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Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Working With Your Competitor?

Posted on 06 Feb 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments 2 comments | Tags

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If your answer to that is not a big fat YES, than you’ve got some work to do!

Almost any business person or marketer’s knee jerk reaction when you mention the word ‘competitor’ is an inner cringe.  It’s just the way most of us were raised to think…you’ve got to get ahead or you’ll fall behind, work harder than that other guy, win or lose – you’re either at the head of the game or you may as well not be playing!

But business has changed.

The economic upheaval that is all around is proving on a daily basis how much the old patterns and ways of doing things are falling away – and NOW is the time to be a part of the New Evolution of Business – which means updating your marketing strategy to work WITH your competitors for greater exposure and profit than ever before.

What do I mean by that?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Joint Ventures’.  Did you know that Joint Ventures are all around you?

When you go into Walmart and find a McDonald’s inside, that’s a Joint Venture.  When you go into Starbucks and use T-Mobile or Rogers WiFi, that’s a Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Working With Your Competitor?Joint Venture.  When you watch Major League Baseball on NBC, it’s a Joint Venture.

There are countless examples of how corporations are using this powerful marketing strategy to increase their profits and recognition in leaps and bounds.  If corporations are the epitome of old-style, crush the competition business ways and they are using this technique, you know there’s something to it!

The truth is, entrepreneurs and small business’ are NOT taking advantage!

I’ve seen so much exciting evidence that the entrepreneurs of today have a ton of heart – you have an amazing product or service that you just want to share with the world – you want to make money, but you want to serve people too.

You’ve gotten that part of Abundance mentality down…but when it comes to actually partnering with the competition, I still see that people either don’t know enough about the ‘how’ to put it into action, or they’re afraid that it will do more harm than help (I mean, why am I going to promote someone that I’m up against?). Continue Reading

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How can your small business compete against the mega-corporations that cater to the masses?

Posted on 28 Nov 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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How can your small business compete against the mega corporations that cater to the masses?“Are you ready to become the big fish in a small pond?” asks Scott Gerber of Entrepreneur Magazine. “From aquatic sporting goods for dogs to Michelle Obama-inspired fashion websites, niche products and services have the potential to generate big bucks if they capture the hearts, minds and wallets of a dedicated consumer base.”

As you know, I’m a huge believer in setting aside that “get the numbers -beat the competition” approach to business.   As our population ages — people aged forty and older now make up the largest adult population in North America — more and more entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities that are not only profitable, but meaningful.  This often leads to niche businesses — businesses that are tailored to specific markets that are often overlooked by the large franchises.

Mr. Gerber’s article, “Five Steps to Building a Successful Niche Business,” gives a terrific example of how the internet has changed the world, creating endless possibilities for entrepreneurs who are following their passion instead of the dollars.  He mentioned Google as an example of how niche businesses can find tremendous success by providing a simple service — a search engine ranked by backlinks — and doing it well.

So how can you profit by serving your specific niche?  Mr. Gerber says:

  • Create a Simple Service. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, choose a specific market that has a specific, unmet need and meet that need.
  • Become the leading expert of your niche.
  • Be Specific, Distinctive and Relevant.
  • Copy, Past and Repeat. Keep hammering that message home.

It’s a new era in business.  Consumers have lost interest in corporations that treat them as numbers or a prize to be won.  If you know what your customers want and set about delivering it with a customer service attitude, they will be drawn to you.  If you approach other entrepreneurs with an eye toward finding win-win ideas, you’ll both grow your business.  Thanks to the internet, you can do both of these in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

If you still wonder whether putting people above profit will dampen your success, remember Google’s declared Code of Conduct:  “Don’t be evil.”  The Google prospectus notes:  “We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served — as shareholders and in all other ways — by a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains.”

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I’m scared!

Posted on 14 Aug 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 3 comments | Tags

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I am speaking at the Entrepreneur Success Summit in Ocean City, Maryland I would like to see you there, meet you face to face if I haven’t done so before plus have the chance to sit down and talk with you face to face at the Rolland E. Powell Center, just stop by. 

I finished a training on Friday on monetizing your expertise, another speaker cancelled on Sunday so I’m doing a spontaneous talk on Joint Ventures.  OMG, you can watch me live,  wish me luck I may fall flat on my face!

