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Business Olympians

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What an incredible event we just had in Vancouver!  Wow.

This event was held for my PRIVATE Mastermind Group – This year’s “Business Olympians”.  We took 16 members out of 40 applications. There is ONLY one Private Mastermind offered each year.

We get together regularly on the phone, and in person twice a year.  Every single live event is so different from the previous one.  I learn to accept the unexpected.  The one thing that ALWAYS happens is pure Magic.

The Spring Event which was held in a 22,000 sq foot mansion, rented out just for our private group, equipped with warm waterslides, luxury rooms, fully catered, and the theme of a Pirates mansion.  This place was extraordinary.  It is the private home of a very wealthy entrepreneur, the owner of NuSkin.  The public had not been allowed there before.

Having a private wonderland, and being able to connect with the group over meals, during the sessions and over drinks in the evening or perhaps a water volleyball game – was magic.  That was the event for PURE creativity and million dollar money making ideas and complete business turn around happened at that event.

Seeing the breakthroughs was like watching a movie.

Last week we held the Fall Event in Vancouver, Canada, after all this year’s theme was Business Olympians.  So everyone brought their free Olympic gear and arrived at the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

This time it was held in a hotel overlooking the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  However, to be different, I flew in special teachers who gave a hands-on workshop and EACH person walked away with keyword research information – which will bring in cash flow and eyeballs to your sites, 20 written podcasts, understanding which personal values run their business, what is behind their REAL goals, and the know-how to create promotional videos in 10 minutes flat, and how to edit them, and everything you need to make it darn easy that a 6 year old could follow.

What was so special was the full attention and feedback from the entire group that EACH member is deservedly receives.  The electricity in the room was stunning as every Olympian Member found solutions, marketing plans and strategies that was exactly what they were searching for.  See, that this happens always amazes me.

I am not talking about 1 or 2 great ideas – I’m saying completed solutions and game plans.

But the other magic that happened was seeing grown adults jump for joy, and go crazy with excitement and RELIEF when they realized they could EASILY do what we were taking them threw STEP by STEP.  And each got a chance to do the work there at the event. The laughter and RELIEF of this being off their mind, off their worries, was so dramatic.

Looking around the room I realized that information can be overwhelming at times.  And sometimes you can’t take anymore.

That’s WHY I created this group.

This is the place to get a board of directors on YOUR business – to focus on YOU and HELP you immediately.

This is the place to GET IT DONE – and better than that – get REAL help from the pros.  I mean the pros helping you write, script, film, and edit right there with you, typing, filming for you.

The last piece of magic was seeing how bonded you guys get.  Dinners stretch out, lifetime friendships are formed.

It’s unexplainable.  This magic.

I know only a few people can experience this every year.  But I beg of you, if you want this experience PLEASE apply.  It’s hard some days being a lone entrepreneur, and I don’t know who you are unless you step up and let me know.  To thrive you need to be around people with strong minds, great souls and knowledge of what you are doing.  I speak from experience.  And I keep the price super low.  In fact some people are even doing work for me to pay it off.

I know it’s harder to get in every year because of so many grads re-attending and they always get first available positions.

Applications will begin in December.  But if you would like to request FIRST notice, at least 24 hours to download the application BEFORE it goes to my 100,000 people list, then please post below and let us know which email you’d like us to send it to you and mark your calendars For December 01.

Whenever I am in a room with you all, and so much magic happens to so many GOOD people, my heart soars, and I feel so blessed.  In fact I am sad when everyone goes home.  It’s like missing my dearest closet friends.  I can’t explain it any better than that.

Going through a year of being there through everyone’s ups and doubts, and seeing them blossom into such confidant successful entrepreneurs (far from where many started) to the point of such intimacy that I get teased non-stop at these events by the members – like I said a BIG Happy Family – well in the end, I just feel honored to be part of it.

It makes me PROUD to be an Entrepreneur and be one of YOU.

Thanks guys!  Keep your light shining out there in the world.

Great things are coming your way.


