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Giving away 2 event tickets

Posted on 22 Sep 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 29 comments | Tags

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Hi Guys and fabulous women,

I am racking up my air miles card this month and next. It’s a bit insane.   I did decide to accept the incredible invite to dine with Sir Richard Branson next week.   I know what you’re thinking – why hesitate?  Sounds silly but really my schedule is so packed with 4 days of speaking engagements that same week, plus I have a launch coming up so it’s a busy time, adding more travel to my week sounded painful.  I’m thinking I’m going to wake up in a hotel room and not remember where I am.

Oh well. The price of marketing yourself and getting out there.

So speaking of getting out there and being seen….

I am not speaking at this event (please give the organizers hell for not considering us). Just joking – well almost.

However I am buying a booth to promote our new social media bundles where we can set up, plus market speakers, authors & entrepreneurs and celebs via social media sites all over the Internet.  We even post in your blogs or tweet for you – if you’re super busy.  So this way you get powerful social media marketing- without all the work involved, so you still enjoy a life.  We do the work – you get the credit.

= > I haven’t bought a booth before, so this is a first for me.  Any recommendations or suggestions – please post them.  I’d love to hear what you think.

= >  And also as “booth owner” I get 2 extra tickets for the event (Value is $497 each).  So instead of selling them, I thought it would be a nice thing to offer them up to you as a thank you for being part of my database and supporting and working with me. No strings attached. 

So go today and post why you would like to attend this event with me and we’ll choose a winner or (2) winners.  Tell us why you’re big fans of my products or company or how you’ve used my material to get inspired or see results – whatever.  How much this event would mean to you.  Obviously I want to pick 2 people who know me, work hard and could really use this break.

We’ll be picking the winners next Monday – so please post before Sunday Night Sept 27th.

You have to arrange for your own travel & hotel, but the event tickets will be held for you at the event.  They are FREE for you – as a GIFT from me!

Event details:
$497 tickets – you get 100% free
Date: October 10th & 11th
Location: San Diego at Catamaran Resort
Speakers: Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Debbie Ford

What you’ll learn at event:

So, you’ve written and published a book. Now what?

It’s time to market and sell it! Even if you’ve never marketed anything in your life, this dynamic event will show you how to master the changing market, get the publicity you deserve, and get your book where it belongs – into the hands of your readers. 
In two days, you’ll get a chance to network with top people in the field. You’ll get to ask questions and you’ll learn how to separate yourself from the pack!
At this one-of-a-kind event on October 10th and 11th, you’ll learn from the publishing industry’s most renowned book marketing experts – and meet with the world’s top professionals.
Topics Covered include:
•  Today’s Publishing and Distribution Options: What’s Best For Your Book
•  How to Get Your Target Market to Your Website: Secrets for Attracting Traffic and Building your List
•  How PR is Changing in the 21st Century
•  How to Use Internet Search Engines to Market Your Book and  Online Brand Perception
•  Copy Writing:  How to Write Powerful Copy that gets Results!
•  Marketing Venues Beyond the Bookstore:  Teleseminars, Webinars, Virtual Book Tours, Web TV Shows and More
•  Hi Tech Marketing- Using Blogs, Podcasts and Video blogs
•  Social Networking:  How to Use Social Networking Sites to Sell Books:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn your Way to New Customers!
•  Publishing:  What Every Author Should Know About Publishing in the 21st Century
•  Email Campaigns:  How to Use Email to Sell Books
•  Make Money Marketing and Selling Products:  CDs, DVDs, Workbooks, Continuity Programs, Consulting and More
•  Book Trailers
•  Selling Your Book Through Amazon (SNP, Buy X get Y, and more)
•  Where Radio, TV, Internet Shows and other Media Options are Today
PLUS:  Bring plenty of business cards for our Special Speed Networking Sessions!!!

Hope to have you with me!

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A Marketing Medium – can there be such a thing?

Posted on 14 Apr 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 3 comments | Tags

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A Marketing Medium – can there be such a thing?

My inner circle mastermind group met for its first annual live meeting in beautiful sunny San Diego.  All I can say is …wow!

