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And the Winners are…

Posted on 08 Mar 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 2 comments | Tags

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The time for the announcement of the Red Mitten Contest Winners are here!  We had a hard time as all the stories were fantastic. 

Stefanie and I both read every comment and went back to every store to SURPRISE everyone who posted with Mittens but only found 2, they were all sold out – we did mention it was the hottest 2010 Olympic commodity.
EVERYONE WAS SO HEARTFELT so we left it up to the gods (and flipped an Olympic coin) – and the 2 winners are:

Angela & Kat!

Honorable mentions too:
Barbara Semple
Kat Altine
Judith Wilcox
Sahana & Dee Dhaliwal for originality
Janet Smith
Angela for giving back – passing it on.
Coach Laura

Congratulations!  (I promise we will have another great giveaway soon as well!  So hang on for that!)

Warmly, Tania

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Airport Gets Happy & Surprises Travelers!

Posted on 07 Mar 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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Just a quick note to send you a personal pick me up!

If you are feeling stressed out and want to let it go….read this post.

First,  as you may know, years ago, one of my clients was Ruben Gonzalez, 3-Time Olympic Champion and now the ONLY athlete in the world to compete in 4 Olympics over 4 decades.  Very cool.  Anyways, Ruben has an interesting story as he was called “the unlikely athlete”.  Really he had almost non-existent sports background but his dream was to be in the Olympics.  In fact he KNEW he would be in the Olympics – so he went to the library – tried to figure out what sport he could do – and then followed his dream, one little step at a time.

Last week during the Olympics here in  my home city & country, Ruben and I went out for dinner, plus he slotted me in to interview him for 30 mins before the NBC TV and right after the NY Times.  I laughed at that.  In fact he kept NBC waiting for an extra 5 minutes while he chatted with me.  I LOVE it!

Anyways, he did this call just for ME and just for YOU!  Listen to it TODAY and pass it onto your kids & friends and family – EVERYONE needs to hear this call!

His Story & Private Interview for you:

Also as something fun – I get so frustrated with airports sometimes and wonder where all the personalities and fun went out of flying.  Some days it feels like airport personnel are prison guards (and guess who the criminals are) so this showed me that the human fun and human spirit are STILL here – watch and be surprised.  This REALLY happened at a Portugal airport.  It was a planned – yet looked spontaneous for the passengers.  This is for All those who are flying!  I was inspired to send this as my Business Olympians are travelling to spend 3 days with me to brainstorm and create their businesses! 

Airport Surprise video:  (copy and paste into browser)  Be patient – keep watching.

See you guys soon – I can’t wait to give you big hugs and see your big breakthroughs!

If you ever need some good songs to get you inspired here are my 2 top favorites:

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

Black Eyed Peas – Today’s Gonna Be  Good Day!!videos=Eb6hnZYtiOY&v=CVQorfIX84w

These songs are my THEME songs!!!!  Feel free to make them your own.

Guaranteed – these items will PERK YOU UP!!!

Hope you are smile today.

Much love!!!

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Mittens & Medals

Posted on 02 Mar 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 2 comments | Tags

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Ok so this is my final Olympic Blog post as the closing ceremonies was on Sunday.  I live 2 blocks away so I could hear it outside and on TV, it was wild. 

Thank you by the way for all your responsive posts and emails back to me – 98% of you were so happy to share the experience, and 1 or 2 were annoyed and thought it was a waste of time.  Hey – I can’t please everyone but it would be impossible for me to live here, go through this and not share it with you, my readers.

It’s just my nature to share my experiences – I do it every day with you in business & marketing and giving you behind the scenes info, so is it so out of place to share this experience too – especially when the whole world is also watching?  So once in a while I will share my personal thoughts on my blog as well as my business ones, and I’ll try not to offend too many people.

Well, I promised I would write about my Medals experience.  It was really cool.  We were lucky enough to have a company provide us with VIP tickets to the Mint to see the medals.  What this meant was that we could by-pass the line and get in free.  Listen, I’m not a “showy” person who goes after these kinds of things but when it fell into my lap – I’d be an idiot not to go.

