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What to do if your New Years sucks!

Posted on 06 Jan 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 24 comments | Tags

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Ok, this is a strange blog post I know, but hey- sometimes it happens – and this year – boy did it ever happen to me.  So I’m figuring that you may have had a similar bad start to the year – maybe not this year, but at least once in your life – and if you did – please share it with me and if there were any lessons learned.  And I tell you what –  the best 3 stories will get a special prize!  But – hey I may win my own prize.

But I figure if my first day was this bad in the New Year, then the rest of the year should be GREAT!  Just getting it all out in the beginning.

So here’s what happened…

December office was busy, trying to shut down for the holiday plans, the “holidays “(really we need another word here) were also at a fast pace as my family chose to split up the festivities this year, so it was 3 days of prep and 5 days of different cities and celebrating (not including new years).  But I love the holidays, giving presents and feeling all the warm vibes of the season, so I was tired but enjoyed it.  But I did feel I was trying to make everyone else happy and exhausted myself in the process. That’s sign #1.

But then I came down with a 2 week sinus affection that didn’t allow me to sleep, eat or breathe properly.  I had black eyes from this infection. And I am the person who doesn’t get colds even when I have sick people around me, so it was surprising.  Perhaps a sign to slow down.

During this time I also found out that a good friend of mine died and I attended the funeral and Shiva.  So that was a hard reminder that love and friendships are precious.  It was also a reminder that we’re all on a silent egg timer and we never know when the bell will ring for us.

A few days later I return to work and a business deal and relationship I am deeply involved in (and really enjoy) seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket (who made up this expression, it’s really good).  I am hoping this will end on a positive note, but the journey to get there is really horribly difficult, time costly and dragged me down emotionally for 3 days where I couldn’t even move – which is weird as I am typically the girl you call in any traumatic experience.  I am a rock and a strong guide in tough situations.  I was a crisis manager for pete-sake!  I can handle pressure.

But I must have been so sick, so exhausted and overwhelmed by the feeling of being let down, that it contributed to my emotional state.   In fact I almost missed New Years over it because I was so devastated by their actions.  Mostly because when they were really making big mistakes and I covered for them and was as forgiving as Mother Theresa.  Why don’t people appreciate or remember those things?  Do we have to be feared in business to get respect and appreciation?   I should be furious but I mostly feel disappointed.  I rationalize it thinking that even good people can do strange actions when they are emotionally or financially struggling, it helps people act from fear and lash out at others.

That same day (my first day back to work), my staff accidentally erased 3 of my main business websites.  Thank god for back-ups!!  This has created a few days of me trying not to panic, but it is slowly being resolved as we speak. But I couldn’t get mad because who can get upset at someone who is more upset at themselves, than I could ever be?  Mistakes can happen.

Then for some strange reason my outlook refused to open, so I had no way of looking at past, present or future emails.  Weird.  It later repaired itself.  It may have been a sign to walk away.

Did I mention that my grandmother is ill?

Seriously, I’m not sure you can top 8 years of work being wiped out in 1 day, a death of a friend, a possible end to a part of a business I enjoyed, computer failures and feeling like crap? – but hey you can try.  Be my guest.

So what do I take from all this????  Well you may have more enlightening answers (and if you do please send them my way).

Here was my thought process:

Ok, someone cursed me.

Ok, everyone but me is crazy.

Ok, I must suck at business.

Ok, I must be the crazy one and don’t see it.  Well, I am talking to myself here.

Jeez, I am dehydrated from crying.  Can someone get dehydrated from tears? 

Ok, maybe a possible (hopefully not) end to a partnership deal, my business being deleted is a signal for me to become a vet.  I love animals – but no, can’t operate on them.  Vet is out – plus I don’t look good in white, I need more color. 

Hmmm, Ok, I should go back to bed, and hide under the covers until I can smell tulips in March.  Hopefully my husband will remember to keep feeding our dog.  He probably won’t. Damn!  I have to get out of bed.

Ok, am I going to let this get me down???       Hell yes! 

……Ok, try again, am I going to let this get me down and quit?      Well, maybe I can look at the positives; maybe SOME people still love me.  Maybe I shouldn’t take this one weird week as the representative of my 8 years of doing good work on the planet and helping so many people find their way and reach for more.    Ok, feeling better.

Getting Proper Perspective Back
Why is it I pay more attention to negative actions of a few, than the many more positives?  I know why, because I try so hard to please everyone, and it just doesn’t work all the time.