Intellectually I’ve known how powerful mastermind groups can be, especially if the dynamic is right, the people in the group are amazing, and ours hits all elements, but I never truly understood the power of them until last week.

I knew that Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken soup for the soul) has been using them for over 25 years as well as John Assaraf (street kid millionaire) for 30 years, but I didn’t “get it” until now.  And now that I’ve had the taste – there is no turning back.  

Let me tell you what happened…

This year, for the first time I offered my database only, a chance to work with me one-on-one for 12 months, beginning in January – I knew I was on to something when it sold out in 2 days.  

Each month we would meet on the phone as a group, talk shop, share success secrets and be each other’s business confidants.  On these calls we would offer each other solutions, feedback and accountability.  I know with most mastermind groups it ends there.  And for most, that’s all they can expect, but I wanted my inner circle group to be MEGA successful so then I offered free monthly private one-on-one mentoring calls with me to plan their direction and marketing strategies.  This alone was worth $5,000 month, but I did not charge a dime for it.

So far, people were progressing and gaining clarity in their business and implementing powerful ideas.

But last week we did our first in-person event and wow – more breakthroughs happened in 2 days than all the previous weeks, and believe me, each person was already making incredible progress.

12 of us gathered in the sunshine, right on the beach, in our own private room with french doors that opened to the beach, and wall to wall windows.  On day one I gave everyone a plan and strategy to “reverse goal set” their yearly goal, and they had to break down and schedule the next 4 months activities that would forward their goal.  This really helped people to break down BIG ideas into small achievable steps.  It also provided commitment to their goals as it was put inside a calendar.  Doing so provides commitment, but also it gave them dates to look at when certain tasks would be achieved, which made them that more real – which is important.

I provided the strategy and rules and exact plan they needed to follow to do this properly and now everyone is guaranteed new income within 8 weeks (if not sooner).  And that was only the first hour of the event.

We had some more group and solo exercises designed specifically  to move people forward, as well as provide never before revealed before success tips.  And throughout the 2 days EACH member of the group received their own  “stage” front and center where the whole group focused on them and their business.

That just blew people away.

In those 2 days people went from not knowing what business they wanted to being totally clear, even with a brand message, joint venture partners, and a powerful marketing strategy!  Others who knew where they were going received huge strategies that will bring them incredible income this year.  Many had their business ideas turned inside out and what came out was EVEN BETTER than they could have imagined.

One person said in 10 minutes he received the idea he’d been working on for 2 years.  He could have happily gone home right then, but of course, he stayed and received even more ‘take-home’ breakthroughs.

It was so powerful to see the energy in the room change when a “great idea” came about versus an average one.  It was so powerful to see EACH person contributing and firing off ideas to the person who could not write fast enough with all that they were receiving.

Because I mentor on the phone most of the time, people said they got a kick out of watching my face, watching the wheels turning just before I would spit out a major plan or idea for the person on the main stage.  They were saying it was wild that I could zero in on a seed of an idea or the missing piece EVERY single time, for every single person.  In fact they started calling me the “marketing medium” which perhaps now will become my new tag line because they said it was so spooky, like my ideas were being channeled.  I laughed at first, then realized what a deep compliment that really is.  And really, all brilliant ideas and inspiration does come from somewhere don’t they?

Personally I learned quite a bit about myself and my journey.  I have a confession to make, I really believed when I created this that this would be the one and only mastermind group I would ever create.  But this was such a powerful way for people to learn, I think it is so important for growth and I hope I can find a way to continue with it every year.

Many people in the room said this was the BEST business seminar they had ever attended and many had paid 10x as much to be in other seminars  and other mastermind groups from well known people who charge $20,000 just to have a conversation with them.  So again I was thrilled.  Everyone said I should have charged double – and perhaps next year I will (and as always perhaps give a discount to returning members).

Now everyone is right on track, in fact they zipped ahead by about 5 miles in 2 days and I can’t wait for the next live event as everyone will be in a new place.  I already offered free training to my members on anything they want for the next event and I am looking forward to it.

Now we are indeed a family.  

How powerful is that?

Now, success is simply step on their journey, a done deal.

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