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Are YOU Using A Sales and Marketing Calendar?

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Are YOU Using A Sales and Marketing Calendar?As the New Year comes around I am mindful that the year end business quarter is ending.    It’s a great time to take stock of where you are, and maybe even readjust your strategy or note what is needed to add or change to achieve the goals you have set for the coming months.

The ability to readjust your approach or tactics as you go can mean the difference between successful marketing and sales fizzling.

So the question is:

  • Have you taken stock of where you are?
  • Have you planned out how to schedule attacking your marketing plan?

Just like using a map or GPS system, by noting these markers you can be steps ahead of the competition just by taking stock of where you are.

Using a sales and marketing calendar is something that I recommend and gives you a hands-on ability to ability to allocate time and energy for items critical to your businesses marketing plan.

If you check in with your marketing plans each quarter you will find it a useful way to monitor your progress. I will have an indication if I need to re-adjust something or if I am close to my strategic destination I may be happy to leave things as they are.

I recommend doing this “checking in” as it can allow you to acknowledge not only those things you need to adjust but your successes as well.

Your marketing and sales calendar can give you a keen awareness of which months your promotions are booked, giving you much needed lead in time to take care of the details which can make the difference between a successful outcome or a possible setback.

To build your own sales calendar I recommend taking the following steps:

  • List out all your products and programs. Input them into the appropriate date.
  • Block out time to spend developing your business.
  • Add a sales goal each month.

A sales and marketing calendar can greatly improve your success and is just one of the many resources successful businesses and entrepreneurs use to increase sales, bring in new business and maximize their growth potential.

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