Maybe the world has better things to do than single me out for a take-down, after all, I’m not one of the bad guys – just an imperfect woman trying to be perfect 24/7 and make the lives of others a better place.  Bound to make some errors, maybe I have.  Maybe I should forgive others and forgive myself.  Hmm, good start.  That feels better.

Next – look at the bright side:  Ok, I have my health back, which is so important.  My personal relationships are great right now.  My dog is super cute and definitely still loves me.

I have incredible circle of people in my group this year – really top notch and include some of my favorite people.  I am also looking forward to seeing my new MIT members change & grow and helping them along the way like a proud mum.

I may have lost 3 pounds from my cold, which makes up for the chocolate binge on the 3 days I was feeling sorry for myself and not getting off my sofa.  Ok, I’m on to caramels now – and I am currently accepting chocolate or caramel donations.

I am also reminded of an email my good friend, our fabulous MIT coach and circle member Nat said to me last year.  He said his computer froze, and at first he panicked – but then he sought to see the beauty and positive in his situation.  He realized that all he needed to do was do a “de-fragmentation” repair on his computer – this also mirrored his office.  So he took this spare time to clean up all the bits of paper and stuff cluttering up his office and felt a weight lift.  Both he and his computer got a clean-up that day.

So taking Nat’s advice (after all not only is he a rocking MIT Coach, but he is also a Buddhist monk and entrepreneur.  That’s a strong combination) I reflected …

… And thought- if my whole business disappeared (which it did temporarily) – would I be ok?   Yes, I can rebuild.  I would find a way.  Or maybe this is a wake-up call that I should look at changing the program and starting with a fresh perspective.  I have been meaning to do updates.  Or maybe start something totally new.  Is there something else I have been meaning to do?  Is there a new path?

Regarding the deal and partnership that I so treasured… I will keep in my thoughts that both my partner and I will be very happy with whatever the outcome or resolution may be and remain friends and still send each other business.  Perhaps letting go is good – even though it scares me and fills me with unanswered questions about the future.

This also made me realize – when things went – poof! Gone!  That we have a CHOICE to be here.  We have a choice to keep offering the same programs or start again from scratch or even change what we do every day. No one is forcing you to stay at your job, even though it may feel like that sometimes.   We always have a CHOICE to look for new solutions or not. 

It made me remember that in ANY industry you will meet villains, saints and people who do things you just don’t understand (out of fear, jealousy, negative belief systems or desperation), so accept that.  There will be people you help who may resent you for your help later.  I think dogs are the only animals that won’t bite you after you feed them.  People unfortunately can sometimes.  What’s with the dog theme here?

Letting Go Of My Maps
I don’t have everything planned to perfection as I typically do at this time of year.  I choose to not feel panicked about that.  Ok, I repeat, I choose not to feel panicked (I feel like Dorothy clicking her heels and deeply concentrating here – this is hard).   After all I think if there is one life lesson Stefanie Hartman is supposed to learn it’s that you can TRUST life more.  Life has a way of working out.  Life has its own map & timeline.   I hate not having full direction by now, not seeing what is to come.  I can adjust plans, but I typically need to have some direction.  I love maps!  So I’m easing up on that somewhat.  Yes I will identify a few goals, but if I don’t know where my next income is going to be made I will TRUST more that it will (back to the shoes clicking).

Letting Go & Taking a Stand for Me
I will not compare myself or my progress to others as that only ends badly.  I just realized that when I compare myself to others, I never compare to those ‘below’ me, just ‘above’ me (basically whoever has something I would also like to have)?   Really this is not a fair comparison without the two perspectives.   While there will be people smarter, more successful, “luckier”, prettier, taller, whatever, there will also be people whose life you would never trade for.  Many people have greater challenges and discomfort or pain.  I will remember the bigger picture and be grateful every day. 

There are very successful people who can feel like failures because they hold themselves to ridiculous standards or ‘fail’ their own self-imposed timelines.  I do not want to be one of them.

I will also retain my own successes in my mind and heart with personal pride and not let my achievements diminish as soon as they are accomplished for fear of being egotistical.  Being happy for myself is not a negative thing, especially when I am genuinely happy for those around me too.  I will no longer put my own happiness in second, third or fourth place.

I will continue to run my business in a way I am proud of, even if others are “getting ahead” faster through not so pleasant methods. 

I will be proud of myself and TRUST that my life has its own timeline and I cannot plan everything.

I will stretch time and spend 8 hours a month connecting with a business & personal relationships – out of the blue.  Telling them how much I care for them.

I will not hold onto what I think ‘should happen’ with a tight grip, even if I am sad or have fear – as I will trust that if it is not meant to work out (no matter what it is), gripping it will only give me a hand cramp and waste time and energy.   Letting things fall where they may, makes room for something better that I may never have even imagined.

