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The celebrations are around the corner!

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I know Canadians are getting the strawberries & vanilla ice-cream sundaes ready to celebrate Canada’s holiday on July 1st. And my awesome American friends and family are heating out the BBQ’s getting ready for July 4th.

I know that you may be rushing around, working late nights so you can take time off or getting kids ready or shopping for the weekend.

But before you do – please do this for you.

You won’t miss the class – it will be sent to you in your inbox recorded every week – as I wanted to make this easy for you.

But we close doors tonight in 9 hours in fact and counting!! So please do this for YOU!

Then you can rest that wonderfully hard working noggin of yours and go outside in the fresh air and relax with those you love most (or have to invite cause they are your best pal’s spouse, daughter , son, or relatives other half. LOL. Ok just a joke. Now my friends reading this will be paranoid – I’m seriously joking. I’m just in a funny good mood.

I am so happy because I am so excited to be teaching you about podcasting and am so LOOKING FORWARD to sharing in your success when you become a rich and a well know iPod celebrity and I can BRAG about you to anyone who will listen and they say “Yep that was me – I TOLD them to do it!

Listen, I had to BEG a big name FAMOUS self help guru to do a TELESEMIANR. He made $700,000 from that alone in a few months.

Don’t doubt me fool. (Sorry just saw the A-Team movie preview)

I see business trends before they happen. The timing of people getting in front of this trend is closing.

Don’t make me beg you to take advantage of something that will change your world!

This easy-peasy podcast training begins July 5th (but its recorded so you’ll be fine even if you’re on holidays – watch it when you get back or from the road when everyone else is sleeping).

***All classes will be recorded and available to you at any time for your convenience.

You’ll know not only the essentials of podcasting, how to create, edit and get it up on air, but you’ll also learn how to use it to create a HUGE subscriber list, make a TON of money from it, become known as THE EXPERT in your field or niche, how to MARKET within your podcast as well as we’ll walk you through the creation of your first podcast!

We will also have a live, ‘build it together workshop’ where you can build your podcast along side of us (over the web & phone) and we’ll answer any of your questions live.

Even if you know nothing about podcasting or computers – if you can talk on the phone – you will find this easy and fun and profitable!

You have only 9 hours left before it goes OFFLINE!

Reserve it now:


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Get press attention by being in my books

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Attention MIT & JV Training Students!!

I am publishing 2 books this year – and you have a chance to be part of one or BOTH.  There is no FEE to be involved or featured and you will receive national attention.  In fact some of you may be asked to go on TV with me.  You and your business will get Fr-ee Media attention!

What I am looking for:

I am looking for “case studies” to show as examples, as well as some results to showcase on my website.

(Titles of books – are not being released yet)

Book One: This book is ALL about Collaboration & Joint Ventures.
In a paragraph – tell me how you used the JV training to create products or sell your products or any way it helped you with your business.

Book TWO: This book is based on the MIT Program.
In a paragraph – tell me how you used the MIT training to create additional cash flow, found a new business, became an author, speaker or created and sold product.  I am looking to give examples and results.  Big or small.  How has it changed your life?

Please enter your information here:

I can edit your story – so don’t look for perfection – just get it submitted – and QUICK!

THANK YOU!! Remember this is a RARE opportunity.  So enter your story quickly in order to be eligible for the book press date.

Good luck!!

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