See the Entrepreneur Success Summit in High Definition from the comfort of your home:

Watch LIVE as well as access the On Demand recordings in 24 hours.  I’m speaking Sunday, August 15th at 8am PDT / 9pm MDT / 10pm CDT / 11pm EDT / 5pm GMT .

All the best, Stefanie

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Do you need help?

Posted on 14 Apr 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 9 comments | Tags

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Many people are on complete overload. With today’s technology, there are many ways to market yourself as an author or entrepreneur. There is something new every day, LinkedIn, Squidoo, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Articles, Blogging, Email Marketing, Joint Ventures and much more.

Well if you are finding you are short on time, you may want to think about what you should be doing YOURSELF as CEO and then what could you delegate or have someone else handle for you.  Why struggle doing everything yourself and just end up with no time and not much done?

Entrepreneurs can sometimes fall into the trap of feeling like you need to do everything yourself OR another one is because we are good at something we think we should be doing it.  But the truth is, we should be planning our business and marketing strategies, building connections and relationships, creating deals and products.

Its valuable to make a list of what you want to accomplish this year, and what are the tasks involved in that.  What pieces of that do you detest with a passion, what do you like, what should you be doing and then write down which ones you can (a) eliminate (b) delegate (to current staff or VA) or (c) out-source.

Your VA and outsourcer may be 2 different people or the same person – totally depends on what skills you need and who has them.

For example, I have worked with a VA – who said she could do everything for me – she was such a nice person but when she worked she was a spreadsheet and research queen but hated and avoided anything else – including writing emails for me, answering customer service inquiries, making calls or even making simple appointments with people who asked to have appointment. 

So someone making calls for you – may or may not be same person who does internet writing or research for you.  But there is a solution.  I met Daven owner of 123 employee and one of the events I was at and he has put together a pretty cool system where you pay for 1 VA or outsource (trained already) person and you could stay with that 1 person or (this is cool part) get 2 or 3  people for same price (basically you just pay for hours worked).  And you get to interview them yourself and NOT hire unless you are thrilled with candidates.

I am actually going to try them out this month and will let you know how I fare.

But think about them as possible people who can do your SOCIAL MEDIA marketing for you – blog for you, create a blog, write articles and submit with keywords to sites for you – make JV connections for you – send emails out for you – customer service reps for you – even sales team staff for you.  Big behind scenes SECRET for you:  In fact I know a VERY wealthy (and famous) internet marketer uses an outsourcing team just like this to call his customers to sell his workshops for him.

So if you are interested in checking them out, Daven has agreed to waive the two-hundred dollar sign up charge, so you only pay for hours worked – that’s money immediately in your pocket.  And by the way this sign-up fee is NOT a bogus charge – it’s very real and I witnessed lots of people who paid it.

So check out this e-book:  Its a guide for outsourcing.  Yes they want your email and will want you to go with them, and in may be helpful for you to try it for a month, give it a go.  You never know how it will be until you try it out.  And remember you can opt-out anytime.

Please let me know how this has helped you.  By the way, I know he uses staff from the Philippines, and they are the BEST out there for outsourcing.  Even my friend Frank who created the multi-million dollar Traffic Geyser has been using someone from that country for years and loves him.  So professional and in-expensive.  American & Canadian dollar goes far there.

Daven’s people are trained already so my advice – try it out for a month, maybe go with one of their trained staff (so you don’t even need to train them) and see how you like it.  For $5 bucks/ hour – how can you lose?

Let’s toast to making our lives easier!


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Get press attention by being in my books

Posted on 13 Apr 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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Attention MIT & JV Training Students!!

I am publishing 2 books this year – and you have a chance to be part of one or BOTH.  There is no FEE to be involved or featured and you will receive national attention.  In fact some of you may be asked to go on TV with me.  You and your business will get Fr-ee Media attention!

What I am looking for:

I am looking for “case studies” to show as examples, as well as some results to showcase on my website.

(Titles of books – are not being released yet)

Book One: This book is ALL about Collaboration & Joint Ventures.
In a paragraph – tell me how you used the JV training to create products or sell your products or any way it helped you with your business.

Book TWO: This book is based on the MIT Program.
In a paragraph – tell me how you used the MIT training to create additional cash flow, found a new business, became an author, speaker or created and sold product.  I am looking to give examples and results.  Big or small.  How has it changed your life?

