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What Is a Podcast?

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What Is a Podcast?

What Is a Podcast?

You know, it wasn’t too long ago that I was going around thinking, “What is a podcast, anyway?” – but from all the buzz I was hearing, I knew it was something I really should be doing in my own marketing strategy!

So, when I did decide to get started, I went and found the best of the best to get me on the road to creating my podcast – his name is Scott Paton – the author of Podcasting Unleashed and serious podcasting expert.

Scott showed me that Podcasting is simply a way to distribute audio and video shows via the Internet that let you subscribe to a number of files, also known as “feeds”, and then listen to or watch the program at the time of your choosing.

So, rather than having to go to a web site to see if there is a new MP3 there for you to listen to or receive it via email, which can be blocked by Spam filters, subscribers use a “feed” to deliver the MP3 file directly to them.

Podcasting, much like Blogging did for news and editorials, lets anyone have their own “Radio or TV show”.

While you have always been able to download MP3 files and listen to them on your computer, Podcasting automates a lot of the process. Now an RSS Feed delivers the MP3 file to your computer (when you want), then your computer downloads the MP3 program to your iPod (and that’s where the name came from).

But, you don’t even need an iPod for it to work, as most MP3 player have the software to automate the process. Many people simply listen to the recording on their computer, or even burn it to a CD.


What I get out of that is that podcasting is simply another way for me to connect at a heart to heart, voice to voice, face to face level with my community (and future members of my community!) – which is always something I love – especially when it turns out to be a lot less ‘technical’ than I thought it would be!

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What Is a Podcast?

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$30,000 for 1 hour of work – copy this!

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Did you catch my P.S. off the last blog post?

True story…

I discovered this and HAD to show this to you. I mean, you could do this in your sleep – and yet you’re probably not aware you could make money this way.

Ok, here’s the skinny…

An unknown guy, in a relatively tiny niche, makes $30,000 a month (and growing) from something he does once a month and only takes him 1 hour a month to do – on his own schedule to boot!

In fact I got these stats about 6 months ago, so it’s highly likely he has doubled that by now. WOW.

Ok, when I tell you exactly what he’s doing your going to
1) Thank your lucky stars and be ecstatic you read this post today – jeez!
2) Think “Damn! I should have been doing this months or years ago! I need to do this RIGHT now.

I am going to lay out the time you’ll need and the cost you’ll need to get this working for you. Believe me – it’s cool!

Ok…so back to how’d he do that?

Unknown guy – makes some Hypnosis Cd’s in his office. Has some luck selling them, then one day decides to put them up on an item called iTunes – under the audio podcasts.

What is iTunes? It’s basically the audio section of every fricken iPod in known universe – it comes WITH the iPod or iphone.

Basically it’s like having Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Apple or Microsoft putting YOUR audio interviews, or telclasses or products up on EVRY single computer on the planet – like the computer comes with your program installed on it.

Talk about instant promotion and exposure!

So in about a year, this guy builds a following of over 60,000 people, through no marketing efforts of his own. He simply posted the audios and people found him in the searches and “subscribed” to his podcasts.

Things were going well. He was getting more known (at least in the podcasting world).

Then he thought “Hmm, I am getting exposure and more clients certainly but how can I create more moolah from this?” He came up with the idea (that I teach in MIT Course) of taking something you already do once and finding another way to make MONTHLY income from it.

So each month he records a “Premium Podcast” where he charges a whopping $5 bucks for it. Of course, people want to get the best stuff don’t they – human nature – so 6,000 people bought this – and every month he gets $30,000 ONGOING cash depsoisted automatically in his bank account.

Let’s run that by you again in 3 simple steps:

1. He records – via audio a “special” show. (*find out how to write this in the easy peasey – get it done Podcasting videos)
- This takes him 1 hour to do.
- He does this from his home
- He does this at 2am, 9pm, mon, sat or Friday – it doesn’t matter, no reservations needed he just picks 1 hour he’s not busy a month and does the recording.
2. He edits it – or leaves it unedited.
3. He posts it on iTunes with click of button, it even allows him to choose the release date on iTunes (*find out how to post on iTunes in the easy peasey – get it done Podcasting videos)

Every month – money that makes him financial free at month 1 – gets automatically deposited into his account.

Think of the possibilities – you could then up-sell your other products, seminars or hey – just sail around the world.

This is so cool. You HAVE to this.

I don’t say that often. But seriously.

Look, I still kick myself for not buying for $12 bucks on go-daddy. I met the guy who did and it gave him like $60 million or something crazy like that.

Life can be like this – we may not see real estate deals until years later, or worse see the opportunity but not have the cash to take advance of it, almost no-one understood the potential of the internet at the time or how much real estate would go up.

But this is cheap, accessible and gives you MASSIVE results.

Get in now before iPod people start charging for this.

And more people are catching on (including your competitors).

Many of you consider me your Business Futurist. So now consider me YOUR angel. I don’t know how to give you a bigger nudge.

PLEASE get into podcasting NOW – when you may be the only person in your field – that’s like being the ONLY dry cleaner listed in the phonebook under Dry Cleaners. Or you may be 1 out of 50 or 60 – that’s great!