It is possible that the plan I have is not as great as the plan the universe has.  I am betting on you universe – so now’s your chance. 

I will do more things in love of life and in spite of fear.

Humanity has gotten me down a bit this past year, so maybe I should add a project that will show the charitable and unexpected sides of people, or do something to help rescue distressed animals.  I will meditate on this.  Having a positive project may be good for me.

I will learn how to meditate.

I will continue to take the risk of opening myself up to the world (and who ever reads this, thank you), keep being transparent, VULNERABLE and real – and hope that I don’t need to be ‘perfect’ and a shark for others to see that while I have vulnerable moments I have many more moments of great strength, that in fact being vulnerable, not putting on a persona in public takes great courage and strength. 

I will try not to take to heart the 1 or 2 negative emails I get from people every so often.  I will instead put more weight on the hundreds of positive ones.

I will let myself be wrong occasionally and forgive myself.  I will forgive others as well.

Whenever I feel fear, I will remember its ‘made up’, not real, and I will trust more.

I will work on getting my body into a gym, and getting my mind/soul into some fun activities as well as some soul searching.

I will go and get some more chocolate caramels because I just missed lunch.

I will not be so hard on myself.

I will keep my sense of humor…it may be the last thing I take with me on earth.

Foreshadow: I‘m thinking my next year’s blog post may be about visiting the dentist from all these milk duds I am eating.  Ok I’m done with eating chocolate – free milk dud boxes for those who think they can top this!

Maybe if I keep saying MILK DUDS the company will sponsor my blog, milk duds, milk duds, and no calls yet…I will keep trying later.

Thanks for listening…..

Your friend, mentor (hopefully still after this crazy blog post) and person who may be YOUR biggest fan and cheerleader,

Stefanie Hartman

PS – Please post your proper email address as will will be contacting the winners!

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Microsoft, Google seal search deals with Twitter

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I found this article that I wanted to share with you.

Alexei Oreskovic of Thompson Reuters has written an article about a Joint Venture you should know about.

Microsoft Corp and Google Inc have sealed separate agreements to access real-time content from Web phenomenon Twitter, intensifying their battle for a search market that Google now dominates.

Google and Microsoft’s five-month-old Bing search engine, which hopes to take on the current leader, both won access to Twitter’s store of public data in real time, executives at the two companies said on Wednesday.

The long-expected deals are expected to ramp up the efficacy and lure of search results, by allowing users to scan real-time Tweets: 140-character stream-of-consciousness messages that Twitter hosts on its vastly popular website.

But Microsoft appeared to one-up its rival Google, which controls 65% of the search market, with a deal also to include content from social networking site Facebook, one of the Internet’s most visited addresses.

Terms of the deals – which were non-exclusive – were not disclosed.

“In the past few years, an entirely new type of data has emerged – real-time updates like those on Twitter,” said Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search products.

“We have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results. We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data.”

Twitter, the three-year-old Web start-up that has become an Internet sensation popularized by celebrities and government, attracts tens of millions of visitors every month.

Qi Lu, president of online services at Microsoft, said data from Twitter could provide “signals” about which content on the Web is most popular and most relevant to search queries.

“You can use those to augment today’s search experience,” Mr. Lu told a San Francisco Internet conference.

From Wednesday, Twitter search results will be accessible on a special section of Bing as a beta, or test product. Microsoft plans to present the most popular Tweets of the moment, while allowing Web surfers to view Twitter messages that contain links to other Web content. Microsoft will filter out spam and other extraneous data.

Conversely, Bing’s Facebook deal encompasses only messages that its 300 million-plus users have flagged as viewable to the public, a practice that is relatively new and not as widespread on the social network, where users typically send messages to groups of friends.

“This is one of the first times that a search engine will be differentiated through access to content. We think Bing will benefit from the right to index and display the tweets almost as soon as they are posted,” JPMorgan said in a research note before Google announced its own agreement.

“As searchers are looking for more and more real-time Web results, we think this partnership will help Bing to improve its user experience.”

Microsoft also inked a deal this year to entwine its search efforts with Yahoo’s.

Yahoo’s chief technology officer, Ari Balogh, told reporters that, generally speaking, any data Microsoft’s search engine has access to would also be accessible to Yahoo under the terms of their partnership.

Yahoo already has been testing the limited inclusion of Twitter messages within Yahoo search results to certain users, he added.

“All content on the Web is relevant to search,” Mr. Balogh said. He thought people would not want to go to three or four sites to access different types of data, such as Twitter results.