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Wow! Lessons Learned…

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Why to Stretch Yourself…

I just returned from speaking at Nick Nanton’s VIP (and Private) mastermind event in New York City.  I LOVE LOVE, (did I mention) LOVE NYC!

That was a cool experience as I was speaking to mainly Dan Kennedy’s graduates.  Nick hand selected my training piece and I spoke on the $500,000 webinar formula.  I trained, it wasn’t a pitch fest (and I loved that).  It was fun and everyone was taking notes like mad.  In fact Nick asked me to distribute the PDF’s to make it easier for his group.  That’s always my secret goal with speaking – deliver content so they are writing it down.  I am so mean – Ha Ha.

I was reminded of a GREAT SPEAKER LESSON: Train people, just give great content – and then those interested will ask to become your clients because you gave them real help – not a sales pitch.   I just want you to know that I practice what I preach and not only is it less stressful for you as a speaker, and way more fun, but when you are relaxed and just train, you and your material shines though.

So I had one day to work and 1 day to play and I wandered the streets of New York.  What a beautiful city.  There was an open market that extended all the way to Central Park.  It was too much fun; I really enjoy outdoor markets when I travel.  Of course as I came with only carry-on so I could not buy all I wanted.  Which perhaps was for the best.

The best part of that trip was getting to know Nick and his partner Jack as well as their family.  What a dynamo team they have with Lindsey, Jack & Nick.  If you haven’t checked out what they are doing go and see:

Few Days Later…

A few days and 3 planes later I was off to Ocean City Maryland to speak at the Entrepreneur Success Summit.  That was a longer event (3 full days), and didn’t exactly turn out as I thought it would.  870 people were expected and less than ¼ showed up.  I remember walking in on the first day and my stomach just dropped.  I felt a little ill not only for me and the other speakers but for the organizer.  I felt bad for us all.

This was a massive 3-day event with the biggest names in the industry.  And some of them pulled out of speaking due to the lack of attendees.  There was talk of cancelling the event outright.  I can understand that for sure, but I was determined to stay and see it through for those who DID show up plus those who were planning on watching on You Tube and Facebook – live.

What made it tougher was you could feel deflated energy in the room.  Like it was hush-hush, quiet.

SPEAKER LESSON: Raise your energy and BE THERE – fully present no matter if there are 25 people or 2000 people.  Everyone deserves your best.

So I got on stage, even asked everyone to rise and shake out that deflated energy that I was determined to change.  It worked and I had fun training on stage.  People shifted because I shifted.  That’s important for you guys to know – every phone call you take, every interaction, people reflect your energy – so give them your best.

I admit, I worked hard, and because there is less in the room, less energy is reflected back to you so I did feel drained, not only from that but from the back stage drama. I thought I was done, that I could enjoy the next few days, but then I was asked to put together a presentation on the fly for the next day in place of one of the speakers that did cancel.

At first, I was tempted to decline.  I was tired and the easiest thing to do was nothing.  I had fulfilled my obligation.  The easiest thing to do was to go out that night for dinner, and out on the town with people who invited me.  After all, I hadn’t even seen the city.

But I decide to stretch myself and see what happened.  So I was up past midnight, but got it together and you know what – people loved it.  In fact they came up saying they had goose-bumps and chills and walked away with valuable usable tips right away for their business.

Here’s what I PERSONALLY LEARNED from these 2 events:  Stretch yourself.  Going to NY was last minute and very inconvenient for me.  I had family staying at my house for only 3 days, and had to give up 2 days with them to prepare for the trip.  I was also speaking to a sophisticated group and had no idea how my material would land with them.

But in New York I was not only rewarded with new clients, but I felt PRIDE that I did it.  I showed up and pushed myself.

In Ocean City I was rewarded by actually getting some big clients and also some JV’s, but again felt PRIDE that I pushed myself and my second talk (on the fly) turned out great.

Here’s the deal, I hope I don’t sound too preachy here, but the “safe” thing to do is NOT to push yourself.  It’s not to expose yourself.  I could have turned down NY, AND the second talk.  Heck I could have walked away from the whole event – but it is not in my make-up to do that. I need to do what feels right.

