerie (in a good way though!!) how she gets to the crux of the issue so fast.  It’s funny to see how each person gets what they need even when they didn’t know what exactly they needed and take them in that direction. It was a longer event than last time and there was training involved as well from Stefanie, some of the group members and our Guest Speaker on Podcasting, Scott Paton. Vancouver was gorgeous this weekend – perfect weather!!

On October 30th and 31st Stefanie will be in Vegas speaking at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 event. It’s a smaller more intimate event – it will be cool to meet you there.  PLUS it’s Halloween 

I met with Stefanie, and we went over all the posts and submissions for tickets and we wish we could give every single person a ticket but we only have two and she asked me to give you an update on the winners chosen to join her at the event in San Diego.

The winners are Lauren Blaine and Darlene Butts  – but she also picked runner-ups in case the winners can’t make it Sandra K , Sahana Barade and Ronnie.  View their submissions: Click Here

See you in San Diego or Vegas!

All the best,

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Giving away 2 event tickets

Posted on 22 Sep 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 29 comments | Tags

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Hi Guys and fabulous women,

I am racking up my air miles card this month and next. It’s a bit insane.   I did decide to accept the incredible invite to dine with Sir Richard Branson next week.   I know what you’re thinking – why hesitate?  Sounds silly but really my schedule is so packed with 4 days of speaking engagements that same week, plus I have a launch coming up so it’s a busy time, adding more travel to my week sounded painful.  I’m thinking I’m going to wake up in a hotel room and not remember where I am.

Oh well. The price of marketing yourself and getting out there.

So speaking of getting out there and being seen….

I am not speaking at this event (please give the organizers hell for not considering us). Just joking – well almost.

However I am buying a booth to promote our new social media bundles where we can set up, plus market speakers, authors & entrepreneurs and celebs via social media sites all over the Internet.  We even post in your blogs or tweet for you – if you’re super busy.  So this way you get powerful social media marketing- without all the work involved, so you still enjoy a life.  We do the work – you get the credit.

= > I haven’t bought a booth before, so this is a first for me.  Any recommendations or suggestions – please post them.  I’d love to hear what you think.

= >  And also as “booth owner” I get 2 extra tickets for the event (Value is $497 each).  So instead of selling them, I thought it would be a nice thing to offer them up to you as a thank you for being part of my database and supporting and working with me. No strings attached. 

So go today and post why you would like to attend this event with me and we’ll choose a winner or (2) winners.  Tell us why you’re big fans of my products or company or how you’ve used my material to get inspired or see results – whatever.  How much this event would mean to you.  Obviously I want to pick 2 people who know me, work hard and could really use this break.

We’ll be picking the winners next Monday – so please post before Sunday Night Sept 27th.

You have to arrange for your own travel & hotel, but the event tickets will be held for you at the event.  They are FREE for you – as a GIFT from me!

Event details:
$497 tickets – you get 100% free
Date: October 10th & 11th
Location: San Diego at Catamaran Resort
Speakers: Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Debbie Ford

What you’ll learn at event:

So, you’ve written and published a book. Now what?

It’s time to market and sell it! Even if you’ve never marketed anything in your life, this dynamic event will show you how to master the changing market, get the publicity you deserve, and get your book where it belongs – into the hands of your readers. 
In two days, you’ll get a chance to network with top people in the field. You’ll get to ask questions and you’ll learn how to separate yourself from the pack!
At this one-of-a-kind event on October 10th and 11th, you’ll learn from the publishing industry’s most renowned book marketing experts – and meet with the world’s top professionals.
Topics Covered include:
•  Today’s Publishing and Distribution Options: What’s Best For Your Book
•  How to Get Your Target Market to Your Website: Secrets for Attracting Traffic and Building your List
•  How PR is Changing in the 21st Century
•  How to Use Internet Search Engines to Market Your Book and  Online Brand Perception
•  Copy Writing:  How to Write Powerful Copy that gets Results!
•  Marketing Venues Beyond the Bookstore:  Teleseminars, Webinars, Virtual Book Tours, Web TV Shows and More
•  Hi Tech Marketing- Using Blogs, Podcasts and Video blogs
•  Social Networking:  How to Use Social Networking Sites to Sell Books:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn your Way to New Customers!
•  Publishing:  What Every Author Should Know About Publishing in the 21st Century
•  Email Campaigns:  How to Use Email to Sell Books
•  Make Money Marketing and Selling Products:  CDs, DVDs, Workbooks, Continuity Programs, Consulting and More
•  Book Trailers
•  Selling Your Book Through Amazon (SNP, Buy X get Y, and more)
•  Where Radio, TV, Internet Shows and other Media Options are Today
PLUS:  Bring plenty of business cards for our Special Speed Networking Sessions!!!

Hope to have you with me!

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A Busy Month

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OK. What happened this month?  August was fun, then for some reason everyone I know practically contacted me or is doing something this month. Typically we promote maybe 2-4 events per year for others, so if its weirding you out that this past week we’ve sent 3 – then don’t worry its weirding me out too.    Bu the good news is they are all REALLY cool events that I just wanted to make you aware of (as personally I hate missing out on stuff).

Here’s some things that we are going too:

Will I see you at any of them?  If so, please let me know or find me at the events so I can meet you and make powerful introductions for you.

September 25th – 27th – My Mastermind Group meets in Vancouver – we’re all EXCITED about it. This is a CLOSED event. You can’t even peek into our windows.

Monday Sept 28th – I am speaking at Dov Baron’s $5,000 person event (which I got you 80% off which is amazing) in Richmond so take advantage of it.

