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Have You Heard About the Real Life Indiana Jones, John Goddard?

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Have You Heard About the Real Life Indiana Jones, John Goddard?

Several years back, I had an experience that I will never forget. It was a day that changed my life.

I was invited to sit down with The World’s Greatest Goal Setter, the real life Indiana Jones, John Goddard – for the very first time.

I had read about him and his famous “goals list” in one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

There are articles written about him in Life Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Reader’s Digest and others, and he’s been featured in over 200 television shows!

I was fascinated by the idea of someone who could create 127 life goals and then set out on an amazing lifelong journey to achieve each and every one of them.

I knew this man was a special soul, and someone that I had to meet in my lifetime.

If you know anything about John’s goals list, you know that they are not meagre goals!

His incredible journeys and experiences have included retracing the route of Marco Polo through the Middle East, Asia and China, studying numerous primitive cultures firsthand, reading the entire collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Bible from cover to cover, and climbing Mt. Everest – just to name a few.

I was deeply honoured when John invited me to his California home to sit down with him and his wife Carol in their living room, just to ‘chat’ about life and the art of goal setting.

Both he and his wife were incredibly gracious as they welcomed me into their home. I’ve seen pictures of John on his travels, and he actually does resemble Indiana Jones, with his adventurers hat and well worn khaki shirt and shorts.

But today he doesn’t look anything like the mythical figure I’ve seen, and it almost surprises me to see how regular he looks!

After agreeing to some tea from his wife, I settled down next to him and looked around his living room, which resembled a film set straight out of The Adventures of Indiana Jones, with artefacts and found treasures from his many adventures neatly placed around the room, each with their own unique story.

Suddenly, the $15 replica native mask I had in my own living room that I brought from a store seemed silly, and I vowed to replace it with found treasures from my own life adventures.

But more importantly, I vowed to have my own life adventures! Continue Reading

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Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?

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Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?
Tired of trying to stay on?

Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm? Are you tired of living from pay-check to pay-check?

Maybe you’re tired of 60-hour work weeks. Maybe your work life balance feels more like a pipe dream with the deadlines, pressures and late nights at the office that prevent you from having a happy, balanced home.

Or maybe you’re just burned out from years in the same field and you want to feel inspired again.

If you’re dragging your feet to work every day, is it time to replace the leather in your shoes? Or cash it all in for a better life?

According to a survey by, over 50% of workers feel tremendous stress on the job, and 77% say they feel burnout.

If you can relate to any of this and your professional life is leaving you drained, then perhaps it’s time to re-examine life’s possibilities for you.  You can find a new way of working, earning money, and truly achieving a work life balance.

It may require a complete shift in how you think about earning money. Most people trade TIME for money.

How can you get paid for your value instead of your time? Continue Reading

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How Do You Become an Expert in Your Niche Market?

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How Do You Become an Expert in Your Niche Market?I read an interesting book called “Blink”1 by Malcolm Gladwell, who was recently called one of the most influential thinkers of our time.

He wrote about “Thin Slicing”, or the ability to get a fast amount of information (in the blink of an eye) when you’ve immersed yourself in its study.

He illustrated this point with a story from the Getty Museum in California. They bought a marble statue for 10 million dollars and had a geologist test the surface of it to make sure it was authentic. After 2 days, the geologist determined that it was.

Then the Museum decided to brag about it.

Shortly thereafter, they were showing the sculpture to Italian Art Historian, Frederico Zeri, who served on the Getty’s board of Trustees, and Evelyn Harrison, one of the world’s foremost experts on Greek Sculpture.

When Zeri was taken down to the museums restoration studio to see the korus, he found himself staring at the sculpture’s fingernails.  They seemed somehow wrong to him, but it was in a way that he couldn’t immediately articulate.

When it was Evelyn’s turn, the curator took her down to the basement, swished the cloth off the top of it and beamed, “Well it isn’t ours yet, but in a couple of weeks it will be.”

To his shock, Evelyn turned to him and said, “I’m sorry”.

She had no idea why she said that, she just had a feeling, a hunch.  You see, these two individuals had spent most of their life pouring over original sculpture and art and had become experts.

Something got recorded in their brain that they were unable to explain.  They absorbed a complicated amount of clues along the way, and it turned into instinct.

This same thing happens to me with marketing, and probably to you within your own expertise.