Hey, I speak to experts like you all the time, who are gung-ho in the beginning yet when they start to get a little success, sometimes they draw inward or backwards.  They fear what others will think of them, even what the other experts in their industry will say about them.  And essentially what is really happening is YOU are getting bigger.  Your reach is expanding.

Certainly some people (competition) who fear you may talk.  But so what?  Ok, I know it still sucks.  And it does upset me when rumors fly – in fact there was one about me and someone who is just a friend of mine at this last event.  But that will pass, and it’s all Bull**** anyways.  Don’t let it block you (am I going to really care about that rumor in 10 years?? NO!).

The important thing is that the world is waiting for YOU to STEP UP.  When you do step up, guess what – the world comes forward and meets you where you are.  So whenever you get that “unsafe” feeling – most likely you are GROWING – that’s all.  Recognize that and go for it.

My philosophy is that you can’t plan for many of the big things that will happen to you in life – fame, kids, marriage, you can’t plan for all the details and challenges each will bring.  But you can decide to STEP UP and GROW.  To expand yourself – believe me the personal satisfaction and private PRIDE you will feel for just going for it outweighs everything else.

The opposite typically leads to frustration and even depression.

We are always meant to do and learn new things grow & expand ourselves.  Isn’t that what we did as kids – it doesn’t stop just because you reach x age.

If nothing else – you will walk away a richer, deeper person with each step, each time you stretch yourself.  And by doing so, you gain more confidence so that the fear really dissipates.

Isn’t that what life is about in the end anyways?  Isn’t that what leadership is about?

As an entrepreneur – you ARE a leader.

This weekend – why not do something different and out of the norm for you – go do something adventurous and slightly scary, out of your comfort zone, even take a friend, do it together or better yet do it by yourself.

Some suggestions:
Learn to rock climb, ice-skate or ski, go to the track and take a stunt driving lesson. Bake a complicated cake for a party, enroll in a running group or bootcamp.  Do something that you used to do when you were a kid and forgot how to do OR something you have always wanted to do.  Or for work – call a BIG client, or that JV partner you’ve been dreaming of – do something BIG, something outrageous to get their attention.  Take the risk.  Take the step.

Please report back to me – tell us when YOU expanded yourself and how you felt when you did.

I would REALLY be interested in hearing about it.


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Gift from Podcasting Scott for 50 Friends only!

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This weekend I am speaking at the Podcast Bootcamp in Vancouver, BC.

It is a two day event hosted by my good friend, Scott Paton, The Dean of Blogonomics and Podology. Scott has been teaching 1000′s of entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers and trainers around the world, how to leverage the massive popularity of iPhones, iPods and what he calls “The Un-Web”.

Wouldn’t you like to spread your message virally via cell phones?

Scott has co-hosted podcasts that reached 30,000, 50,000 and 150,000 loyal subscribers with no advertising, no social networking, no AdWords, no SEO, nothing but talking and following a 10 minute system. On a consistent basis.

The Bootcamp sold out weeks ago.

A month ago Scott shared his information with my MasterMInd group. They were so excited as a whole new world opened up before their eyes.

But Like I said, the Bootcamp sold out.

So I asked Scott if he could stream the video to the Mastermind group. He went one better and opened it up to the first 50 action takers in the Private JV Club, MIT and the MasterMind and YOU.  But only for 50 people.

And there’s NO CHARGE!

Register to view the FREE Live Videocast of the Podcast Bootcamp at:
Remember only 49 people can sign up (one member already has).

To Your Success!

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And the winners are…

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This is Tania, from Stefanie Hartman’s office. 

Stefanie asked me to let you know the winners of tickets to the event in San Diego on October 10th and 11th. 

She is now in Calgary dining with Richard Branson and meeting the Dalai Lama, but last weekend she was at two other events.  She met with her Confidant Circle Mastermind group and was a guest speaker at Dov Baron’s Quantum Mastery Seminar.  It was such a whirlwind of meeting new and existing friends and generating ideas and excitement with everyone at both events. 

