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Do you need help?

Posted on 14 Apr 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 9 comments | Tags

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Many people are on complete overload. With today’s technology, there are many ways to market yourself as an author or entrepreneur. There is something new every day, LinkedIn, Squidoo, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Articles, Blogging, Email Marketing, Joint Ventures and much more.

Well if you are finding you are short on time, you may want to think about what you should be doing YOURSELF as CEO and then what could you delegate or have someone else handle for you.  Why struggle doing everything yourself and just end up with no time and not much done?

Entrepreneurs can sometimes fall into the trap of feeling like you need to do everything yourself OR another one is because we are good at something we think we should be doing it.  But the truth is, we should be planning our business and marketing strategies, building connections and relationships, creating deals and products.

Its valuable to make a list of what you want to accomplish this year, and what are the tasks involved in that.  What pieces of that do you detest with a passion, what do you like, what should you be doing and then write down which ones you can (a) eliminate (b) delegate (to current staff or VA) or (c) out-source.

Your VA and outsourcer may be 2 different people or the same person – totally depends on what skills you need and who has them.

For example, I have worked with a VA – who said she could do everything for me – she was such a nice person but when she worked she was a spreadsheet and research queen but hated and avoided anything else – including writing emails for me, answering customer service inquiries, making calls or even making simple appointments with people who asked to have appointment. 

So someone making calls for you – may or may not be same person who does internet writing or research for you.  But there is a solution.  I met Daven owner of 123 employee and one of the events I was at and he has put together a pretty cool system where you pay for 1 VA or outsource (trained already) person and you could stay with that 1 person or (this is cool part) get 2 or 3  people for same price (basically you just pay for hours worked).  And you get to interview them yourself and NOT hire unless you are thrilled with candidates.

I am actually going to try them out this month and will let you know how I fare.

But think about them as possible people who can do your SOCIAL MEDIA marketing for you – blog for you, create a blog, write articles and submit with keywords to sites for you – make JV connections for you – send emails out for you – customer service reps for you – even sales team staff for you.  Big behind scenes SECRET for you:  In fact I know a VERY wealthy (and famous) internet marketer uses an outsourcing team just like this to call his customers to sell his workshops for him.

So if you are interested in checking them out, Daven has agreed to waive the two-hundred dollar sign up charge, so you only pay for hours worked – that’s money immediately in your pocket.  And by the way this sign-up fee is NOT a bogus charge – it’s very real and I witnessed lots of people who paid it.

So check out this e-book:  Its a guide for outsourcing.  Yes they want your email and will want you to go with them, and in may be helpful for you to try it for a month, give it a go.  You never know how it will be until you try it out.  And remember you can opt-out anytime.

Please let me know how this has helped you.  By the way, I know he uses staff from the Philippines, and they are the BEST out there for outsourcing.  Even my friend Frank who created the multi-million dollar Traffic Geyser has been using someone from that country for years and loves him.  So professional and in-expensive.  American & Canadian dollar goes far there.

Daven’s people are trained already so my advice – try it out for a month, maybe go with one of their trained staff (so you don’t even need to train them) and see how you like it.  For $5 bucks/ hour – how can you lose?

Let’s toast to making our lives easier!


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