When these experts looked at the sculpture, right away, in the “blink” of an eye, they instinctively knew it was a fake, although they couldn’t logically explain to the Curator why they had come to that conclusion.

This area of your brain is not connected to your speech.  In 2 seconds, they knew what eventually took the museum 14 months to confirm.

Successful people in business or even in stock investing can often get unexplainable feelings or indications that something is not right or when something is great and they should move on it quickly.

I bet you have your own unique expertise and instincts based on your life experience, hands-on experience and training, and that you could teach that valuable info to another human being who could really use your help and guidance.

What information or skill is literally immersed into your being, your brain that has become your instinct?  Answer that, and your life could change. Continue Reading

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Are YOU Using A Sales and Marketing Calendar?

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Are YOU Using A Sales and Marketing Calendar?As the New Year comes around I am mindful that the year end business quarter is ending.    It’s a great time to take stock of where you are, and maybe even readjust your strategy or note what is needed to add or change to achieve the goals you have set for the coming months.

The ability to readjust your approach or tactics as you go can mean the difference between successful marketing and sales fizzling.

So the question is:

  • Have you taken stock of where you are?
  • Have you planned out how to schedule attacking your marketing plan?

Just like using a map or GPS system, by noting these markers you can be steps ahead of the competition just by taking stock of where you are.

Using a sales and marketing calendar is something that I recommend and gives you a hands-on ability to ability to allocate time and energy for items critical to your businesses marketing plan.

If you check in with your marketing plans each quarter you will find it a useful way to monitor your progress. I will have an indication if I need to re-adjust something or if I am close to my strategic destination I may be happy to leave things as they are.

I recommend doing this “checking in” as it can allow you to acknowledge not only those things you need to adjust but your successes as well.

Your marketing and sales calendar can give you a keen awareness of which months your promotions are booked, giving you much needed lead in time to take care of the details which can make the difference between a successful outcome or a possible setback.

To build your own sales calendar I recommend taking the following steps:

  • List out all your products and programs. Input them into the appropriate date.
  • Block out time to spend developing your business.
  • Add a sales goal each month.

A sales and marketing calendar can greatly improve your success and is just one of the many resources successful businesses and entrepreneurs use to increase sales, bring in new business and maximize their growth potential.

Article Written by Stefanie Hartman
Photo Source: Microsoft Clip Art
Article Source:

2012 © Stefanie Hartman Enterprises Inc. You may republish this article, if you keep the article intact as is and credit the authors name and website: “Stefanie Hartman” and website: Thank you.

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What to do if your New Years sucks!

Posted on 06 Jan 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 24 comments | Tags

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Ok, this is a strange blog post I know, but hey- sometimes it happens – and this year – boy did it ever happen to me.  So I’m figuring that you may have had a similar bad start to the year – maybe not this year, but at least once in your life – and if you did – please share it with me and if there were any lessons learned.  And I tell you what –  the best 3 stories will get a special prize!  But – hey I may win my own prize.

But I figure if my first day was this bad in the New Year, then the rest of the year should be GREAT!  Just getting it all out in the beginning.

So here’s what happened…

December office was busy, trying to shut down for the holiday plans, the “holidays “(really we need another word here) were also at a fast pace as my family chose to split up the festivities this year, so it was 3 days of prep and 5 days of different cities and celebrating (not including new years).  But I love the holidays, giving presents and feeling all the warm vibes of the season, so I was tired but enjoyed it.  But I did feel I was trying to make everyone else happy and exhausted myself in the process. That’s sign #1.

But then I came down with a 2 week sinus affection that didn’t allow me to sleep, eat or breathe properly.  I had black eyes from this infection. And I am the person who doesn’t get colds even when I have sick people around me, so it was surprising.  Perhaps a sign to slow down.

During this time I also found out that a good friend of mine died and I attended the funeral and Shiva.  So that was a hard reminder that love and friendships are precious.  It was also a reminder that we’re all on a silent egg timer and we never know when the bell will ring for us.

A few days later I return to work and a business deal and relationship I am deeply involved in (and really enjoy) seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket (who made up this expression, it’s really good).  I am hoping this will end on a positive note, but the journey to get there is really horribly difficult, time costly and dragged me down emotionally for 3 days where I couldn’t even move – which is weird as I am typically the girl you call in any traumatic experience.  I am a rock and a strong guide in tough situations.  I was a crisis manager for pete-sake!  I can handle pressure.

