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Publish an Amazon Kindle eBook

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Few people realize how quickly you can have a book up and published using Amazon’s Kindle reader – when you know how.

Fortunately, you’re invited to a brand new webinar I’ve done with my friend Daniel Hall with Complete Step-By-Step Instructions on Publishing an eBook Today Using Amazon’s Kindle

BTW these really are step-by-step instructions. Everything you need is covered. We are holding NOTHING back. In fact, our promise is you’ll be able to publish an ebook on Kindle right after you watch the webinar. Did I mention? This training is complimentary. Even so the content is solid gold. Yes, Daniel will make an offer for his Real Fast Book site… but only after he fully delivers on his promise.


So in the true spirit of giving great tips and advice I asked Daniel to give us some ideas on how to use your Blog to become a bestseller

Daniel has been blogging for about five years. Not consistently. Just anytime he had something to say or contribute or promote. Often times – because he is all about getting the biggest bang for his buck – he will take his blog posts and re-purpose them. I love this idea, In the MIT Program I tell all my students various ways to repurpose content to make their life easier and Daniel goes on to explain a great way for you to do that with your blog posts.

Daniel turns his posts into articles and distributes them in the article directories.  He will also arrange to republish the piece as a guest post.  Sometimes he will convert the post into a PowerPoint and make what is in effect a video article which is then posted on youtube and other video portals.

So, as you can tell, re-purposing content is the way to go.

Along the way Daniel learned how to publish books through Print on Demand technology and soon after he mastered how to publish content through Amazon’s Kindle, which is what he will talk to us about on the webinar. In fact, he started to write and publish a bunch of original Kindle books. It was about this time that he decided to republish some of his best blog posts as separate Kindle books.

The results of his first attempt is astonishing… here’s what happened.

Daniel wrote what he thought was a really good Fourth of July post called “Book Marketing: The Long Tail of Freedom” It was a longer post than normal for him and he thought it might be a great piece to publish on Kindle. He changed the name of the post to “Information Product Marketing: The Long Tail of Freedom” and did some light editing. He then published the piece to Kindle.

It started to consistently sell and before he knew it the book popped on to the Kindle bestseller list!

So what’s the lesson in this?

You’re a blogger. You have great stuff.  Get it out there and working for you on Kindle. You never know what’s going to gain some traction and really start selling. Maybe even make your post (come Kindle book) into a bestseller. At a minimum you’ll create a residual income source and disseminate your message to a larger audience.

The question now is how do you master publishing through Kindle?

Have fun!

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