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Author Digital Marketing Strategy One

Posted on 29 Nov 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments 2 comments | Tags

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Thank you so much for your comments on the latest blog posts. Because of the overwhelming response I will continue sharing some insider information on books, marketing, and publishing.  As many of you know, my roots began with dissecting marketing campaigns to see how and why they worked and what, if any, could be duplicated.  This is actually how I put together most of my material.

Therefore I am particularly excited about the next few short, yet inspiring (hopefully) marketing ideas I’ll be sending your way.

Below is an example of an author using a unique digital strategy to launch their books – and I’m going to send you more.

First, I’m going to be frank with you and go as far as to say that the average person looks at strategies and says, “Can I copy this?”  In fact MOST TEACHERS out there don’t have any more imagination than that and suggest you copy (as that’s all they can see themselves).  But I believe YOU can go further.

Now, I’ve never said things like this before because I was taught growing up not to make waves.  But after my husband’s accident I view life a little differently and not only do I like playing in waves (literally speaking now, not figuratively as I detest stirring up trouble) but time is short in this lifetime and I want to just tell it like it is, and revealing more behind the scenes’ info as well as my own thoughts.  Hopefully you won’t “unsubscribe“ because of it.  But I feel that it matches my goal of truly being honest and helping you by giving as much information as I can.

Ok, so in that spirit of going beyond the average marketer or author or entrepreneur here, I challenge you to do what I do, which is … just for fun, no pressure, read the example below and instead of saying, “how can I copy this”, think about these questions yourself

  1. What’s cool or fun about this campaign that I enjoy?
  2. Could I do something similar?
  3. How does it engage the reader?
  4. Is there a distribution partner here, or way of getting books into customer’s hands or capturing their interest, that makes this exciting for me to brainstorm on?
  5. Did they succeed in creating a media angle here?
  6. How could I take just one element of this campaign and have it inspire me to put my own twist on it?  I find that is where the REAL FUN begins.

Ok here’s your first shot at this:

…and PS – don’t ignore fiction campaigns if you are a non-fictional writer, or vice-versa.  Look at the promotional concept and what it does for the book promotion and the audience/reader.  After all a book campaign should evoke the following 3 elements:

  1. Garner interest of new audience.
  2. Spark interest in the media (either social or traditional).
  3. Create a response or interaction for the reader, as this goes a long way in not only getting the reader’s attention but building a loyal, supportive and connected following.
  4. Bonus element -  Hey, where can I get a distribution partner?

Darn, I said this would be short.  Dammit.

Sorry about that…back to the example:

Example One:

Ok, I’ll admit I picked this example because of my relationship with and respect for Howard Behar, the former CEO of Starbucks, but I wanted to give you this idea to think about how you could promote your book with the help of a company – any company.  Please don’t email me requests for Starbucks, again you’re thinking too literal here, but if you are dead set in that space, I suggest you contact your local Starbucks first as they have a goal to connect with their community.

Author Digital Marketing Strategy One Genre: Fiction
Book Title & Author: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Video or Book Link:
Publisher: Doubleday/Random House
Basic Premise: A Circus that opens at night and closes at dawn, becomes a star-crossed love  story for two competing magicians.
Digital Marketing Strategy: For several years now, you could walk into any Starbucks, order your coffee and grab a small ‘pick of the week’ free iTunes downloadable song.  Recently the 2 partners (Starbucks and Apple) have expanded their deal and are now offering ‘pick of the week’ programs to include book “episodes”.  This is term you may hear a lot of.  Basically it’s a selected chapter or selection of chapters.
Brief Intermission Factoid: Did you know that Charles Dickens began selling his books not as a fully completed storybook, but instead as individual episodes?  That’s where he quickly learned to create ‘cliffhangers’ so readers would buy his next ‘episode’.  So what is old is becoming new again.  How about that?
Back to the Strategy: The first e-book episode to be chosen by Starbucks is The Night Circus.  You can go into selected Starbucks store and pick up the download code on a card that will let you read several pages of the book.  Secondly, in the UK, they also launched an interactive mobile game that users can log into via Twitter or Facebook, and gather “preserved snowflakes” to advance to the next game level.  This is also Media worthy as they can make press releases about the interactive game and the new Starbucks deal.
Game link:
Interesting Author Fact: Erin began sending query letters to literary agents in June 2009.  After one year of bouncing between mildly interested agents and revising her manuscript on their advice, she signed with an agent (Richard Pine of Ink Well Management) in May 2010.  And just 4 months later Erin signed a (rumored 7-figure advance) publishing deal with Doubleday.  This is her first book – yes I said first book.  Her book deal includes rights in 25 countries and film rights by the producer of the Twilight Series.  Good job Erin! I’m officially jealous. Author Digital Marketing Strategy One

Look for my next post shortly for a second digital book strategy!  See – a real life cliff hanger!

Article Written by Stefanie Hartman

2012 © Stefanie Hartman Enterprises Inc. You may republish this article, if you keep the article intact as is and credit the authors name and website: “Stefanie Hartman” and website: Thank you.

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