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Applying the Principles of Marketing Warfare to Small Businesses

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Ask any seasoned business owner what they think the most important part of running a successful business is. Nine times out of ten, they’ll tell you that marketing is the most vital piece of the business puzzle. The same is true especially for those who own and operate a small business or startup. However, most small businesses cannot afford to pursue the same marketing strategies that larger companies can use. Due to this inequality in resources, small businesses are often forced to chase after alternate marketing strategies. During their search for a viable strategy, small businesses often stumble across what is called as marketing warfare strategies.

Business As War?

What exactly is marketing warfare? Business owners and managers have long looked to the past in order to glean lessons that Applying the Principles of Marketing Warfare to Small Businessesthey can apply to their craft. Some particularly daring individuals have applied the many strategies used traditionally for warfare to business. Sun Tzu’s Art of War as well as Napoleon Bonaparte’s stratagems have all been taken into the context of business marketing. Offensive tactics, defensive strategies as well as guerilla warfare concepts have all been integrated into the business context for use in marketing plans.

Small Business Marketing Warfare Tactics

Small businesses need strategies that can maximize the amount of money they have. Also, small businesses will require certain tactics that allow them to bypass obstacles entirely. Guerilla marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses several unconventional methods of marketing.

Top 5 Marketing Warfare Principles For Small Businesses

1. Quality over Quantity: Don’t have the money to run an extensive ad campaign? You don’t have to. Use what money you have to run a lower profile but creative marketing idea. More often than not, potential customers will remember that clever ad they see just as much as a bland advertisement they see more often.

2. Take Advantage of Your Home Terrain: If you are a small business, chances are that you have a greater understanding of your locale than other businesses that aren’t from that area. Use this to your advantage. Use your understanding of the people, the city, and the local vibe to formulate an effective marketing strategy and message.

3. Outnumber Your Competition: Are your marketing in the same zone or trenches as all of your competitors? Take the battle elsewhere. To attack a well-established product or service is to suffer a likely defeat, however you could market your current product to a whole new audience that is no-one is talking or sell to.  Take some time to discover those untapped niches..

4. Use the Element of Surprise: When pushing out a new product or service, try to get them out as soon as possible in order to take competitors by surprise and to maximize the time before a competing product or service appears. This way, you can be the first on the battlefield.

5. Always get the most Bang for Buck: Use avenues of marketing that boast the highest yields for the money. Social media marketing is a must-use strategy here, as well as using word-of-mouth advertising. Modern technology has progressed to the point where huge amounts of money aren’t necessary for effective marketing anymore.

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