Article found at: The Financial Post

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Are You Trained for Success?

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Are You Trained for Success? Throughout my life I have taken classes on many different subjects.  While learning sports like golf, ballet, skating, and dancing, I learned that physical and mental balance were equally important.  I even took several medieval sword training classes at one time!

All of these experiences reinforced what I already believed: The combination of both physical control and mental FOCUS were the key to mastering all of these activities.

Taking the classes addressed what is needed to learn and develop the skills needed.  They honed my concentration and showed me the basics.  Any one who has golfed knows that when you get that hole in one it’s a level satisfaction unlike any other…until you reach another goal you aspired to that is.

Are You in Need of a Spring Tune Up?

The majority of high achievers will tell you that the key to their success has been their ability to balance the many aspects of their lives.  They also acknowledge that though they may not have gone to school for that specific field, they found books, mentors and peers to gather information which led to their success.  Information is power.

As one, I believe this is true of all aspects of your life.  Being able to align different facets of your life can actually be the way to reaching your goals.

An important concept successful and inspired self-starter understand is that money is merely

  • an exchange or reward
  • for your time or your value.

If you’re reading this and thinking:

  • Life feels hard
  • You don’t have enough time in the day
  • You feel burned out or tired all the time
  • You’re not making enough money for the hours you’re working

Then as you may have already realized, your life is out of balance.  I believe that realizing that being paid for your VALUE as opposed to your time is one of the most critical hurdles to over come.

Or you may be thinking you are on the verge of achieving total equilibrium but just need a little help, some tips or further information to get you over the last few obstacles.

What if you could adjust those issues that are troubling you or not going the way you’d like them to?  What if I told you there was a way to turn things around?

To live a more inspired life means experiencing satisfaction in every category of your life.  You can improve on your business, personal interests and relationships step by step.  A refresher course, new ideas and inspiration, or some guidance could be the direct route to excelling in business and achieving balance through your life.

Sometimes all it takes is recognizing that you need a little help, some mentorship or training.  If that sounds like you then I hope you check out the link below!

The Millionaires in TrainingTM

Are You Trained for Success?

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History is made tomorrow

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What an incredible day tomorrow will be.  What an incredible day TODAY is that as a nation we’ve come this far.  Happy Martin Luther King Day.

September 11th was a day that I know many of us remember where we physically were, who was with us and how we felt watching what we all knew in our hearts was a day that was both historic and heartfelt, may never be forgotten and how as a community of people no matter where we lived we all came together.

You may also remember tomorrow just as vividly.  I urge you to watch the inauguration tomorrow live, take time out of your busy day, or record it and watch it when you return home.  To me, it isn’t about who you voted for (although many of us are excited about Obama), it is so much more.  To me it reveals how much North America has changed or how many of us are willing to step forward, stick our necks out and make change happen in our own lives.  Hope, peace, good and service to do our part IS within us.

As a nation or individually we haven’t always shown our best side, that is human, but this election of hope, as well as the bravery and selflessness of the community that pulls together after tragedy, proved to me that what we all want is not so different, that we really should not feel so small or alone, how much we need each other but more than that, how much we need to help each other.  It also proved to me that we CAN show our best sides to others much more often, and that it is time to individually STEP UP and BE who we know in our hearts we can be.

This IS the year to be inspired.  This is the year to be of service to others.  This is the year to be YOU and to reach for what is in your heart and bring it into your life.

As you’re watching, I urge you to notice both your thoughts and feelings, surround yourself with friends and family and share your inspiration or quietly be present, because remembering how you felt about what is possible for you and for others – that inspiration is what will fuel your dreams…. your life in 2009.

Blog your thoughts below.

Wishing you success and happiness,

Stefanie Hartman

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The Hartman Report

Posted on 15 Jul 2008 | Author Stefanie | Comments 10 comments | Tags

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Business has changed. Find out why those who read and execute what this manifesto contains may be the ONLY businesses remaining over the next 5 years.

Just sign up now… download your FREE copy of The Hartman Report!

In this manifesto you’ll discover…

  • Why a BILLIONAIRE continues to use the same  no-cost marketing (yes we said free) strategy we describe in this manifesto
  • Why experts have said that this immense change in cultural attitude may be unsurpassed in its effect on humankind, perhaps more so than in any other Era in history.
  • What Thomson Financial  suggests is the Most Powerful Trend in History of Business.
  • How to market your products at any time – even if you have zero customers and zero marketing budget – all at zero risk. This is a MASSIVE SOLUTION for executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • What the NEW Economy is and how it affects you.
  • How you can get past gatekeepers at companies, find people to co-create products with and how to “borrow” anything you need in business, whether it is customers, products, leads, marketing power, or even INSTANT credibility.
  • Why your Net Worth is LARGLEY determined by your Network – and how easy it is to get tapped into a network that can help you transform your business overnight.
  • What Google, Oprah, Fed Ex , Kinko’s and other commercial  giants including the producers of The Secret Movie  all have in common and how you can do it too to build your business
  • REAL CASE-STUDY examples!

