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Birthday Wish & Watch for doubts creeping into your work.

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Birthday Wish & Watch for doubts creeping into your work.Today is my husband’s birthday so I just want to wish him a  VERY Happy Birthday!!!

Can you believe I actually forgot this morning when I woke up.  Man!  Now I have to make it up with 3 days of celebrating!  Ha Ha.

I’m hoping  if you wish him a happy birthday too – he’ll forgive me. Actually I think he is enjoying holding this over my head.

I just got back from 4 days in Mexico  – it was a work trip but very little work got done.  Mostly sun worshiping work.   I did fall in love in Mexico – with a hammock!  My goal is to add a hammock to my backyard this summer.  Nothing was better than lying in the hammock with my Ipod , near the ocean feeling the warm breezes go over me while I gently swung in my hammock.  Do I not sound in love???  It’s weird I know, but the most relaxed feeling I’ve had in weeks!

I have to confess, I am writing my book “Stop Trading Your Time for Money”, it has signed on with a publisher and the manuscript is due, logo is done, trademark is in.  But it’s been harder to write than I thought.  I got jealous when someone told me they were in the “zone” and their book wrote themselves.  Generally I’m not a jealous person, but I admit I was green with envy.  Then it made me think, maybe I’m not writing what I’m supposed to be writing.  Maybe it’s not meant to be.  Silly thoughts and doubts.

So in Mexico, I happened to be sitting next to someone outside this business at dinner and he asked about my book and he got so excited about it – it re-lit the fire in me.  Now I am “speaking” my book (recording and transcribing), and we’ll see how that goes.  But friends and family and probably you know that blabbermouth here may just succeed in that.  So I’ll keep you posted.

Amazing what a little trip and outside perspective can do for you.  Outside your own head perspective that is  – for sure.

My advice – if you get stuck – change your scenery and get outside your office and head!  Do something fun.  Even just head to the beach or play golf – or practically propose marriage to a hammock – whatever makes you happy and gives you some fun and peace.  I also did some zip-lining (which scared the pants off me by the way) to exert some frustrated energy.

Also check in with yourself to see if you have created a monster of a self-imposed timeline.  Yesterday I just moved my book launch because it felt so rushed it was causing some stress for me and my team.  Now it feels freer and I’m actually looking forward to it.  So that may have contributed to the writers block problem too.

So hey  I may not be in this magical “zone” everyday, but  that’s because doubt sneaks in,  and yet I do have some magical moments.  So I’m doing some spring cleaning and clearing those cob webs out.  I hope you do too if that ever happens to you.

I am prepping for our first Spring Vegas Mastermind event next weekend at Trump tower.  I am so excited – I booked the penthouse so we’ll all be working with a great view of the strip.  I will be masterminding with a group of 13 people, focusing on strategies and immediate solutions for their business.  Plus I will be adding some mobile marketing training, podcast workshop and product planning and revenue strategic planning.

Plus a special top secret “Behind the Scenes” field trip to talk to some fun successful entrepreneurs!!  3 power packed days.

Looking forward to hearing your advice or experiences as well.  Oh and hey don’t forget your loved ones birthdays!  Ha ha.


Birthday Wish & Watch for doubts creeping into your work.

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