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A Niche Can Make You Rich: A Proven Entrepreneur’s Internet Marketing Strategy

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A Niche Can Make You Rich: A Proven Entrepreneur’s Internet Marketing StrategyNiches are a perfect solution for the entrepreneur combining it with Internet marketing. What is Niche Marketing and why does it have outstanding long-term potential? A Niche is a small neglected corner of a larger Internet market the entrepreneur can exploit. The successful entrepreneur knows that Internet marketing to a niche audience creates the perfect marriage. Long-term potential comes from loyal customers finally finding answers to problems that plague them but mass marketers ignore. Large corporations are not interested in serving a niche that only adds $2,000 – $15,000 a month to their profits. But an entrepreneur makes a handsome profit by zealously delivering value to the niche through internet marketing.  Essentially, while everyone is fighting over a particular fish, while at the same time there could be a huge amount of other fish that none of your competitors are seeing.

Entrepreneurial Passion
An entrepreneur must have passion for the niche that inspires energy to make it all happen. Consider skills, hobbies, or products you know, and find interesting. An entrepreneur with a passion for a niche product but lacking expertise spends time researching it. The successful entrepreneur follows the time-proven Internet marketing formula of solving other people’s problems. The majority of the more than 62 billion monthly Internet searches involve people looking for solutions to problems. The Entrepreneur serves niches by uncovering problems people are looking to solve and deploying an Internet marketing strategy providing answers. You want to become the internet marketing expert these people turn to.

Internet marketing your niche is about being very focused and on target. Internet marketing exposes the entrepreneur to the multi-national marketplace. As the niche guru, you have a global customer list of people fanatic about the same thing as yourself. As an entrepreneur, you make a financial killing, have a great time doing it, and through Internet marketing meet people all over the world as passionate about the subject as yourself.

Internet Marketing on a Shoestring
Entrepreneurs often start revolutionary new businesses on a shoestring budget. The beauty of Internet marketing is it does not cost much to reach a huge audience. Maybe antique boating is your niche. It’s fun, but how does an entrepreneur make money with Internet marketing? For little cost, an entrepreneur can start an online e-magazine that like-minded enthusiasts will be more than happy to pay for. A common Internet marketing strategy is posting the first paragraph where it is free to read but antique boating fanatics have to pay to read the entire article and see boat photos.

As the savvy entrepreneur, you suggest readers submit articles and photos for publication in your magazine. This imaginative Internet marketing has the customer doing some of the work, helping you the entrepreneur expand your subscriber base. You can be certain niche extremists will be telling every friend and family member to subscribe and read the article about their boat.

A Simple Internet Marketing Strategy for the Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur, the information you need to successfully setup a niche internet marketing program is:
1.    Of the overall target market what is the size of the smaller more focused niche?
2.    How much competition is there in this niche?
3.    Do these customers have money to buy products and at what price points?
4.    Can the entrepreneur capture the lions share through internet marketing?

If you are ready to start marketing as an author, entrepreneur, or expert speaker start implementing the secrets of Living An Inspired Life through Internet marketing to a niche audience.

Article Written by Stefanie Hartman
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Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?

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Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?There are 2 famous lines in the Jerry Maguire movie.  One of them is, of course, “Show me the Money!”  But the other one is the one that women always remember because it’s the romantic one – “You had me at hello.

I think BOTH are relative to business – however, the romantic one is the one that I apply toward my marketing strategiesparticularly when it comes to presentations (like teleclasses)!

Did you know that when it comes to your presentation, what you start out with is SO much more important than the last 15 minutes of the “close” at the end?

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across that have it all backwards – they put all their time and energy into that final 15 minutes.  But the truth is, if you’ve done your job through the first 45 minutes of your talk, you can write a simple, easy sales pitch for the end and you will create massive sales – and way more than you would have otherwise!

I taught this strategy and went through a teleseminar template that I described to Matt Bacak (Internet Marketer), and when he started using it, his sales went up dramatically and immediately.  He said my template felt “real” and “the best” to him, it made so much sense to him and he loved the new insight of “You had me at hello”.

The impact was even greater for him as before he spoke to me he had just had meeting with someone that was really salesy and aggressive, which he didn’t enjoy at all – and his sales reflected that.  But using this new structure worked for him amazingly!  In fact it was the best sales he’d ever done.

What he learned is that your best sales come from you speaking the truth, being who you are, and knowing the structure of what you need to put it in.

You don’t have to be someone that you’re not in order to make great sales! Continue Reading

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