It will introduce you to the New Economy (the new currency in business) already unfolding around you, the next Evolution of Business (how business is changing) and the Most Powerful Trend in the History of Business – and how YOU as a business owner can greatly benefit from all 3 – provided you know about it and act on it.

Please post your comments below after you’ve read it!

The Hartman Report

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Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

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Thank you for joining us here to quickly learn some fascinating stuff about Joint Venture’s and Strategic Alliances, what they are, how they can help you, who’s using them to succeed – and yes even how $88,000 was earned in 60 days!

Joint Ventures and Strategic AlliancesJoint Ventures have changed the way we do business just as the Internet has changed the way we find customers and deliver our goods, services and information. Together they make an incredible and extremely powerful ally.

Stefanie Hartman works behind-the-scenes with many multi-millionaire internet entrepreneurs and info-preneurs and, she quickly realized that most people do not fully understand the full potential of joint ventures or even how to set them up.

Well we’re here to help you change all that!  Overall, think of Joint Ventures in the form of this picture.

Joint Ventures can bring customers from around the world directly into the palm of your hand.

So, what is a Joint Venture?

A JV can simply be two people (or companies) working together for a specific purpose. The purpose may vary; one time can it be to promote you, then the next time to promote your partner, or both at once.  Other purposes could be to make money, another is to gain exposure, another to enter a new territory or market with the help of someone who has solid ground in that market, another to add a piece of technology to your product without re-inventing the wheel, etc.

It is an arrangement where businesses come together to share knowledge, resources, target and/or geographic markets, and profits. Joint ventures can take on various forms.

  • Companies can come together to form a Joint Venture that becomes its own entity with ownership rights and shares. Typically this happens in BIG Business, or multi-national companies, where the term “Joint Ventures” typically refers to a merger of 2 companies into a new legal entity.
  • OR   what is most common (and often the preliminary to anything bigger) they form more casual JV agreements where they launch a special one-time promotion or share resources to individually increase market reach and profits.

Joint Ventures are a phenomenon in the business community – big biz and small.  It’s really powerful for entrepreneurs as it can introduce you to new targeted customers in a very fast and effective way – especially if you don’t have a huge advertising budget or none at all.

In the Internet marketing world and small or medium sized offline businesses, many people use Joint Ventures as a marketing technique where they find partners that offer different (yet complementary) products or services, and who share the same or similar target markets. They create an informal arrangement together where they work together to expand their customer reach and advertise and promote with ZERO out of pocket expense.

For example they could “borrow” each other’s company’s customer list by promoting each other and pay a commission on any leads that turn into new customers for the JV Marketing Partner – this way there are no advertising expenses or up-front costs.  While this is the most common way to “JV”, there are also many others and we encourage you to discover them within our club.

Business owners are discovering that by working together everyone wins, you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.  That’s how JV’s work.  Don’t compete – co-operate and Partner.

Forbes Magazine wrote: “Good-bye mergers and acquisitions.  In a global market tied together by the Internet, corporate partnerships and alliances are proving a more productive way to keep companies growing.”

This may be the most powerful trend in the history of business in the America’s and fast becoming world-wide, followed by Asia pacific region (China), then Europe (3rd) and then Japan and Africa – according to data collected by Thomson Financial.

Is a Joint Venture the same as Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing” is another term closely associated with Joint Ventures.  This is a form of joint venture where one person, known as the affiliate can be the go-between for the person who has a product or service to sell, and the customer wanting to purchase it.  Affiliates earn a percentage or “affiliate commission” on each sale.  Affiliates can range from the average entrepreneur or individual who personally recommends a product or service to their customers that they don’t typically carry, all the way to multi national companies.  An example of this is the bridal shop that recommends a particular tuxedo shop or dry cleaner.  The customer is happy for the recommendation, and the bridal shop owner is happy as they may receive a commission or referral fee from the customers’ purchase.  The dry cleaner or tuxedo shop is happy as they receive new paying customers.