But I must have been so sick, so exhausted and overwhelmed by the feeling of being let down, that it contributed to my emotional state.   In fact I almost missed New Years over it because I was so devastated by their actions.  Mostly because when they were really making big mistakes and I covered for them and was as forgiving as Mother Theresa.  Why don’t people appreciate or remember those things?  Do we have to be feared in business to get respect and appreciation?   I should be furious but I mostly feel disappointed.  I rationalize it thinking that even good people can do strange actions when they are emotionally or financially struggling, it helps people act from fear and lash out at others.

That same day (my first day back to work), my staff accidentally erased 3 of my main business websites.  Thank god for back-ups!!  This has created a few days of me trying not to panic, but it is slowly being resolved as we speak. But I couldn’t get mad because who can get upset at someone who is more upset at themselves, than I could ever be?  Mistakes can happen.

Then for some strange reason my outlook refused to open, so I had no way of looking at past, present or future emails.  Weird.  It later repaired itself.  It may have been a sign to walk away.

Did I mention that my grandmother is ill?

Seriously, I’m not sure you can top 8 years of work being wiped out in 1 day, a death of a friend, a possible end to a part of a business I enjoyed, computer failures and feeling like crap? – but hey you can try.  Be my guest.

So what do I take from all this????  Well you may have more enlightening answers (and if you do please send them my way).

Here was my thought process:

Ok, someone cursed me.

Ok, everyone but me is crazy.

Ok, I must suck at business.

Ok, I must be the crazy one and don’t see it.  Well, I am talking to myself here.

Jeez, I am dehydrated from crying.  Can someone get dehydrated from tears? 

Ok, maybe a possible (hopefully not) end to a partnership deal, my business being deleted is a signal for me to become a vet.  I love animals – but no, can’t operate on them.  Vet is out – plus I don’t look good in white, I need more color. 

Hmmm, Ok, I should go back to bed, and hide under the covers until I can smell tulips in March.  Hopefully my husband will remember to keep feeding our dog.  He probably won’t. Damn!  I have to get out of bed.

Ok, am I going to let this get me down???       Hell yes! 

……Ok, try again, am I going to let this get me down and quit?      Well, maybe I can look at the positives; maybe SOME people still love me.  Maybe I shouldn’t take this one weird week as the representative of my 8 years of doing good work on the planet and helping so many people find their way and reach for more.    Ok, feeling better.

Getting Proper Perspective Back
Why is it I pay more attention to negative actions of a few, than the many more positives?  I know why, because I try so hard to please everyone, and it just doesn’t work all the time.

Maybe the world has better things to do than single me out for a take-down, after all, I’m not one of the bad guys – just an imperfect woman trying to be perfect 24/7 and make the lives of others a better place.  Bound to make some errors, maybe I have.  Maybe I should forgive others and forgive myself.  Hmm, good start.  That feels better.

Next – look at the bright side:  Ok, I have my health back, which is so important.  My personal relationships are great right now.  My dog is super cute and definitely still loves me.

I have incredible circle of people in my group this year – really top notch and include some of my favorite people.  I am also looking forward to seeing my new MIT members change & grow and helping them along the way like a proud mum.

I may have lost 3 pounds from my cold, which makes up for the chocolate binge on the 3 days I was feeling sorry for myself and not getting off my sofa.  Ok, I’m on to caramels now – and I am currently accepting chocolate or caramel donations.

I am also reminded of an email my good friend, our fabulous MIT coach and circle member Nat said to me last year.  He said his computer froze, and at first he panicked – but then he sought to see the beauty and positive in his situation.  He realized that all he needed to do was do a “de-fragmentation” repair on his computer – this also mirrored his office.  So he took this spare time to clean up all the bits of paper and stuff cluttering up his office and felt a weight lift.  Both he and his computer got a clean-up that day.

So taking Nat’s advice (after all not only is he a rocking MIT Coach, but he is also a Buddhist monk and entrepreneur.  That’s a strong combination) I reflected …

… And thought- if my whole business disappeared (which it did temporarily) – would I be ok?   Yes, I can rebuild.  I would find a way.  Or maybe this is a wake-up call that I should look at changing the program and starting with a fresh perspective.  I have been meaning to do updates.  Or maybe start something totally new.  Is there something else I have been meaning to do?  Is there a new path?