It was so great to connect again with all the Mastermind Members, my mind is still spinning with ideas and my hands are cramped from writing down all the brainstorming you guys generated.  I saw the same thing happen to people that I saw happen at the last live meeting in San Diego and I don’t know why I still get so shocked by the power of having a group generate ideas for others and Stefanie as the laser focused leader – it’s eerie (in a good way though!!) how she gets to the crux of the issue so fast.  It’s funny to see how each person gets what they need even when they didn’t know what exactly they needed and take them in that direction. It was a longer event than last time and there was training involved as well from Stefanie, some of the group members and our Guest Speaker on Podcasting, Scott Paton. Vancouver was gorgeous this weekend – perfect weather!!

On October 30th and 31st Stefanie will be in Vegas speaking at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 event. It’s a smaller more intimate event – it will be cool to meet you there.  PLUS it’s Halloween 

I met with Stefanie, and we went over all the posts and submissions for tickets and we wish we could give every single person a ticket but we only have two and she asked me to give you an update on the winners chosen to join her at the event in San Diego.

The winners are Lauren Blaine and Darlene Butts  – but she also picked runner-ups in case the winners can’t make it Sandra K , Sahana Barade and Ronnie.  View their submissions: Click Here

See you in San Diego or Vegas!

All the best,

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A Busy Month

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OK. What happened this month?  August was fun, then for some reason everyone I know practically contacted me or is doing something this month. Typically we promote maybe 2-4 events per year for others, so if its weirding you out that this past week we’ve sent 3 – then don’t worry its weirding me out too.    Bu the good news is they are all REALLY cool events that I just wanted to make you aware of (as personally I hate missing out on stuff).

Here’s some things that we are going too:

Will I see you at any of them?  If so, please let me know or find me at the events so I can meet you and make powerful introductions for you.

September 25th – 27th – My Mastermind Group meets in Vancouver – we’re all EXCITED about it. This is a CLOSED event. You can’t even peek into our windows.

Monday Sept 28th – I am speaking at Dov Baron’s $5,000 person event (which I got you 80% off which is amazing) in Richmond so take advantage of it.

Sept 30th – Oct 4th – Engage Now event (see below) in Calgary Alberta. I’ve been invited to dine with Branson, which is hard to pass up, but I am not sure I can do so much traveling in this time, I will have to decide tomorrow.  But if you want to attend you should go as this sounds like a really unique event. See below for details but the Dali Lama, Richard Branson and other mega authors will be there.

October 10/11 – I will have a booth at a San Diego Social Media Conference. Should be interesting.  It’s been awhile since I was a “booth babe”.  But my partner and I are showing off and pre-viewing our social media set up and marketing package there (which we’re not making public till Oct/Nov).

October 30/31 – I will have booth & will be speaking at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 event in Vegas. It’s a smaller more intimate event – will be cool to meet people. PLUS it’s Halloween so I may be partying in Vegas (without my husband which is funny – well not funny for him) or I will have a quiet dinner with my business partner and maybe clients and cool people.  Either way that’s probably what I’ll tell him I’m doing- oops, I think he’s on this mailing list too.

Today, let me tell you about the Engage Now event:

My friend Gail is putting this together and as a favor to her and Jill who’s also helping out, I wanted to let you know about it.  It certainly is an unusual event that may not come around again.

As I said, the Dali Lama, Richard Branson and other mega authors will be there including Dr. Steven Covey, Barbara DeAngelis, the CEO of Zappos (who just sold for over $900 Million to Amazon). Read more here:

Maybe I will see you at some of these places, if not , I’ll be thinking of you and will bring you any tips I find.

Warmest regards,

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A Marketing Medium – can there be such a thing?

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A Marketing Medium – can there be such a thing?

My inner circle mastermind group met for its first annual live meeting in beautiful sunny San Diego.  All I can say is …wow!

Intellectually I’ve known how powerful mastermind groups can be, especially if the dynamic is right, the people in the group are amazing, and ours hits all elements, but I never truly understood the power of them until last week.

I knew that Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken soup for the soul) has been using them for over 25 years as well as John Assaraf (street kid millionaire) for 30 years, but I didn’t “get it” until now.  And now that I’ve had the taste – there is no turning back.  