In the last 10 years or even less, there have been virtual affiliates or “super affiliates” who have built their own home businesses, simply by finding great products and services and then matching them up with customers who want them.  Some super affiliates are so good at it and make their joint venture partner who is selling the product or service so happy that they may receive 25% – 50% commission on some items.  In fact, some business owners have started offering 75% or higher commissions to super affiliates on small “lead generating” products.  They don’t mind large commission fees as they know that their new customers will buy other products which they can sell directly and make 100% of the profits.

Is a Joint Venture the same as a Strategic Alliance?

Strategic Alliances happen in large corporations as well.  Typically a “strategic alliance” is an arrangement made between 2 or more companies where no legal entity or new company structure is formed.  Instead they simply build a relationship with other companies, trades people and/or entrepreneurs where both agree to offer cross promotional opportunities. They recommend each others services and can often split advertising costs by sharing direct mail-outs.

Another form of Strategic Alliance is actually telling customers that they have formed an “alliance” with sister companies and therefore the customers will receive special treatment or discounts from other participating companies.

In this club you will have the opportunity to create all of the above forms of Joint Ventures and for simplicity’s sake, we will just call them all JV’s.

How can Joint Ventures help you?

Think of Joint Ventures or JV’s as bringing you closer to your customer (almost directly) through the channel of another business, where you each create a win/win situation.  The benefit of this, besides the obvious cost savings of fewer sales people and high advertising costs, is that when both partners win, you both want to keep the partnership going and you will grow together in both profits and relationships.

Let’s quickly go through some of the fun and profitable types of Joint Ventures you can do and how they can help you.  In fact, there are over 20, that we will reveal to you in this club, but below are just a few.

Some examples of Joint Ventures that you, as a member, can do:

  • Agree to cross promote for zero or some commission
  • Find places to advertise on member’s websites, newsletters, email campaigns etc.
  • Offer an affiliate program for constant referrals
  • Find people to co-create new products with
  • Locate internet radio shows to be interviewed on.
  • Find other experts (members) you could interview on your teleclasses, podcasts or websites to gain publicity, content and leads.
  • Find other experts (members) you could interview on your to create a CD product to sell with their permission.
  • Offer a lead generating product to members to use for incentive marketing (free bonus when people buy their product). Example: free 7 day e-course or e-book or report.
  • Offer a lead generating product to members to use for generating traffic to their booth at trade shows & expos (free bonus when stop by booth). Example autographed book.
  • Look for entrepreneurs who can endorse your product or give you a testimonial for your product or write forward in your book.
  • Research your product, ask for critique/ feedback on products, ideas, services etc.
  • Trade Links exchange to increase traffic to your website.
  • And so much more, that we will reveal inside the club.

Here are some of the rewards:

  1. Do more with less
  2. Create visibility, increase your exposure quickly, Increases your sphere of influence.
  3. Find untapped markets   – there are different markets to people who want your product or service and many times you will find markets that aren’t promoted too often and those are hot sellers. No one sells to them.
  4. Increases your closing ratio – a company may promote you to their customer that they’ve already built a relationship with.
  5. Open New territories.  Expand globally or internationally.
  6. Increase credibility – align with someone well-known. All businesses especially start-ups struggle with building acceptance within their market and customer base. A key alliance with a larger known company can dramatically improve your credibility in the eyes of your customers.
  7. Create New Profit Centers: You could create a new product through a Joint Venture where you take something from your side and they take something from their side and repackage it as a new product.
  8. Gain a Sales Force for no $$: An Entrepreneur, Eric Frederickson found a company that had a huge national sales team that sells a different product than he does but they sell to his same target market. He formed a JV relationship with them where they just added his product to their catalogue and when they were doing their normal sales business they would also try to sell his product.  When they did my associate paid them a commission.  He paid NOTHING if they didn’t sell and he never paid for the sales team making the calls, or any of that companies expenses.  He essentially got a full-time National sales force with no money down and no expenses. By formulating a joint venture with a solid partner, your company expands its sales force and distribution channel for low cost.
  9. Keeping Your Competitive Edge: A strategic alliance with several key players can make you bigger, keeping out competitors and maintaining high profit margins. Once these ties are in place, it is difficult for competitors to unravel these relationships.
  10. This is really the tip of the iceberg, and you will discover so much more!

Can you begin to see how JV’s can help you in your businesses?

Need more examples…


Renting a booth, buying nice clothes, paying for ads in trade show flyers can add up.  What if you offered a free CD or Book or Report or Coupon for your services to other companies that share your target market yet offer non-competing products?  The companies attending the trade show benefit from this form of Joint Venture as they now have incentives and enticements encouraging people to visit their booth – they look like heroes offering free items that didn’t cost them a dime (but no-one knows that).  You benefit from such an arrangement as you receive free representation at a trade show or convention that you are not even attending.  New leads, prospects and future customers are leaving the trade show with your free product or coupon for service.  You can even provide your JV Partner with a little sign-up sheet and ask people to enter their info to win a prize or receive your free gift.