Regarding the deal and partnership that I so treasured… I will keep in my thoughts that both my partner and I will be very happy with whatever the outcome or resolution may be and remain friends and still send each other business.  Perhaps letting go is good – even though it scares me and fills me with unanswered questions about the future.

This also made me realize – when things went – poof! Gone!  That we have a CHOICE to be here.  We have a choice to keep offering the same programs or start again from scratch or even change what we do every day. No one is forcing you to stay at your job, even though it may feel like that sometimes.   We always have a CHOICE to look for new solutions or not. 

It made me remember that in ANY industry you will meet villains, saints and people who do things you just don’t understand (out of fear, jealousy, negative belief systems or desperation), so accept that.  There will be people you help who may resent you for your help later.  I think dogs are the only animals that won’t bite you after you feed them.  People unfortunately can sometimes.  What’s with the dog theme here?

Letting Go Of My Maps
I don’t have everything planned to perfection as I typically do at this time of year.  I choose to not feel panicked about that.  Ok, I repeat, I choose not to feel panicked (I feel like Dorothy clicking her heels and deeply concentrating here – this is hard).   After all I think if there is one life lesson Stefanie Hartman is supposed to learn it’s that you can TRUST life more.  Life has a way of working out.  Life has its own map & timeline.   I hate not having full direction by now, not seeing what is to come.  I can adjust plans, but I typically need to have some direction.  I love maps!  So I’m easing up on that somewhat.  Yes I will identify a few goals, but if I don’t know where my next income is going to be made I will TRUST more that it will (back to the shoes clicking).

Letting Go & Taking a Stand for Me
I will not compare myself or my progress to others as that only ends badly.  I just realized that when I compare myself to others, I never compare to those ‘below’ me, just ‘above’ me (basically whoever has something I would also like to have)?   Really this is not a fair comparison without the two perspectives.   While there will be people smarter, more successful, “luckier”, prettier, taller, whatever, there will also be people whose life you would never trade for.  Many people have greater challenges and discomfort or pain.  I will remember the bigger picture and be grateful every day. 

There are very successful people who can feel like failures because they hold themselves to ridiculous standards or ‘fail’ their own self-imposed timelines.  I do not want to be one of them.

I will also retain my own successes in my mind and heart with personal pride and not let my achievements diminish as soon as they are accomplished for fear of being egotistical.  Being happy for myself is not a negative thing, especially when I am genuinely happy for those around me too.  I will no longer put my own happiness in second, third or fourth place.

I will continue to run my business in a way I am proud of, even if others are “getting ahead” faster through not so pleasant methods. 

I will be proud of myself and TRUST that my life has its own timeline and I cannot plan everything.

I will stretch time and spend 8 hours a month connecting with a business & personal relationships – out of the blue.  Telling them how much I care for them.

I will not hold onto what I think ‘should happen’ with a tight grip, even if I am sad or have fear – as I will trust that if it is not meant to work out (no matter what it is), gripping it will only give me a hand cramp and waste time and energy.   Letting things fall where they may, makes room for something better that I may never have even imagined.

It is possible that the plan I have is not as great as the plan the universe has.  I am betting on you universe – so now’s your chance. 

I will do more things in love of life and in spite of fear.

Humanity has gotten me down a bit this past year, so maybe I should add a project that will show the charitable and unexpected sides of people, or do something to help rescue distressed animals.  I will meditate on this.  Having a positive project may be good for me.

I will learn how to meditate.

I will continue to take the risk of opening myself up to the world (and who ever reads this, thank you), keep being transparent, VULNERABLE and real – and hope that I don’t need to be ‘perfect’ and a shark for others to see that while I have vulnerable moments I have many more moments of great strength, that in fact being vulnerable, not putting on a persona in public takes great courage and strength. 

I will try not to take to heart the 1 or 2 negative emails I get from people every so often.  I will instead put more weight on the hundreds of positive ones.

I will let myself be wrong occasionally and forgive myself.  I will forgive others as well.

Whenever I feel fear, I will remember its ‘made up’, not real, and I will trust more.

I will work on getting my body into a gym, and getting my mind/soul into some fun activities as well as some soul searching.

I will go and get some more chocolate caramels because I just missed lunch.

I will not be so hard on myself.

I will keep my sense of humor…it may be the last thing I take with me on earth.

Foreshadow: I‘m thinking my next year’s blog post may be about visiting the dentist from all these milk duds I am eating.  Ok I’m done with eating chocolate – free milk dud boxes for those who think they can top this!

