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8 Proven Ways to Remember More

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8 Proven Ways to Remember MoreDo you ever forget where you parked your car, especially when it’s in a similar area every day?  Do you have days packed with so many little (and big) things to do that you don’t have time to make a list?  With the holidays coming up, you may find yourself with more to remember than ever.

Arm yourself with memory and help yourself by applying some of these proven-effective memory techniques, summarized below from our friends at Harvard Medical School.

1. Believe in yourself. Positive thinking pays off for memory. If you buy into messages about memory declining as you age, you’ll get what you expect.

2. Economize your brain use. Use aids like calendars and planners to store routine information. Put items you use frequently like your glasses and keys in designated locations. Free your brainpower for important uses.

3. Organize your thoughts. “Chunk” information into groups; e.g., it’s easier to remember hyphenated sections of a phone number. Remember grocery items by chunking into categories such as “breakfast” or “baking.”

4. Use your senses. Engage as many senses as possible when you are learning.

5. Similarly, use multiple brain regions to help you learn: read out loud, draw a picture, or make notes. Creating a visual helps you make information more precise.

6. Repeat information out loud – great for remembering names at holiday parties! After meeting someone new, say, “Vanessa, nice to meet you.”

7. Space out learning new information. Instead of cramming by repeating something many times in a short time, spread it out over time, e.g., once an hour, then every few hours, then once daily.

8. Use mnemonics. For example, in music the phrase, “Every good boy does fine,” helps you remember the lines of the treble clef: E, G, B, D, and F. You can also use stories to trigger memory.

So pick up a few of these tips, and don’t forget to keep the joy alive as fuel your way through your holiday to-do list!

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