Life or Business Coaches for example can create alliances with other coaches that have common levels of training or expertise all around the world, join forces through advertising and even work under a shared company name.  Imagine a coach working part-time or full time at home, suddenly telling their customer that they have a division in England or Spain or Africa.  Could Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Stylists, Real Estate Investors or Brokers do the same thing?  You bet!!!


The Internet is changing the way business is done because now you don’t need to be known all over the world to sell your products or services, you just need to be known in your particular field or niche.  For example, you can often sell your product or service over the Internet to people who literally search for your topic in their search engines. Imagine companies or marketing partners that sell only to your specific target market (pregnant women, children, business men, baby boomers or bald men) which are looking for new products to offer them.  Imagine having your product added to their “catalogue” of items that are offered to their customers.  They provide the sales people, the Internet catalogue, the distribution channel and you just ship the “sold” items to their customers and provide your JV partner a pre-negotiated commission.


Imagine being an Author, Speaker or Expert on a subject and having someone contact you to speak at their seminar event in another country.  Imagine another person asking you if they could interview you for their internet radio show.  Imagine someone with a customer list that matches your target market asking if you could write a column on their website for their “ask an Expert” section.  Imagine if someone with a large database or customer list asked if you could offer a training by phone or a “virtual” training session for their people.  Imagine if you sold your products or services through each of these JV opportunities?  What does your JV partner get in return – value for their customers.  They may even charge their customer to come hear you speak.  You don’t always need to offer a commission on the sale of your product.  You receive sales through a very warm target market, free publicity and added credibility.  Can almost anyone do this?  Sure you just have to be really good at what you do.  You can be a psychic, healer, handyman or tax specialist.


You could approach other companies or individuals who are either great at what they do, or can offer value by working together through a sales or distribution channel; or by speaking or making a presentation on a topic your target market would enjoy or; possibly by just being well known for organizing or promoting events.  You could use any or all of these approaches to form a Joint Venture event, where you all share the costs and the revenue.  You could even approach radio stations, news papers or printers and cut costs on advertising through joint ventures with them.


Incentive Marketing is a technique by which you can add your product to a product that someone else is selling, bundle the offer giving the consumer the added incentive he or she needs to purchase the item.  For example, One author created a Joint Venture with a Champagne company.  She was an author of a book on Toasting for Parties.  The deal for the public was that when they purchased 2 bottles of Champagne they received her book free. The author benefits as the champagne company literally sold her product for her and she made money without lifting a finger. The Champagne company benefits as they increase their sales without expensive advertising costs and the customer benefits as they get a free item.  Have you ever seen this concept on a cereal box or canned food?  These are all Joint Ventures or, cross marketing by the “Big Guys”.

You could also offer complementary products (that other people created) to your customers.  Your Joint Venture Partner can ship them directly to the customer for you.  You can make a commission on the sale.  Speakers do this when they need to sell a product at the back of the room for an event that they haven’t yet created a product of their own.  Many websites are built that find products targeted to one specific market and then add a mall or catalogue of other products or services.

WHO uses Joint Ventures in their Marketing Strategy to
grow their Business and HOW?

Ok, the quick answer is probably every major business large or small, that is successful in generating a lot of income.

But let’s look at a few examples (the list is simply too long to list them all):

Internet Marketers/Experts: Alex Mandossian, Matt Bacak, Tom Antion, Yanik Silver, Joel Christopher, Lisa Cherney, Armand Morin… and countless others.

Many marketers use Joint Ventures to get their products out to the masses quickly by asking partners to participate in a product launch, or getting their book to a best-seller status, or even to gain leads for their own customer base by asking other speakers or experts to participate as a live or ‘virtual’ speaker.  The JV Partner sends out a promotion about the event, both parties collect leads, and if any one of those leads buys a product, both parties share in the revenue.

Stefanie Hartman has participated in this type of joint venture herself.  She asked 2 companies to let their customers know about her product and sold close to $88,000 of product in less than 60 days.  Of course, she offered them a thank you commission. So both parties benefited.  But this promotion cost neither partner any extra expense to put on, so if no-one bought her product at all – neither her nor her joint venture marketing partner would have lost anything.