Maybe if I keep saying MILK DUDS the company will sponsor my blog, milk duds, milk duds, and no calls yet…I will keep trying later.

Thanks for listening…..

Your friend, mentor (hopefully still after this crazy blog post) and person who may be YOUR biggest fan and cheerleader,

Stefanie Hartman

PS – Please post your proper email address as will will be contacting the winners!

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San Francisco Botox & Internet Marketing Strategy?

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San Francisco Botox & Internet Marketing Strategy?I recently returned from a whirlwind, fast-paced trip to sunny San Francisco, where I went with my husband to attend a work conference he was speaking at. It was a fun switch for me as he’s usually attending mine!

We had just 1 day to walk around the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, but it was so much fun! There were all kinds of neat shops – antique stores, crab shacks, sweet shops – even a Ripley’s Believe it Or Not store!Just before we hopped on the cable car to return to our hotel, we visited the pub where they invented Irish Coffee. All I can tell you is if there was coffee in my drink, I couldn’t tell! I couldn’t feel my forehead by the second round – so I decided to rename the drink as the San Francisco Botox after that!I went on this trip both to support my husband and to relax and enjoy some time off. I ended up getting some great ideas for my book and having some great conversations with people I met that once again solidified my purpose for helping people to see a different way of earning revenue through things like informational products and Internet Marketing.

For example, I met 3 incredible people at one of the get-togethers for my husband’s conference from 3 very different backgrounds – but they all wanted the exact same thing: Freedom.

All this was brought about through no intention of my own – it was just one of those things where you’re making conversation, people ask you what you do, and one thing led to another…

The first person I talked to was an older (retired) woman, who practically knocked her husband down to get over to me when she heard me answer the question, “What do you do?”

I had a blast talking to Gerry! She and her husband had worked hard all their lives, and were now living comfortably.  Their kids are all grown up and taken care of, and now her goal is to be a motivational speaker!

She was looking at doing business in 2 areas that are great loves in her life – one was travel and the other was animals. She’s full of education and amazing stories in both areas, and really wants to host workshops to either get people excited about travel by introducing them to new things in the world, or to get people motivated to help animals in areas like shutting down puppy mills or giving assistance to wildlife sanctuaries around the world.

She was full of amazing stories, and she was really telling me how this is her time in life now (she called it the 2/3rds part of her life) where she can start doing the things she really loves to do and make a difference in the world.  She’s taken care of her kids and her family, and now it’s her time.

It was such a treat to get to hear some of her stories and discuss with her how some of the things I do with internet marketing strategy could fit in with some of the things she wants to do as a motivational speaker.

Then I was introduced to a middle-aged Asian man named George, and his son Stephan who was in his early twenties.

George is a businessman who is very good at what he does. He makes a great living for himself but he was sharing with me how he’s really getting tired of the rat race. He wants to create some kind of business that he can do together with his wife that will allow them to travel more and have more freedom.

He really felt and was saying over and over again how Internet business is the kind of opportunity that is so big and allows you to really go anywhere you want, which was of course very appealing to him! He was looking for a way to basically make the same kind of money he’s making now (if not more), and have a better lifestyle – the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life.

His son, Stephan, was also really interested in learning more about Internet Marketing strategy and the opportunities that are there.  He grew up reading books about twenty-thirty year olds who have become millionaires through the Internet, and he wants to be one of them!

He was just so full of vigour and dreams and high energy – and he recently was married and really had an eye to provide well for his wife and family.

Both George and Stephan had paid a lot of money for courses on how to do these things, but really only gotten their answers in pieces. In a way it was just a huge encouragement to them to talk to someone like me that has been there and literally seen it happen – I know a lot of people that have done this – it’s not just a pipe dream!

It was so cool to have this experience of meeting these 3 very different people – and completely unexpected! This all took place at my husband’s insurance conference – I wasn’t there to sell my program!

Really it’s amazing to me – it seems like no matter where I go, whether it’s standing in line at the grocery store or heading to San Francisco with my husband, I meet people that have these new hopes and new dreams, and they see the Internet as the solution.

Meeting these 3 in particular reminded me once again about all the different reasons people want to do create their own destinies in this way. These were 3 very different people with very different ages, nationalities, and reasons for wanting to change their lives…really they just needed some guidance to getting the kind of freedom they wanted!

