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Are You Taking Advantage of the NEW Money Making Opportunities?

Posted on 11 Mar 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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There’s a whole new way of earning a living that wasn’t available 10 years ago, but that today is building massive success stories and even millionaires.

Growing up, you were probably taught in school and by parental figures that there’s a pattern to life.

You start with elementary school, then high school, then university, then getting a job and making money for someone else (often while carrying the hefty burden of a student loan).

Then, retirement (although that has begun to change as more tired workers expecting to finally be able to enjoy life are finding out that retirement isn’t even an option for them).

To be fair, working for others is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a great experience in your life.

What is not natural is how many millions of people are only one pay-check away from disaster, that the entire socially accepted system is based on making money for someone else, and that someone else can just fire you at anytime.

You earn just enough to pay your bills, but it’s never enough to travel and enjoy the world, or to buy that big back yard jacuzzi to soak in at night, or even to feel secure and happy about your future!

Instead, you feel trapped – with no end of the cycle in site.

Does this seem “natural” or secure to you? Continue Reading

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