John Assaraf, a best-selling author of The Street Kid’s Guide to Having It All and contributing expert on The Secret (movie), used joint venture strategies to help propel his book to the Best-Sellers list.

A.J. Brown of ( promoted someone else’s program and earned $6,412 in affiliate fees for sending out only 7 emails.

Joel Christopher ( has been known to say his first JV project generated $33,000 in sales over 17 hours.

Speakers/Authors: Drew Miles, Robin Elliott (, Cynthia Kersey, T. Harv Eker, Wendy Robbins, Mark Victor Hanson & Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Founders), Robert Allen (Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income)…the list goes on.

Almost every Author: Just open up a book jacket.  Do you see testimonials?  Endorsements? Many people trade their endorsement for free advertising in the book.  Their endorsement, name and website URL appears on the book jacket or website.  Both parties gain recognition, but also credibility through simple association. These are all benefits that cost neither party any money – no risk, no money and all reward. This is a form of Joint Venture.

Or have you seen chapters written by other contributing authors?  Again, the person contributing gets more widely known and more publicity.  In fact multiply that by 100 if the book they contributed to becomes a best-seller.  This is a form of Joint Venture.

Just a sample of the many Big businesses:


Why would Wal-Mart need a strategic alliance, as they have tons of money – you might ask?

Well because when Wal-Mart opened its doors in Mexico they needed a “friend” to help them get a foothold.  Without a solid JV partner they may have had a difficult time gaining brand acceptance.  It was Wal-Mart’s first experience in international expansion and in 2002 the name of the combined company, Mexico’s biggest retailer, was changed to Wal-Mart de Mexico.

Wal-Mart also has Joint Ventures with other companies internally, McDonald’s for instance, that offer services to their customers that Wal-Mart doesn’t.  Why would they do that?  Well a percentage of the profits, or rental space could be one.  Another reason is because Wal-Mart can almost become a mini-mall, or a one stop-shop for many customers.  And if a customer comes to the store for any reason, they will most likely buy something from the main department in Wal-Mart.

Home Depot

Have you ever had a burger or soda or coffee inside the store? Home depot does not make those things for you, but they offer those services through their Joint Venture partners, such as Harvey’s Burgers.


Is Starbucks a coffee shop or a music store?  They are known for their coffee but they have expanded their brand and their services through offering their customers music on CD’s as well as candy, baby toys, books, and other items.  This is a form of Joint Venture.

Gene Simons

Just watch his TV show “name” and see how this brilliant man puts his name on almost anything to understand why we put him in the big business category.  He once said on the show that he has over 3000 licenses.  His name is on everything from baby clothes, toys, sporting equipment, shirts, you name it, that’s 3000 items, products or services that other companies may have made but he attaches his name to. Both parties win!  He gets a share of the profits, he doesn’t have to actually run the companies or make the products or distribute the products and he gets massive publicity.  The manufacturers may get an exclusive product with his famous name on it to offer their customers, increasing their prestige as well as increasing profits.


A catering company came up with the idea of creating a Joint Venture with Airline companies by providing them special meals to customers on board the plane at a time in history when airlines were not offering meals to their consumer.  This joint venture idea of 1 man changed the norm for the Airline Industry.  What can you do to find new customers?

Other businesses:,, ALL use JV’s in some of their marketing efforts.

When I co-produced my own Travel Television Series (Aqua Planet), we traveled to almost all of the destinations free of charge in exchange for profiling airlines, travel agents and locations on the show.  This deal also extended to our camera equipment, editing services, clothing, swim wear, sunglasses, snorkel and scuba equipment.

Radio Stations (they give away prizes all the time – hey why can’t yours be one of them?)  The radio station gets free stuff to give away so they save $$ and the supplier of the prize or product gets all that on air advertising free from the contest itself.  Free radio advertising!  That’s huge.

TIP: From a marketing perspective, this is also brilliant as people tend to turn up the volume to actively listen to the contest prizes rather than turn down the volume or switch stations at commercial breaks – yes all those expensive commercial spots that companies actually paid for.


The person doing it the least but yet could benefit the most is … YOU! 

Small business owners, Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals…from the handyman, mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, caterers, stylists, coaches, counselors, doctors, healers, naturopaths, to lawyers – the list goes on and on.

You’re in luck, The PrivateJVClub is a powerful Joint Venture club that helps you grow your business by creating strategic alliances around the world or in your local area.   Inside you will find the tools required to take your business to new heights as well as a knowledge base ensuring that you know how to get every ounce out of each idea, contact or process.

Your membership in the PrivateJVClub has the potential to open to you the secrets, the tools, and the contact relationships that many of the most successful businesses use everyday.

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