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Web Based Ecommerce and CRM

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Web Based Ecommerce and CRMNowadays Business is one-click shopping. People are more likely to order their products and services online then going to the market or shopping malls. Shopping online is less time consuming and hassle free. People can chose perfect product within a very short time and they also get home delivery which saves time and energy. For the sellers it is very easy to target the buyer online.

First you need to decide about the product or service you want to sell. Then choose a perfect Domain for your business. Your Domain should express your service identity and be as short as possible.

There are lots of great features with different options you can use like promotional offers such as discount coupons, bulk Discount specials, group discounts, etc.

I looked at 2 different CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management)  and 2 Shopping Carts.  Take some tours and decide what you need and look at all the different features and pricing: Infusionsoft, Office Autopilot. Premium Webcart, Cartville (1shoppingcart)

According to what I can find, Infusionsoft may be more of a learning curve and there is a set up fee with infusionsoft that office autopilot doesn’t have, but you also get 1 on 1 help for a few hours with infusionsoft but both have great phone support.  Infusionsoft is a good fit for business’ that have actual physical products, however I use Infusionsoft for my infomarketing busniness and love the easy campaign builder function, while Office Autopilot I have heard works great for speaking, coaching, and training info marketing business’ so it’s worth checking out.

Infusionsoft and office autopilot are robust CRM systems, Premium Webcart and Cartville are just shopping carts so it’s hard to really compare them.  Infusionsoft and Office Autopilot will do a lot more marketing applications, like a powerful CRM,  and campaign builder with Infusionsoft and automation and publishing (landing pages etc.) with Office Autopilot.  KEEP IN MIND with Office Autopilot you will still need to also add a shopping cart like Cartville (1shopping cart) or Premium Webcart.

Cartville (1ShoppingCart)  and Premium Webcart are good, reliable shopping cart systems that can wonderfully enhance Office Autopilot (that’s why Office Autopilot is offering an API integration with it) but as a stand-alone products they clearly serve different purposes. If you only need a shopping cart with some email marketing and auto-responder functions, these are good products with Premium Webcart being better in my opinion than 1Shopping cart (Cartville is the same as 1Shopping cart and has better monthly pricing).

Infusionsoft CLICK HERE
Set up fee $2000-$3000 then $299/month
•    Included in the setup fee is a few hours of 1-on-1 coaching as well as basic data-import, some templates, a few campaigns done for you and some copywriting
•    Has a shoppingcart / storefront integrated, which is decent but not as feature-rich as a dedicated shopping cart product like Cartville (1Shoppingcart) etc or Premium Webcart.
•    Has a rather simple targeted up-sell function inside order forms and shopping cart
•    Have many gateway options, more than office autopilot

Office Autopilot
No set up fee $297/month  You will NEED To add shopping cart price to this monthly fee approx $39
•    but you also won’t get any help with setup other than calling tech support
•    Has no shopping cart/ storefront, only order forms. It is necessary to have a separate shopping cart. They offer integration with Cartville (1Shoppingcart) or premium webcart
•    Can create sophisticated chains of up-sell and down-sell according to user interaction
•    They also do postcards (in the US) as well as emails and can do PURLs too.
•    They can also split test emails properly which Infusionsoft can’t do.
•    The shopping cart is quite basic. it basically does single orders – no cart functionality.
•    Another weakness is that they only support a few merchant gateways. If you’re in the US it’s no problem, they have and some other big ones. Outside of the US you can use eway in Australia, but the only thing that would work as a proper gateway for UK based folks is paypal website payments pro.
•    Both premium webcart and Infusionsoft have more gateway options.
•    Office autopilot usually leads to hassle if you have a team working for you, especially if it’s outsourced work

Premium Webcart CLICK HERE

(I like this better than 1shopping cart now that I looked at the differences, however I do use Cartville)
-    $39/month – Shopping cart
-    $79/month – Shopping cart and affiliate system
-    $149/month – Shopping cart/autoresponder and affiliate

Things this has that 1SC doesn’t have:

•    Free phone and email support
•    The company also does print-on-demand books and fulfillment shipping and duplicate CD’s and DVD’s
•    Paid membership System
•    W9 management

Cartville or 1ShoppingCart CLICK HERE (Cartville is preferred as is the same system just with better prices)

-    $39/month – shopping cart (does not have digital downloads)
-    $69/month – shopping cart and autoresponder (does not have digital downloads but can use autoresponder in this package)
-    $129/month -  shopping cart/autoresponders and affiliate(has digital downloads)

Things this has that premium webcart doesn’t have:
•    Ability to add client without completing order
The shopping cart aspects are very good – very similar to 1shoppingcart – and they can apparently get recurring orders to work on paypal standard which other carts can’t do.

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