Please enter your information here:

I can edit your story – so don’t look for perfection – just get it submitted – and QUICK!

THANK YOU!! Remember this is a RARE opportunity.  So enter your story quickly in order to be eligible for the book press date.

Good luck!!

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Microsoft, Google seal search deals with Twitter

Posted on 24 Oct 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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I found this article that I wanted to share with you.

Alexei Oreskovic of Thompson Reuters has written an article about a Joint Venture you should know about.

Microsoft Corp and Google Inc have sealed separate agreements to access real-time content from Web phenomenon Twitter, intensifying their battle for a search market that Google now dominates.

Google and Microsoft’s five-month-old Bing search engine, which hopes to take on the current leader, both won access to Twitter’s store of public data in real time, executives at the two companies said on Wednesday.

The long-expected deals are expected to ramp up the efficacy and lure of search results, by allowing users to scan real-time Tweets: 140-character stream-of-consciousness messages that Twitter hosts on its vastly popular website.

But Microsoft appeared to one-up its rival Google, which controls 65% of the search market, with a deal also to include content from social networking site Facebook, one of the Internet’s most visited addresses.

Terms of the deals – which were non-exclusive – were not disclosed.

“In the past few years, an entirely new type of data has emerged – real-time updates like those on Twitter,” said Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search products.

“We have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results. We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data.”

Twitter, the three-year-old Web start-up that has become an Internet sensation popularized by celebrities and government, attracts tens of millions of visitors every month.

Qi Lu, president of online services at Microsoft, said data from Twitter could provide “signals” about which content on the Web is most popular and most relevant to search queries.

“You can use those to augment today’s search experience,” Mr. Lu told a San Francisco Internet conference.

From Wednesday, Twitter search results will be accessible on a special section of Bing as a beta, or test product. Microsoft plans to present the most popular Tweets of the moment, while allowing Web surfers to view Twitter messages that contain links to other Web content. Microsoft will filter out spam and other extraneous data.

Conversely, Bing’s Facebook deal encompasses only messages that its 300 million-plus users have flagged as viewable to the public, a practice that is relatively new and not as widespread on the social network, where users typically send messages to groups of friends.

“This is one of the first times that a search engine will be differentiated through access to content. We think Bing will benefit from the right to index and display the tweets almost as soon as they are posted,” JPMorgan said in a research note before Google announced its own agreement.

“As searchers are looking for more and more real-time Web results, we think this partnership will help Bing to improve its user experience.”

Microsoft also inked a deal this year to entwine its search efforts with Yahoo’s.

Yahoo’s chief technology officer, Ari Balogh, told reporters that, generally speaking, any data Microsoft’s search engine has access to would also be accessible to Yahoo under the terms of their partnership.

Yahoo already has been testing the limited inclusion of Twitter messages within Yahoo search results to certain users, he added.

“All content on the Web is relevant to search,” Mr. Balogh said. He thought people would not want to go to three or four sites to access different types of data, such as Twitter results.

Article found at: The Financial Post

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Are You Allowing “Lack-Thinking” to Prevent You From Pursuing Joint Venture Opportunities?

Posted on 12 Aug 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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Are You Allowing Lack Thinking to Prevent You From Pursuing Joint Venture Opportunities?

Lol!  How often do we imprison ourselves with our old way of thinking?  It’s a new era of business — the cut-throat, competitive business model is out, and an attitude of cooperation and customer service is in.

Learn more. Download your FREE copy of The Hartman Report now.

Are You Allowing Lack Thinking to Prevent You From Pursuing Joint Venture Opportunities?

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Once Again Leaving the City of Vancouver – But Still Getting It Done in my Biz?

Posted on 18 Jun 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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Once Again Leaving the City of Vancouver – But Still Getting It Done in my Biz?

The beautiful city of Vancouver

WOW – What an amazing response I’ve been getting for publishing names! Thank you SO much – and keep them rolling in!

I’m actually heading off to Europe in a few days (I know – tough life!), but I’ll be checking in throughout my trip and I’m keeping track of those name suggestions to choose one when I get back – I’m loving seeing what’s coming in so far!

You know, in spite of all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, it sure seems like the city of Vancouver is the place to be this summer! I have friends that are very excited to take over my house for a mini-vacation while I’m away.

I was excited to see that my house was actually on The Bachelorette the other night! You’ll have to see if you can spot it if you catch the show again – it was seen in the exterior shot of the Granville Island.

