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Olympics are Here!!

Posted on 12 Feb 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 10 comments | Tags

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The Olympics are Here!!!!

I am so excited, in a few hours I will be heading to a cocktail luncheon downtown, then off to the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.  Some of my friends where at the rehearsal and they said it is going to be spectacular.  I am so excited and so lucky to be able to attend.  I will let you know what it was like, and see if I could sneak some photos for you.

The city has road closures all over the place and lots and lots of people, but the mood is really good and really alive.  You can walk down any street in and around the downtown area and hear people laughing.

Almost every night there is some celebration as well.  This Sunday (for Valentine’s Day) we’re going to the Olympic Medals Award Hand out, then Nelly Furtato (Canadian Singer) is doing a small concert.  I am trying to get tickets to INXS but haven’t been able to get them so far.

Anyway, what a great way to come home from JV Alert and all the fantastic people I met there.

Gotta go – try to figure out how to wear my Olympic fleece mittens, scarf and jacket with cocktail wear.  A girls dilemma!

All the best, Stefanie

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All the best to you this season!

Posted on 25 Dec 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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Wishing you happy holidays for this season!

You are probably running to the shops, getting cookies out of the oven, or finalizing your preparations. I understand as every year I celebrate Christmas with my Catholic family, then travel the next day to spend Hanukah with my Jewish in-laws, then it’s my aunt’s birthday, then my mom’s birthday – whew! That’s a lot of prep work, traveling, gift wrapping, eating & family. But all worth it in the end.

You are a big part of my Business FAMILY and I am so appreciative of just knowing each and every one of you, so I wanted to send you a little holiday cheer! Just so you know I am thinking of you – you truly are my Xmas gifts! My sister & husband will tell you how much I really do cherish you.

There is no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you and your family, season’s greetings and good wishes. Thank you for all the joy and warmth you bring to my life and to the lives of everyone you touch, as your life brings great meaning and value to the world. Don’t ever doubt that.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, whether it’s fresh baking, the smell of the tree, or spending time with loved ones.

May your holidays and New Year be filled with health, happiness and prosperity!

See you in the NEW YEAR!

Wishing you all the BEST for the 2010 – you simply ARE the BEST!

Stefanie Hartman

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