Let me tell you what happened…

This year, for the first time I offered my database only, a chance to work with me one-on-one for 12 months, beginning in January – I knew I was on to something when it sold out in 2 days.  

Each month we would meet on the phone as a group, talk shop, share success secrets and be each other’s business confidants.  On these calls we would offer each other solutions, feedback and accountability.  I know with most mastermind groups it ends there.  And for most, that’s all they can expect, but I wanted my inner circle group to be MEGA successful so then I offered free monthly private one-on-one mentoring calls with me to plan their direction and marketing strategies.  This alone was worth $5,000 month, but I did not charge a dime for it.

So far, people were progressing and gaining clarity in their business and implementing powerful ideas.

But last week we did our first in-person event and wow – more breakthroughs happened in 2 days than all the previous weeks, and believe me, each person was already making incredible progress.

12 of us gathered in the sunshine, right on the beach, in our own private room with french doors that opened to the beach, and wall to wall windows.  On day one I gave everyone a plan and strategy to “reverse goal set” their yearly goal, and they had to break down and schedule the next 4 months activities that would forward their goal.  This really helped people to break down BIG ideas into small achievable steps.  It also provided commitment to their goals as it was put inside a calendar.  Doing so provides commitment, but also it gave them dates to look at when certain tasks would be achieved, which made them that more real – which is important.

I provided the strategy and rules and exact plan they needed to follow to do this properly and now everyone is guaranteed new income within 8 weeks (if not sooner).  And that was only the first hour of the event.

We had some more group and solo exercises designed specifically  to move people forward, as well as provide never before revealed before success tips.  And throughout the 2 days EACH member of the group received their own  “stage” front and center where the whole group focused on them and their business.

That just blew people away.

In those 2 days people went from not knowing what business they wanted to being totally clear, even with a brand message, joint venture partners, and a powerful marketing strategy!  Others who knew where they were going received huge strategies that will bring them incredible income this year.  Many had their business ideas turned inside out and what came out was EVEN BETTER than they could have imagined.

One person said in 10 minutes he received the idea he’d been working on for 2 years.  He could have happily gone home right then, but of course, he stayed and received even more ‘take-home’ breakthroughs.

It was so powerful to see the energy in the room change when a “great idea” came about versus an average one.  It was so powerful to see EACH person contributing and firing off ideas to the person who could not write fast enough with all that they were receiving.

Because I mentor on the phone most of the time, people said they got a kick out of watching my face, watching the wheels turning just before I would spit out a major plan or idea for the person on the main stage.  They were saying it was wild that I could zero in on a seed of an idea or the missing piece EVERY single time, for every single person.  In fact they started calling me the “marketing medium” which perhaps now will become my new tag line because they said it was so spooky, like my ideas were being channeled.  I laughed at first, then realized what a deep compliment that really is.  And really, all brilliant ideas and inspiration does come from somewhere don’t they?

Personally I learned quite a bit about myself and my journey.  I have a confession to make, I really believed when I created this that this would be the one and only mastermind group I would ever create.  But this was such a powerful way for people to learn, I think it is so important for growth and I hope I can find a way to continue with it every year.

Many people in the room said this was the BEST business seminar they had ever attended and many had paid 10x as much to be in other seminars  and other mastermind groups from well known people who charge $20,000 just to have a conversation with them.  So again I was thrilled.  Everyone said I should have charged double – and perhaps next year I will (and as always perhaps give a discount to returning members).

Now everyone is right on track, in fact they zipped ahead by about 5 miles in 2 days and I can’t wait for the next live event as everyone will be in a new place.  I already offered free training to my members on anything they want for the next event and I am looking forward to it.

Now we are indeed a family.  

How powerful is that?

Now, success is simply step on their journey, a done deal.

Learn more:  


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Using JV’s to go to Hawaii and be in a Business Book

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Ok…this is cool…all in the same week I was able to go to Hawaii AND be featured in a Business Book and it all happened through the creativity of Joint Ventures.

