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Crowdfunding Equity for your Business

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Lynne Blanchard, one of my top clients alerted me to crowdfunding for your Business and I wanted to pass this info onto you.  In the link you will see her contact info if you’d like to ask her for more information.

“We’re looking at a major paradigm shift both for companies and investors in terms of the motivations for why people invest, changing from return on investment to return on involvement,” says Lyn Blanchard, President of Creekstone Consulting.

Equity crowdfunding is a new method for companies to raise capital, enabled by a technology revolution that has already helped create other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Rocket Hub. With equity crowdfunding, investors can own a part of a company even with a small contribution done online. This kind of transaction is already legal in some countries and the USA’s JOBS Act will facilitate equity crowdfunding starting in 2013. The potential for unlocking hundreds of millions of dollars in capital, largely from “retail” investors, is expected to help improve North America’s business climate in a time of scarce capital.

The white paper, Measuring the ROI of Equity Crowdfunding (Return on Involvement) is available on the Creekstone Consulting Inc. website for free . “We wanted to make this information available to investors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to spark a discussion about equity crowdfunding, which will hopefully help move the Canadian regulatory regime towards where other countries are moving,” Blanchard said. “Canadian investors and businesses risk getting left behind, out-competed by startups and mature companies that can raise funds from an entirely new revenue stream.”

About Creekstone Consulting Inc.

Creekstone Consulting Inc. was founded in 2000. They support companies and organizations to solve problems related to business development, raising capital and achieving value creation. They bring fresh ideas and innovative strategy, business solutions and practical implementation plans, working with businesses and non-profit organizations to generate leading-edge results. Advisors at Creekstone have several decades of experience in management consulting projects.

Media Contact

Lyn Blanchard, President
Tel: 604.926.8847
Fax: 604.922.0552

Creekstone Consulting’s Vancouver office:
Suite #200 – 100 Park Royal South,
West Vancouver, BC,V7T 1A2

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