Sept 30th – Oct 4th – Engage Now event (see below) in Calgary Alberta. I’ve been invited to dine with Branson, which is hard to pass up, but I am not sure I can do so much traveling in this time, I will have to decide tomorrow.  But if you want to attend you should go as this sounds like a really unique event. See below for details but the Dali Lama, Richard Branson and other mega authors will be there.

October 10/11 – I will have a booth at a San Diego Social Media Conference. Should be interesting.  It’s been awhile since I was a “booth babe”.  But my partner and I are showing off and pre-viewing our social media set up and marketing package there (which we’re not making public till Oct/Nov).

October 30/31 – I will have booth & will be speaking at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 event in Vegas. It’s a smaller more intimate event – will be cool to meet people. PLUS it’s Halloween so I may be partying in Vegas (without my husband which is funny – well not funny for him) or I will have a quiet dinner with my business partner and maybe clients and cool people.  Either way that’s probably what I’ll tell him I’m doing- oops, I think he’s on this mailing list too.

Today, let me tell you about the Engage Now event:

My friend Gail is putting this together and as a favor to her and Jill who’s also helping out, I wanted to let you know about it.  It certainly is an unusual event that may not come around again.

As I said, the Dali Lama, Richard Branson and other mega authors will be there including Dr. Steven Covey, Barbara DeAngelis, the CEO of Zappos (who just sold for over $900 Million to Amazon). Read more here:

Maybe I will see you at some of these places, if not , I’ll be thinking of you and will bring you any tips I find.

Warmest regards,

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I’m doing something out of character…

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Im doing something out of character...Ok, I have to be quick as I writing to you as I am doing something a little out of character (ok a lot) and being sneaky here (but its for a good cause – so  conscious back off ), sorry about that – my karma was berating me for a second there.

Ok here goes, the fact is that my social media partner in Get it Done Today (you know the sold out 2 months ago  ‘we do it for you” social media buzz package) has just fried her computer.

Don’t worry she’s get it fixed (that’s what husbands are for), but right now she’s really distracted ….heh..heh…so after I offered her useless help (as a good partner does and really if it requires something more than putting polysporin and a band-aid on it, I’m lost).

So back to you – I thought of a brilliant  IDEA as I let out my evil laugh to get you hooked up social media buzz and at practically cost!  I thought  – “hey while she’s distracted I could easily email my list and offer 5 people the same deal we already SOLD OUT on.”  Ha Ha!

The reason I wanted to do this is because very soon we’re unveiling a NEW price  on this package – and you guessed it, its higher.

However, don’t fret it’s STILL LOWER than any other company- so we’re still massively competitive and what we offer is NOT OFFERED anywhere else – we are truly overstuffing our services for you- we give you waaaaaay more than anyone else is and believe us we know as we can read through web copy  hype and actually figure out what they’re offering and what they offer is a way bigger profit margin and minimal work for you.  Maybe that makes them better “business men” than us- but we take the approach that we want to create your stuff as if it was our own.  So if we need to stay up til 2am to get something done right, we will.  Maybe on paper that doesn’t make us as good of business people as we’re doing that while they’re out drinking with their friends telling them how much money they just made off of you- but that’s the way we roll.

Wow – I woke up in a really weird mood today.  What the heck did I eat yesterday?

And really when it comes to social media buzz just getting up a few webpages is not going to do anything for you- it’s a waste of money, you need hidden seo techniques on top, blogging techniques, hidden on the page (but legal)  strategies that make a HUGE difference from a massively profitable blog or twitter page and a pretty one.

Therefore we know our action packed pages will work way better for you than our competitors overpriced stale ones.  Plus price wise even if we doubled our price we’d still be the best DEAL on the net – however it will never be the steal it is now as we offered on the BUNDLE package on this webpage:

So here’s the deal… you guys know I wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t ask Marney for forgiveness later, and I may have to buy back Marney’s love by sending her flowers or heck maybe a new laptop – so this is an adventure and test in friendship.  I’m excited and giggling like a 10 year old who just stole a cookie.

And by the way I have a super conscience – so any cookie I took when I was 10, in seconds I ran to my parents, burst into tears with half the cookie eaten confessing and asking for punishment (weird kid I know).  My sister used to hate that “tattle tale” (or as I prefer to word it as “honest” thank you) side of me.

But I’m hoping Marney will go for the $100 flowers and not the $700 laptop (pick the flowers, pick the flowers, pick the flowers) – we’ll see – I’ll keep you posted!  I’m banking on the fact that I will live through this as Marney has a wicked sense of humor and I’m totally taking advantage of her giving nature (really she’ll probably do your wash for you if you asked her). Uhhh so sweet.

So go here to sneak in this deal – before Marney finds out and changes it on the site:

Quick we only have like a day or so before someone (you know who you are – will tip her off)

Just Go To: Seriously.

You don’t have to know ANYTHING about social media or HOW it will grow your business – we’re just going to do it all for you in 30 days.  Period.  Plus we’ll show you how others have “cashed” in using this platform to help get their businesses viral and talked about.

No more looooong super boring, yawn provoking, (hey admit it) training, followed up by 4am fear and frustration saying  %$#^ now  I actually need to spend hours and hours putting this together – here’s a hint – NO YOU DON’T!  We have hired slaves to do this for you.  Not to worry.

Your job is to sit back and add up the new found traffic. Buzz to your websites, and customers.
We’ve got your back.

Your friend (and co-conspirator).

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You Tube, Twitter and Facebook Merging

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I just found out that Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook will be merging.


You heard it here first. The new name of the company will be:


“You Twit Face”


(Yes- that is a joke- sorry about that!)


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