You can wait until everyone is doing it, or you can DOMINATE YOUR MARKET by acting NOW!

- Search for ‘Golf’ on Google. There are 245,000,000 results.
- Search for ‘Golf’ on Technorati. There are 533,707 Blog posts.
- Search for ‘Golf’ on iTunes. There are only 53 podcasts on the popular Golf topic.


Please do this.

And right now – you can get this easy peasey touch button video course for $347 ON MY LIST only.

I will be offering this to other people to promote and on click bank and if you’d like to be our affiliate you will be selling it for $497 and I’ll even give you 50% of the sales BACK TO YOU!

Promote it and make money – or just fricken learn how to do this. This $347 is only available to MY people- cause I created this so I get the say-so. $30,000 for 1 hour of work – copy this! LOL.

I promise you, all you’ll need TIME wise to invest in this is about 2 hours a month. That’s it. You can do more. But to get a following that’s what you need.

And I’ll show you how to create it, post, it what to say in it, and even tips on how to make tons of extra not mentioned here cash with it. I’ll even have a bonus day where you can ask questions LIVE to me and the podcasting trainer.

And P.S – you only pay for this course – ONCE. You don’t pay monthly, even though it is POSTED monthly. You’d be silly if you didn’t do this. I’m not up-selling you anything and neither is iPod people. This may be the cheapest most powerful marketing tools you will have.

Don’t miss out on NOT buying something so inexpensive (like my story) especially when the timing NOW will make you so much money AND build your list for FR-EE.

In 2 years you’ll hate yourself for not jumping in now. Maybe even in 1 year. People are starting to catch on now.

Get in there!

PS. I’m only releasing this for a few days! This opportunity will close in 72 hours!!! Limit 1 per household.
P.P.S – If you don’t have time to watch a handful of videos (like 4 or 5) then ask your spouse or teenage to on your behalf and just do the podcast – they can post it for you.


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Gift from Podcasting Scott for 50 Friends only!

Posted on 12 Nov 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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This weekend I am speaking at the Podcast Bootcamp in Vancouver, BC.

It is a two day event hosted by my good friend, Scott Paton, The Dean of Blogonomics and Podology. Scott has been teaching 1000′s of entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers and trainers around the world, how to leverage the massive popularity of iPhones, iPods and what he calls “The Un-Web”.

Wouldn’t you like to spread your message virally via cell phones?

Scott has co-hosted podcasts that reached 30,000, 50,000 and 150,000 loyal subscribers with no advertising, no social networking, no AdWords, no SEO, nothing but talking and following a 10 minute system. On a consistent basis.

The Bootcamp sold out weeks ago.

A month ago Scott shared his information with my MasterMInd group. They were so excited as a whole new world opened up before their eyes.

But Like I said, the Bootcamp sold out.

So I asked Scott if he could stream the video to the Mastermind group. He went one better and opened it up to the first 50 action takers in the Private JV Club, MIT and the MasterMind and YOU.  But only for 50 people.

And there’s NO CHARGE!

Register to view the FREE Live Videocast of the Podcast Bootcamp at:
Remember only 49 people can sign up (one member already has).

To Your Success!

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And the winners are…

Posted on 30 Sep 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 5 comments | Tags

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This is Tania, from Stefanie Hartman’s office. 

Stefanie asked me to let you know the winners of tickets to the event in San Diego on October 10th and 11th. 

She is now in Calgary dining with Richard Branson and meeting the Dalai Lama, but last weekend she was at two other events.  She met with her Confidant Circle Mastermind group and was a guest speaker at Dov Baron’s Quantum Mastery Seminar.  It was such a whirlwind of meeting new and existing friends and generating ideas and excitement with everyone at both events. 

It was so great to connect again with all the Mastermind Members, my mind is still spinning with ideas and my hands are cramped from writing down all the brainstorming you guys generated.  I saw the same thing happen to people that I saw happen at the last live meeting in San Diego and I don’t know why I still get so shocked by the power of having a group generate ideas for others and Stefanie as the laser focused leader – it’s eerie (in a good way though!!) how she gets to the crux of the issue so fast.  It’s funny to see how each person gets what they need even when they didn’t know what exactly they needed and take them in that direction. It was a longer event than last time and there was training involved as well from Stefanie, some of the group members and our Guest Speaker on Podcasting, Scott Paton. Vancouver was gorgeous this weekend – perfect weather!!

On October 30th and 31st Stefanie will be in Vegas speaking at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 event. It’s a smaller more intimate event – it will be cool to meet you there.  PLUS it’s Halloween 

I met with Stefanie, and we went over all the posts and submissions for tickets and we wish we could give every single person a ticket but we only have two and she asked me to give you an update on the winners chosen to join her at the event in San Diego.

The winners are Lauren Blaine and Darlene Butts  – but she also picked runner-ups in case the winners can’t make it Sandra K , Sahana Barade and Ronnie.  View their submissions: Click Here

See you in San Diego or Vegas!

All the best,

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