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What Kind of Heart Are You Showing in Your Advertising Techniques?

Posted on 01 Dec 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments 5 comments | Tags

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What Kind of Heart Are You Showing in Your Advertising Techniques?

According to a Yale psychology department study, there are ten words you should be using in your advertising techniques to get the most powerful responses:

New, Save, Safety, Proven, Love, Discover, Guarantee, Health, Results, and You (which was listed as the most powerful above all!)

As a marketer, knowing these types of things always interests me, but as one who’s interested in the ‘heart’ of business, I’m just fascinated as the feelings behind why these words are so powerful in advertising.

It can be all too easy for any marketer to fall into the trap of making it ‘about me’. I think a lot of that is simply ingrained in us from the older days of advertising – the lack mentality and desperation to say ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ where the one who shows the most glitter gets ahead.

It can be very difficult to trust your marketing on the strength of who you are and the foundation of quality that you provide when you’re living on the fear that someone else may get ahead!

But think about it – if you can provide something unique and novel, your product or service is going to shout ‘NEW’ and ‘DISCOVER’ louder than any of your copy will. If you can offer testimonials and give your honest word to stand behind your product or service, ‘PROVEN’, ‘RESULTS’, ‘SAFETY’ and ‘GUARANTEE’ are spoken out for you.

If your true desire is to make honest money with something you know your audience can afford and pay happily, they’re going to know that they’re SAVING, and while not everything has to do with HEALTH, any product or service you create that contributes to overall balance is going to have an affect there too.

LOVE, of course, can literally show through everything you do – and the more you love what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for, the greater the power of that word will pervade throughout every aspect of your business.

And YOU, of course – your client or customer – they’ll know right away if it’s all about them or not as soon as they stumble across your marketing efforts!

Does this mean you should never use these words in your copy or advertising techniques, simply letting your product or service speak for itself? Continue Reading

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Are You Harnessing the Most Powerful Advertising Technique of All?

Posted on 27 Nov 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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There was a time, not so long ago, when consumers relied heavily on expensive paid advertising to make their spending decisions.  Remember this?

Are You Harnessing the Most Powerful Advertising Technique of All?

Before seeing that commercial, viewers may not even have known that their husbands were suffering disdain and mockery due to the rings around their collars.  Luckily, the commercial not only educated them about the dreadful plight of grey-collared office workers, but it also offered them a solution — Wisk Detergent.  They would be spared the shame that the poor woman on the commercial suffered.  Their washers wouldn’t taunt them each time they opened the door.

With the advent of the internet, consumers make their decisions a little differently now.  As a heart-based entrepreneur, this is a great thing for you.   When your potential clients are confronted with pricey ads from mega-corporations, it takes them minutes to do more research.  They click on their favorite  sites to check reviews on the company.  They listen to podcasts.  They Google the product and look for product reviews.  They might even hit up  “Is ring around the collar even a big deal?”

You may not have a massive advertising budget, but you have a global marketplace right at your fingertips, and consumers are talking to each other.  The MarketingGuy tells us that according to a survey from 1&1 Internet, 89% of shoppers say they purposely stay away from small online retailers with negative customer reviews on the web.  Referrals and recommendations are important.  So how can you make this trend work to your advantage?

  • Make sure you deserve your good reputation. Determine what your clients need, and deliver it.
  • Build incentives for referrals into your processes from the beginning. Referrals are extremely effective, but your clients may not think of it if you don’t suggest it.
  • Follow up with your clients to make sure they’re satisfied, then ask for referrals. Make sure you hand out at least three business cards

If you’re taking the time to know what your customers need and giving it to them with a true service attitude, you don’t have to worry if you have a small or no advertising budget.  Clients who are referred to you will trust you more, and research shows that they are willing to spend more as well.  What are you doing to earn referrals for your business?  I’d love to see your comments below.

Are You Harnessing the Most Powerful Advertising Technique of All?

Article Written by Stefanie Hartman

2012 © Stefanie Hartman Enterprises Inc. You may republish this article, if you keep the article intact as is and credit the authors name and website: “Stefanie Hartman” and website: Thank you.

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Looking For Ways to do Really Targeted Marketing?

Posted on 17 Apr 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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I was recently on a Private JV Club student call, and we were brainstorming about the idea:  Who is your Best Client or Customer?

This is an exercise that I give to entrepreneurs to be able to profile their best client/customer and use it as a way to amp up their targeted marketing.

Normally I would have them do this by looking at their past clients and “profiling” just like on CSI Crime Show, profiling who is their best client, the ones who spend the most amount of money and are the least trouble to deal with (plus more detail on how to duplicate them and market to them).  But you get the idea and you don’t guess – you use your sales reports to actually find out.

But on this consulting call, one of the people that was creating this profile of their best client/customer didn’t actually have a mailing list or past customer base yet, so we started coming up with other ideas of how to best figure out how to do targeted marketing for her business. Continue Reading

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