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A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who attended the Entrepreneur Breakthrough Weekend.  I have attended many seminars in my life, and never have I seen the room buzzing with excitement and ideas and joy 2.5 hours after the event ended!  That is truly incredible; in fact we have to politely kick people out of the room so the hotel could get their room back. LOL.

This was truly a special event.

Our goal was to give you REAL take home-tips & strategies, to do any heavy lifting there, so you walk out with a personal plan and help you every step of the way – all while having fun. 

It WAS personal; it WAS completely different that 99.99% of the seminars out there – we knew it would be and we were so excited to see the transformations occurring.

Not only did people have breakthroughs and can now see new directions and revenue streams in their life, but the room collaborated and several people co-created new products, new services and found joint venture partners that will open them up to new markets. 
And not a single one of them had any idea that would happen. 

In fact when we did the collaboration exercise the room was so loud with excitement that there was an electric buzz near the ceiling of the room. Truly incredible.

A few people even got personal referrals to important businessman that they had been trying to infiltrate for years!
The cool thing is that I was shown letters from people who had brought their friends or promoted us – received huge thank you letters for “making me attend this incredible seminar. This has changed my life!”

Here are some other comments we received:

“I came in with despair I’d be feeling for 3 years. Now I am a new man. I actually feel hope again AND have a plan for my life.” Vincent

 ”Stefanie co-organized the Breakthrough Weekend, which is in my opinion the most valuable workshop I ever attended! She has amazing marketing strategies and an exceptional wealth of information to offer to the benefit of all entrepreneurs.” Hans

The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Weekend was an amazing success!  Stefanie Hartman showed us marketing techniques using Joint Ventures that everyone in the room started using at the next break. (I’m now in three Joint Ventures with other participants).  While Stefanie shared solid marketing techniques, Gary De Rodriguez worked with us on using NLP techniques to prepare us for the entrepreneur success that’s going to come. This is without a doubt, the best workshop I’ve ever attended and I know that sentiment was shared by others in the room.” Bonnie

Thank you very much for your awesome training this past weekend; I felt the workshop was the ‘training of a lifetime’ Stefanie.  I have attended a lot of training that were good and even great, but your Entrepreneur Breakthrough Weekend topped them all!”  Wanda

Great News!

The great news is that those who were smart enough to put themselves first and clear their schedules, drive 1500 miles to attend were very lucky.  While you paid $500 to attend, next year’s participants will likely be paying $2000 to attend.

Sorry for those that missed out – but I did warn you

Office News / Offers:

We’ve been receiving inquiries from people who missed out on the JV Club Offer and the MIT Program offer at the event.  We will honor those offers for you until the end of the month, please contact our office: 1-800-814-8445 x 2 or if you are still interested.

Also I am kidnapping hard working Tania and taking her to New York next week. So our office will be closed from Monday October 13th – Wednesday Oct 22nd.  If you can, please wait to email us until our return in regards to anything.

Also anyone who bought VIP Tickets, Stefanie will honor the 30 min meeting until April 2009 (6 months).

Apprentice(s) Wanted:

There have been some projects that I have wanted to begin but I have no time to create them.  After thinking about it, I believe that there may be people out there who would like to co-create some things with me in exchange for a revenue share. 

If that’s you then please fill in this form below:
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The qualifications and details will be listed on this website.  I am looking for someone interested in projects ranging from animal lovers to saving families and mom’s extra money to joint venture trainers and speakers.
Thank you!

Stefanie & Team

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