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Airport Gets Happy & Surprises Travelers!

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Just a quick note to send you a personal pick me up!

If you are feeling stressed out and want to let it go….read this post.

First,  as you may know, years ago, one of my clients was Ruben Gonzalez, 3-Time Olympic Champion and now the ONLY athlete in the world to compete in 4 Olympics over 4 decades.  Very cool.  Anyways, Ruben has an interesting story as he was called “the unlikely athlete”.  Really he had almost non-existent sports background but his dream was to be in the Olympics.  In fact he KNEW he would be in the Olympics – so he went to the library – tried to figure out what sport he could do – and then followed his dream, one little step at a time.

Last week during the Olympics here in  my home city & country, Ruben and I went out for dinner, plus he slotted me in to interview him for 30 mins before the NBC TV and right after the NY Times.  I laughed at that.  In fact he kept NBC waiting for an extra 5 minutes while he chatted with me.  I LOVE it!

Anyways, he did this call just for ME and just for YOU!  Listen to it TODAY and pass it onto your kids & friends and family – EVERYONE needs to hear this call!

His Story & Private Interview for you:

Also as something fun – I get so frustrated with airports sometimes and wonder where all the personalities and fun went out of flying.  Some days it feels like airport personnel are prison guards (and guess who the criminals are) so this showed me that the human fun and human spirit are STILL here – watch and be surprised.  This REALLY happened at a Portugal airport.  It was a planned – yet looked spontaneous for the passengers.  This is for All those who are flying!  I was inspired to send this as my Business Olympians are travelling to spend 3 days with me to brainstorm and create their businesses! 

Airport Surprise video:  (copy and paste into browser)  Be patient – keep watching.

See you guys soon – I can’t wait to give you big hugs and see your big breakthroughs!

If you ever need some good songs to get you inspired here are my 2 top favorites:

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

Black Eyed Peas – Today’s Gonna Be  Good Day!!videos=Eb6hnZYtiOY&v=CVQorfIX84w

These songs are my THEME songs!!!!  Feel free to make them your own.

Guaranteed – these items will PERK YOU UP!!!

Hope you are smile today.

Much love!!!

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