People were lining up in the rain at 4:30am to go inside and we basically just showed up and walked in at our set time, which was 8am on a Saturday – but hey we didn’t have to get up at 4am.

I felt bad getting this ticket as I saw the line and wished I could sneak every single person under my jacket.  If I could have I would have!!!  I went inside swiftly and quietly and tried not to make eye contact with anyone in line.  Once inside I was thrilled.  The building is set up with 3 main areas – the kid area (downstairs) where you do kid stuff and send live video tweets.  Then the top floor on the left held the medal room and the right held the coin collection room.

Obviously I went to the medals first.  It was a fairly large room with only 20 people at a time, so you were given tons of chances to take photos and touch all the medals – Gold , Silver & Bronze.  Plus it included how the medals were made as well as display of Paralympics medals.

Here are the pictures:

People asked me what it felt like.  Well literally it was heavy, and I love the fact they are not round, they have some style.  The back has the Olympic symbol plus Braille text.  That was a neat surprise.

Emotionally I felt grateful to get this chance to hold one.  Then I thought about the athletes getting one and tried to imagine the pride they’d feel at simply achieving a huge dream.  Then I thought  – damn I want to be recognized for something.  I want an award!  Ha Ha!

But what really hit me was how great it must feel to achieve your ultimate dream.  I have achieved goals but never had that overwhelming feeling of pride or an Ultimate Dream, so that was a weird realization.  Maybe my big dream hasn’t happened yet.  Food for thought.  I typically have a huge goal, but when its reached, there are new goals.  How do you know what you’re ultimate dream is?  How can u measure that?  Do you have an Ultimate Dream?  If so, please post a reply and let me know what it is.  I’d love to hear about it.

Later I saw a $4 million dollar coin and held a gold bar.  I walked out with some gold Canadian Olympic coins – don’t worry I bought them, only cost me $5 bucks.

Anyways, on another note, I had a contest to give away FREE Olympic mittens.  And I wanted to surprise everyone who entered by buying them a pair- but the store was sold out – AHHHH – so I have 2 to give away and I will choose those people shortly.  I so wanted to be your HERO!  Hopefully I can be in other ways.

So check back to see if you won!

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Olympic Gifts – Publishing

Posted on 26 Feb 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 3 comments | Tags

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Ha Ha here’s a video from my publisher and CEO of Morgan James Publishing.  I sent a big Canadian care-package to his office & family.

Morgan James recently gave me a contract to publish Canadian & American authors with them to get international HUGE distribution.  I was thrilled!

Thanks guys!  Love you too!  You are so good to me and my people.


live coverage of Olympics –

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Olympic Gifts

Posted on 25 Feb 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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Hey, so this is so cool.  I sent a pair of mittens to my famous MIT Grad Dr. Scott Brown who went from university professor salary to selling over  $1 Million in products in 2 years – working weekends and from complete scratch, using my system.

Here’s his photos & email


Olympic Gifts

Olympic Gifts

Marisol loves Canada and all things Canadian.  She loves your gift and was really surprised!

Much love and thanks!

-Scott and Mari

You’re welcome Scott & Marisol!  Love you guys!

live coverage of Olympics –


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Opening Ceremonies Walk Thru

Posted on 15 Feb 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments 9 comments | Tags

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What a day.  I have never been to an event where there was so much excitement and devastation on the same day.

For those of you who have not heard, one of the athletes died during practice of the Luge sport the day of the opening ceremonies.  This sport is dear to my heart as my favorite Luge Man –  Ruben Gonzales, a friend and past client of mine also competes.  Unfortunately Nodar Kumaritashvili, a Georgian slider, died when he flew off his sled going around a corner during practice on the Olympic track.  He was travelling at 88 miles an hour and hit a medal structure beam.

