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Business Olympians

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What an incredible event we just had in Vancouver!  Wow.

This event was held for my PRIVATE Mastermind Group – This year’s “Business Olympians”.  We took 16 members out of 40 applications. There is ONLY one Private Mastermind offered each year.

We get together regularly on the phone, and in person twice a year.  Every single live event is so different from the previous one.  I learn to accept the unexpected.  The one thing that ALWAYS happens is pure Magic.

The Spring Event which was held in a 22,000 sq foot mansion, rented out just for our private group, equipped with warm waterslides, luxury rooms, fully catered, and the theme of a Pirates mansion.  This place was extraordinary.  It is the private home of a very wealthy entrepreneur, the owner of NuSkin.  The public had not been allowed there before.

Having a private wonderland, and being able to connect with the group over meals, during the sessions and over drinks in the evening or perhaps a water volleyball game – was magic.  That was the event for PURE creativity and million dollar money making ideas and complete business turn around happened at that event.

Seeing the breakthroughs was like watching a movie.

Last week we held the Fall Event in Vancouver, Canada, after all this year’s theme was Business Olympians.  So everyone brought their free Olympic gear and arrived at the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

This time it was held in a hotel overlooking the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  However, to be different, I flew in special teachers who gave a hands-on workshop and EACH person walked away with keyword research information – which will bring in cash flow and eyeballs to your sites, 20 written podcasts, understanding which personal values run their business, what is behind their REAL goals, and the know-how to create promotional videos in 10 minutes flat, and how to edit them, and everything you need to make it darn easy that a 6 year old could follow.

What was so special was the full attention and feedback from the entire group that EACH member is deservedly receives.  The electricity in the room was stunning as every Olympian Member found solutions, marketing plans and strategies that was exactly what they were searching for.  See, that this happens always amazes me.

I am not talking about 1 or 2 great ideas – I’m saying completed solutions and game plans.

But the other magic that happened was seeing grown adults jump for joy, and go crazy with excitement and RELIEF when they realized they could EASILY do what we were taking them threw STEP by STEP.  And each got a chance to do the work there at the event. The laughter and RELIEF of this being off their mind, off their worries, was so dramatic.

Looking around the room I realized that information can be overwhelming at times.  And sometimes you can’t take anymore.

That’s WHY I created this group.

This is the place to get a board of directors on YOUR business – to focus on YOU and HELP you immediately.

This is the place to GET IT DONE – and better than that – get REAL help from the pros.  I mean the pros helping you write, script, film, and edit right there with you, typing, filming for you.

The last piece of magic was seeing how bonded you guys get.  Dinners stretch out, lifetime friendships are formed.

It’s unexplainable.  This magic.

I know only a few people can experience this every year.  But I beg of you, if you want this experience PLEASE apply.  It’s hard some days being a lone entrepreneur, and I don’t know who you are unless you step up and let me know.  To thrive you need to be around people with strong minds, great souls and knowledge of what you are doing.  I speak from experience.  And I keep the price super low.  In fact some people are even doing work for me to pay it off.

I know it’s harder to get in every year because of so many grads re-attending and they always get first available positions.

Applications will begin in December.  But if you would like to request FIRST notice, at least 24 hours to download the application BEFORE it goes to my 100,000 people list, then please post below and let us know which email you’d like us to send it to you and mark your calendars For December 01.

Whenever I am in a room with you all, and so much magic happens to so many GOOD people, my heart soars, and I feel so blessed.  In fact I am sad when everyone goes home.  It’s like missing my dearest closet friends.  I can’t explain it any better than that.

Going through a year of being there through everyone’s ups and doubts, and seeing them blossom into such confidant successful entrepreneurs (far from where many started) to the point of such intimacy that I get teased non-stop at these events by the members – like I said a BIG Happy Family – well in the end, I just feel honored to be part of it.

It makes me PROUD to be an Entrepreneur and be one of YOU.

Thanks guys!  Keep your light shining out there in the world.

Great things are coming your way.


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This may be my last year….

Posted on 01 Dec 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 59 comments | Tags

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I have just met with my team and am currently going over the planning for next year (as you may be doing yourself) and thinking this may be my last year that I am able  I release the Inner Circle as it currently stands – or I may change it radically today, as I have a real world dilemma. 

Perhaps you can relate or offer some advice.

I discovered a few problems:
1. The current design of the Inner Circle Group includes 2 live events with limited attendees, monthly group mastermind coaching calls, private one-on-one with me, plus more.  It currently has me on ALL the calls, all the private sessions and at all the live events.  I actually love this – but you can see my team’s dilemma:  how can I do ALL this with every member receiving personal time?

2. In addition – at the 2 live events – we as a collective group focuses on EACH person.  We cannot do that if we have too many people.  This is likely why most other mastermind groups (even the ones charging $15,000 – $18,000 per person) are really just ‘seminars in disguise’  where they train from the stage – which is easier for those selling it, they make more money and they don’t need to limit the attendees.  Plus they don’t actually ‘coach’ you privately at all.  By the way, I don’t think that is bad of them- I admire the business model and they are making amazing money at it – great for them – truly. 

In fact I would coach YOU to only trade your TIME as one of the highest commodities.  So why am I not taking my own advice on this matter? (I guess because in this case it just feels wrong to me in this particular scenario. Darn conscious!)  I totally subscribe to charging value for money and not your time- but in an INNER CIRCLE? Just doesn’t make sense to me – so does that mean I RAISE the price and help fewer?  Ugh. I hate to leave people out.

3. As I continue to grow, I will be helping thousands of entrepreneurs, women and men, and therefore may not be able to do as much one-on-one consulting – so shouldn’t I SAVE that time for BIG clients and not giving it away now?  Again that feels icky.

O.K.  I admit…maybe doing it the way I have it designed is not as ‘business savvy for me’ as it costs me way more time and I am charging way below the price of those other people – but I have a hard time doing it any other way – as I‘d like to see actual results and support for you- not just another seminar.

So… IF I do this,…. this may be the LAST year I do this mastermind group with me this way.  I have 2 books coming out and am focusing on new areas – and I can only do so much at one time.  But the truth is I LOVE brainstorming.  I LOVE the live events where we focus on EACH person.  It is so rewarding.

Oh and here’s the 4th problem – last year’s grads ALL want to re-join , plus some are planning to have a few friends standing by the computer when we launch later this week, trying to ‘get them in’.  Their friends have witnessed their results and feedback all year and also know it sold out in 48 hours.

So I am really torn….do I raise the price to $20,000 like the other “big guys” and sit on my yacht (I really don’t have one) and basically make a seminar or do I keep myself as a major part of you support?

If I choose the latter I have to tell my husband we will be turning money away….oh boy… try to tell that your spouse, while we’re planning for a big move and possibly a family in the next few years. 

Well decision time HAS TO HAPPEN TODAY as I have to get the applications in before I leave town end of this week.

I have always in the past put people in front of profits, but that has also helped my competitors get more publicity time than me. I also cannot spread myself too thin or nothing else will get done.  Boy oh boy

Please comment if you have any thoughts on this.  I can tell you this is an honest dilemma, not a sales ploy. Turning people away from a smaller program is also hard if I keep the program as is. So either way some tough choices are happening today.

Appreciate you guys so much!

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