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This may be my last year….

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I have just met with my team and am currently going over the planning for next year (as you may be doing yourself) and thinking this may be my last year that I am able  I release the Inner Circle as it currently stands – or I may change it radically today, as I have a real world dilemma. 

Perhaps you can relate or offer some advice.

I discovered a few problems:
1. The current design of the Inner Circle Group includes 2 live events with limited attendees, monthly group mastermind coaching calls, private one-on-one with me, plus more.  It currently has me on ALL the calls, all the private sessions and at all the live events.  I actually love this – but you can see my team’s dilemma:  how can I do ALL this with every member receiving personal time?

2. In addition – at the 2 live events – we as a collective group focuses on EACH person.  We cannot do that if we have too many people.  This is likely why most other mastermind groups (even the ones charging $15,000 – $18,000 per person) are really just ‘seminars in disguise’  where they train from the stage – which is easier for those selling it, they make more money and they don’t need to limit the attendees.  Plus they don’t actually ‘coach’ you privately at all.  By the way, I don’t think that is bad of them- I admire the business model and they are making amazing money at it – great for them – truly. 

In fact I would coach YOU to only trade your TIME as one of the highest commodities.  So why am I not taking my own advice on this matter? (I guess because in this case it just feels wrong to me in this particular scenario. Darn conscious!)  I totally subscribe to charging value for money and not your time- but in an INNER CIRCLE? Just doesn’t make sense to me – so does that mean I RAISE the price and help fewer?  Ugh. I hate to leave people out.

3. As I continue to grow, I will be helping thousands of entrepreneurs, women and men, and therefore may not be able to do as much one-on-one consulting – so shouldn’t I SAVE that time for BIG clients and not giving it away now?  Again that feels icky.

O.K.  I admit…maybe doing it the way I have it designed is not as ‘business savvy for me’ as it costs me way more time and I am charging way below the price of those other people – but I have a hard time doing it any other way – as I‘d like to see actual results and support for you- not just another seminar.

So… IF I do this,…. this may be the LAST year I do this mastermind group with me this way.  I have 2 books coming out and am focusing on new areas – and I can only do so much at one time.  But the truth is I LOVE brainstorming.  I LOVE the live events where we focus on EACH person.  It is so rewarding.

Oh and here’s the 4th problem – last year’s grads ALL want to re-join , plus some are planning to have a few friends standing by the computer when we launch later this week, trying to ‘get them in’.  Their friends have witnessed their results and feedback all year and also know it sold out in 48 hours.

So I am really torn….do I raise the price to $20,000 like the other “big guys” and sit on my yacht (I really don’t have one) and basically make a seminar or do I keep myself as a major part of you support?

If I choose the latter I have to tell my husband we will be turning money away….oh boy… try to tell that your spouse, while we’re planning for a big move and possibly a family in the next few years. 

Well decision time HAS TO HAPPEN TODAY as I have to get the applications in before I leave town end of this week.

I have always in the past put people in front of profits, but that has also helped my competitors get more publicity time than me. I also cannot spread myself too thin or nothing else will get done.  Boy oh boy

Please comment if you have any thoughts on this.  I can tell you this is an honest dilemma, not a sales ploy. Turning people away from a smaller program is also hard if I keep the program as is. So either way some tough choices are happening today.

Appreciate you guys so much!

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