Hello, or shall I say ALOHA?   I am just returning from a quick escape to the Hawaiian Islands from the snow!  Wait – don’t hate me – yes I was so excited to leave the bitter cold (as would anyone) but I’ll tell you how it turned out not to cost me a cent.  I simply traded my consulting time for a stay at a beach house and cashed in some air miles.  Lesson of the day….What could you BARTER or JV on to get something you’d like this year?

This trip was exactly what I needed to clear my head and de-stress.  Now I am keyed up about the upcoming travels this year with my mastermind group.  I know it will be so much fun!   No matter where we go, this is a GREAT time to travel as many people are staying home, so there are great travel deals to be had by airlines and hotels, plus fewer tourists.

I wish I could pocket some of that sunshine and bring it to your doorstep.  You know I would share it!!

By the way if you know of any small groups like 6-8 people who’d like to stay at a beach house (literally the beach is across the street), please let me know and I’ll help set that up for you.  It costs about $395/day sleeps 6-8 and comes fully stocked with a private pool, kitchen with amenities, boogie boards for surfing and lots of sun.  Go with a group of friends and it becomes a cheap vacation. I also promised I’d help him get some rentals. Using JV’s to go to Hawaii and be in a Business Book

So onto other news…

I don’t know what it is going on lately but for some reason I’ve had several people call me to contribute to a book.  I am grateful to every single one.  Thank you!

This time I asked one of my former students and brilliant gal, Vickie Jimenez, to help me write the feature as she LOVES anything to do with Joint Venturing.  Thank you Vickie.  By asking for her involvement, I get help and she gets published. Great win/win.

O.K. So “The Official AWE Emerging Trends Guide 2009″, is now ready for distribution!
This book for entrepreneurs is launching today so you know the drill, if you purchase TODAY, you’ll receive thousands of dollars in free bonuses!

Here is a sneak peek as to what is included in the book:

Obviously the feature Vickie and I wrote is THE most important one to read. LOL (just kidding) Sorry I’m still giddy from all that sun and rum with pineapple juice.

Build Your Business

  • Top Business Networking Trends to Watch For in 2009 by Gina Bell
  • Key Web Development Trends That Entrepreneurs Need to Know by Susan Daffron
  • The Most Powerful Trend in the History of Business: The JV Explosion by Stefanie Hartman and Vickie Jimenez
  • The Emerging Trends of the Virtual Membership-Based Business Model by Sheri McConnell
  • Emerging Legal Business Trends and How They Affect Your Ability To Think Big by Alexis Martin Neely
  • How The Ever-Changing Landscape of Internet Marketing Affects Your Message And Why You Must Adapt by Lisa Manyon
  • Cold Calling in the 21st Century: The New Rules by Wendy Weiss

Grow Your Business

  • Three Key Elements for Business Success in 2009 by Melanie Benson-Strick
  • The Future of Virtual Assistance: Lifestyle, Mindset, and the Team-Based Business Model by Erin Blaskie
  • Online Book Marketing Trends by Penny Sansevieri
  • Emerging Trends in Social Networking for 2009 by Mari Smith
  • Top Five Trends You Must Know to Continue Growing Your Info-Profit Business by Adam Urbanski
  • Trends in 2009: Video, The Internet, and Your Bottom Line by Viki Viertel

Go Beyond Your Business

  • How to Consciously Capitalize on the Biggest Trend in Business Ever by Christine Kloser
  • Why Savvy Web Entrepreneurs Will Find Even More Opportunity In The Growing Cultural Creative Market by Christina Merkley
  • The Intersection of Technology, Information, and Transformation: Using the Internet as a Tool for Change by Marilyn Schwader
  • The New Solo Entrepreneur: The Secret to Business Success – Tapping Into Your Joy Energy! By Laura West

If you’d like to purchase a copy, click here. I’m going to purchase a few copies now myself!

Using JV’s to go to Hawaii and be in a Business Book

Emerging Trends

Wishing you success and happiness,

P.S. – Don’t forget… the bonuses that they are making available are only available during this initial launch phase. Afterward, you can still order the book but you won’t be eligible to receive all of those amazing bonuses!

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