And of course, we have the Olympics coming this summer – I’m even thinking about renting my house during the games – if you’re interested at all, leave a comment for me!

With so much going on here I almost hate to leave the city of Vancouver again – but I know Europe is going to be amazing! And you know I can’t wait to check in at the office to find out who got in as one of the 75 in the Get It Done Today Series!

Let me tell you, this series has been a long time coming – and everywhere I look I see people who are just READY for it!

For me, being able to travel and work on my publishing house and my book and teaching classes and all of these other things I have to do for my business (and life!) are the entire reason I wanted to create this series – I’ve come to realize you just can’t be everything!

I decided I really needed help with all of this stuff – podcasting, social marketing, etc. – and I figured, “I can’t be the only one!Continue Reading

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How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

Posted on 01 May 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

What would you say if I told you that in a short period of time you could be entering into a Joint Venture agreement with the business partner of your dreams?

But first let’s discuss the numerous advantages of Joint Ventures.  Whether you are experienced or are new to JV’s you can take gain tremendously from the benefits.  One single most important pros of entering into a JV with another company is that neither business loses control over their own business.

Rather a JV is simply an arrangement to co-create a single product or multiple aspect marketing plans together, cross advertising campaigns or an agreement to reciprocate referrals.  Many JV deals can get off the ground with a very simple agreement done in a short period of time, even though the relationship can last a life time.

The right JV partnership can help to:

  • Create credibility through that association
  • Bring an influx of warm market referrals
  • Create free advertising
  • Grant access to large pools of constant customers
  • Grant access to new technology
  • Assist in opening new target markets and/or territories

ALL of this is done with zero funds exchanging hands which translates into zero risk to both JV Partners.

The riskiest aspect of creating a Joint Venture agreement is finding the right business to partner with.  This is where the Private JV Club comes in.

Joint ventures have been said to be the greatest trend in business history, not just for one country but the whole world. Global markets are open now to do business. This means that because it is a global market, it is a 24 hour 7 days a week business market. You can build your dream using this amazing business strategy: Joint Ventures.

The Private JV Club does the hardest work for you – matching you up with the powerful CEO’s, entrepreneurs and businesses that are a part of this amazing club.  Through a combination of unique matchmaking technology with this pool of wildly successful alliance partners, the Private JV Club takes away not only the guess work but the hard leg work too.

You may already know about the Private JV Club, but did you know that just by signing up to this Thursday’s FR.EE tele-cast you will be entered to win a JV with one of the successful experts who are part of this exciting business??

On Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 5:00PM PDT/8:00PM EDT join me, for the “How to Market with Partners for Profits & Leads! No-Cost, No-Risk Marketing Strategy Tele-Training.”

Just by signing up and joining us you will automatically be entered in the contest to win a Joint Venture partnership with one of our Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs’!!

Now is the time to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, to make your product or company an established and recognized entity in a business community. Now is the time to take full advantage of the offer I’ve mentioned here today.

April 30th is just a few scant days away so you have a very small window to line up your business to be partnered with and become one of the great joint venture players.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call this Thursday!

How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

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How to Joint Venture for Profits & Leads! The No-Cost, No-Risk Marketing Strategy

Posted on 31 Mar 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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Pick up the recording of “How to Joint Venture for Profits & Leads! The No-Cost, No-Risk Marketing Strategy”!

People were writing notes like mad during the call, trying to absorb all the tips and marketing secrets she gave away. Stefanie knows a lot of behind the scenes info when it comes to marketing (she should – she’s worked with some famous people!), and it was incredible to hear her insight and how it can truly apply to anyone’s business success!

This is definitely a call that you will want to download and listen to! It’s full of powerful information! In fact, I suggest listening at least twice to pick up all the marketing concepts and how they can apply to you.

Visit here now to listen in:

Aside from giving some great advice on no cost, no risk marketing strategies that you can start implementing in your business today, Stefanie also shared some incredible opportunities available to entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to take their business to the next level!

Stefanie also gave details in this call about a Reality Game that you can participate in on your own time on the web. Multiple winners will be selected and given the rare chance to do BIG Business with well-known super-successful speakers, authors, experts & marketers. You keep all the leads, customers and profits!

Be sure to listen in or listen again to the call to get all of this great information – this is not something you want to miss!


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