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Have You Heard About the Real Life Indiana Jones, John Goddard?

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Have You Heard About the Real Life Indiana Jones, John Goddard?

Several years back, I had an experience that I will never forget. It was a day that changed my life.

I was invited to sit down with The World’s Greatest Goal Setter, the real life Indiana Jones, John Goddard – for the very first time.

I had read about him and his famous “goals list” in one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

There are articles written about him in Life Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Reader’s Digest and others, and he’s been featured in over 200 television shows!

I was fascinated by the idea of someone who could create 127 life goals and then set out on an amazing lifelong journey to achieve each and every one of them.

I knew this man was a special soul, and someone that I had to meet in my lifetime.

If you know anything about John’s goals list, you know that they are not meagre goals!

His incredible journeys and experiences have included retracing the route of Marco Polo through the Middle East, Asia and China, studying numerous primitive cultures firsthand, reading the entire collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Bible from cover to cover, and climbing Mt. Everest – just to name a few.

I was deeply honoured when John invited me to his California home to sit down with him and his wife Carol in their living room, just to ‘chat’ about life and the art of goal setting.

Both he and his wife were incredibly gracious as they welcomed me into their home. I’ve seen pictures of John on his travels, and he actually does resemble Indiana Jones, with his adventurers hat and well worn khaki shirt and shorts.

But today he doesn’t look anything like the mythical figure I’ve seen, and it almost surprises me to see how regular he looks!

After agreeing to some tea from his wife, I settled down next to him and looked around his living room, which resembled a film set straight out of The Adventures of Indiana Jones, with artefacts and found treasures from his many adventures neatly placed around the room, each with their own unique story.

Suddenly, the $15 replica native mask I had in my own living room that I brought from a store seemed silly, and I vowed to replace it with found treasures from my own life adventures.

But more importantly, I vowed to have my own life adventures! Continue Reading

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How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

Posted on 01 May 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

What would you say if I told you that in a short period of time you could be entering into a Joint Venture agreement with the business partner of your dreams?

But first let’s discuss the numerous advantages of Joint Ventures.  Whether you are experienced or are new to JV’s you can take gain tremendously from the benefits.  One single most important pros of entering into a JV with another company is that neither business loses control over their own business.

Rather a JV is simply an arrangement to co-create a single product or multiple aspect marketing plans together, cross advertising campaigns or an agreement to reciprocate referrals.  Many JV deals can get off the ground with a very simple agreement done in a short period of time, even though the relationship can last a life time.

The right JV partnership can help to:

  • Create credibility through that association
  • Bring an influx of warm market referrals
  • Create free advertising
  • Grant access to large pools of constant customers
  • Grant access to new technology
  • Assist in opening new target markets and/or territories

ALL of this is done with zero funds exchanging hands which translates into zero risk to both JV Partners.

The riskiest aspect of creating a Joint Venture agreement is finding the right business to partner with.  This is where the Private JV Club comes in.

Joint ventures have been said to be the greatest trend in business history, not just for one country but the whole world. Global markets are open now to do business. This means that because it is a global market, it is a 24 hour 7 days a week business market. You can build your dream using this amazing business strategy: Joint Ventures.

The Private JV Club does the hardest work for you – matching you up with the powerful CEO’s, entrepreneurs and businesses that are a part of this amazing club.  Through a combination of unique matchmaking technology with this pool of wildly successful alliance partners, the Private JV Club takes away not only the guess work but the hard leg work too.

You may already know about the Private JV Club, but did you know that just by signing up to this Thursday’s FR.EE tele-cast you will be entered to win a JV with one of the successful experts who are part of this exciting business??

On Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 5:00PM PDT/8:00PM EDT join me, for the “How to Market with Partners for Profits & Leads! No-Cost, No-Risk Marketing Strategy Tele-Training.”

Just by signing up and joining us you will automatically be entered in the contest to win a Joint Venture partnership with one of our Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs’!!

Now is the time to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, to make your product or company an established and recognized entity in a business community. Now is the time to take full advantage of the offer I’ve mentioned here today.

April 30th is just a few scant days away so you have a very small window to line up your business to be partnered with and become one of the great joint venture players.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call this Thursday!

How About a Chance to Win the Joint Venture Partnership of Your Dreams?

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