In the end it was one of the greatest things I took away from the trip. Talking to people like this – listening to their hopes and dreams – it’s like the energy of the whole room shifts.

This is what I strive to provide for people in my Millionaires in Training Program – it’s truly something that gives me as much joy as the people that are in it get out of it! Having that kind of support and knowing through it that this REALLY is possible – that you really can get the kind of freedom in your life and career you want – it’s indescribable.

I consider it an honor to be able to provide that for people – and would be honoured to do the same for you as well. If you’re ready to step up to your dreams, visit here for more information on getting some powerful support to move forward with them to your freedom.

San Francisco Botox & Internet Marketing Strategy?

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Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?

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Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?There are 2 famous lines in the Jerry Maguire movie.  One of them is, of course, “Show me the Money!”  But the other one is the one that women always remember because it’s the romantic one – “You had me at hello.

I think BOTH are relative to business – however, the romantic one is the one that I apply toward my marketing strategiesparticularly when it comes to presentations (like teleclasses)!

Did you know that when it comes to your presentation, what you start out with is SO much more important than the last 15 minutes of the “close” at the end?

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across that have it all backwards – they put all their time and energy into that final 15 minutes.  But the truth is, if you’ve done your job through the first 45 minutes of your talk, you can write a simple, easy sales pitch for the end and you will create massive sales – and way more than you would have otherwise!

I taught this strategy and went through a teleseminar template that I described to Matt Bacak (Internet Marketer), and when he started using it, his sales went up dramatically and immediately.  He said my template felt “real” and “the best” to him, it made so much sense to him and he loved the new insight of “You had me at hello”.

The impact was even greater for him as before he spoke to me he had just had meeting with someone that was really salesy and aggressive, which he didn’t enjoy at all – and his sales reflected that.  But using this new structure worked for him amazingly!  In fact it was the best sales he’d ever done.

What he learned is that your best sales come from you speaking the truth, being who you are, and knowing the structure of what you need to put it in.

You don’t have to be someone that you’re not in order to make great sales! Continue Reading

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Detox Cleanse For Your Brain?

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The other day I went to the vitamin store to get some vitamins, and I was looking at the different cleanses they had and it got me thinking…

In the same way that it’s important to occasionally do a body cleanse, it’s just as necessary to do a detox cleanse for your mind!

Just like little toxins or garbage that can get stored in your body over time and look like extra weight that is burdensome and unattractive, the same thing can happen with your mind – you can end up carrying around extra weight that is ugly and negative – starting in little bits that build up over time.

With your body it can sneak up on you, feeling sluggish, then one day you look in the mirror and realize hey – you are 20 lbs overweight.  Well with your mind that negative energy, thoughts fear and doubts can start slowly and then become 20lbs of gained weight that’s hovering around you like a little black cloud above your head!

Your energy starts to go down, your spirits feel low, you are not sleeping through the nights, you’re becoming more of a pessimist – if this sounds familiar it could be things that you’ve been allowing to build up in your mind that you need to clear out of there in a detox cleanse – just like you might do for your body!

So how do you begin? Continue Reading

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Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

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Happy Friday!  I saw this in an e-mail and I HAD to pass it on – Hopefully will give you a smile as you end the work week! Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

10 working tips for 2009

1) Do not get into trouble

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

2) Aim for greater heights

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

3) Stay focused on your job

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

4) Exercise to maintain good health

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

5) Practice Team work

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

6) Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

7) Save for rainy days

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe? Rest and relax

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

9) Always smile when your boss is around

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

10)        Nothing is impossible

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

Enjoy Your Weekend!!

Are You Feeling the TGIF Vibe?

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Are You Basing Your Niche Marketing Strategy on a Mythical Foundation?

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Have you ever heard the expression ‘Junk in the Trunk’?

It’s actually a slang term that refers to someone that has a full figured bottom.  You know I’m on the treadmill a couple of times a week to reduce my back end – but in your business, you really need some junk in the trunk!

FACT:  The bigger the back-end of your organization, the bigger your bank account.

If you want to maximize your list, have additional profits centers that bring in money while you sleep and have a system in place that sells to people who already love your stuff, this is stuff you need to know!

FACT: Knowing these common niche marketing myths and understanding those ‘junk in the trunk’ implications is going to make your business easier and much more profitable.

Here’s an example for you: Continue Reading

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