That night during the opening ceremonies all eyes, hearts and minds were on the Georgians, when they entered the area.  No matter what country you were from, you got out of your seat and supported these athletes, who were such a small group, and were now down 1 very good friend and teammate.

All 60,000 people also prayed silently as they honored Nodar with a moment of silence.  I believe Nodar was watching the ceremonies or walking down the great oval alongside of his teammates.  You could certainly feel his spirit and presence.  He will be missed by those who loved him and every one of the 60,000 fans in the audience.  We all felt for him and their teammates.  

Lugemen will tell you their sport is not reckless, they are “engineers” as my friend Ruben Gonzalez says.  Engineers who analyze the track and have the courage of test pilots.

This tragic event has caused many of the fans to appreciate the risks and the heart, the passion and the courage, that all athletes encompass.  Often this is overlooked as we focus on whether they won a medal or not.  How easily we can forget all the work and sacrifice and mental workout they do to even compete and represent us – the bystanders enjoying our hot dogs and festivities.

This also caused some of the athletes to remember that there is more in life than competing, some of them commented that they were retiring and moving on to other goals in life.  For others, you could see it in their faces, the process of overcoming fear and emotions to achieve their goals.  You could see this, as the next day, all the lugemen and woman practiced on the very course that killed their friend and fellow athlete.  Just think about what strength you would have to materialize to take that journey down the track – even to take the first step.

I am in awe.  This year my powerful pack of leaders are called the Business Olympians ( ).  Today I know that each of us may face or have faced days of devastation or obstacles that we did not foresee, and I hope each of them (and you) really think about those athletes on that track the morning after this tragic accident.  If they could do that – what could you do?  And what did they think about in order to keep going?  What would you be thinking in their shoes? Their skates? Their luge sleds?

What would you have to feel in your heart and think in your mind?  What would you be telling yourself?  And this is all after (I’m sure) a somber sleepless night.

Have you given up – with so much less real adversity – before?  If you have, I hope you use this day as a reminder of what you CAN do in your own life.  We ALL have that power.  Claim your moment!  Show yourself you CAN do this, even if it frightens you.  There is perhaps no stronger inner power than walking calmly and carefully through your fears or facing your own ring of fire.

Now for the celebration….

Hey – I told you it was a wild day.

Here’s how it went…

Security was actually pretty easy if you followed the guidelines of what to bring, very similiar to airport security (I did get my apple chips confiscated).

Then when we found our seats, there was a box attached to it.  This was a fun surprise.

Inside the box (which was shaped like a heptagon) was an audience participation kit.  There was a colored flashlight, an electric candle, a white poncho, a drum set, and a Canadian flag.

In the audience were “helpers” in white sweaters with bright red hats on.  These “helpers” would rehearse with us and then also cue us for our participation.

Here’s what we did:
First we had to assemble all our equipment – get everything ready.  Then we rehearsed the opening countdown that you saw on TV where the lights counted down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1!  I was seated in the first group – section 10.  So we had to take our drum box, and stand up on cue with our box over our head and yell 10.  Each box was color coded to give a huge affect of the number 10 in the audience on TV.

It was very cool.

There was pressure on us – especially because we were starting.  We didn’t want to be late.  In fact I was laughing as 4 people were seated behind me that came in bit late and were totally stressed (in a funny way) on the pressure to participate.  It was funny seeing people juggle their hot dogs and standing up then sitting on all these cues.  I laughed so hard.

After this countdown we were able to watch the ceremony.  Basically we had about 20 mins between each participation activity.

The ceremony (I thought) was really spectacular.  The lights show was amazing.  I won’t describe the whole event as you would have seen in on TV.  It began to my left with snow falling and a snowboarder entering the Olympic stadium by sliding down a ski jump through the Olympic rings onto the center of the stage.  It was unexpected and made many people next to me (and ok me too) jump.

Then the athletes entered the arena.  It was a parade of nations, everyone entered in alphabetical order with the exception of Greece going first and Canada coming in last.  Korea was split into 2 teams this year (which was different than in 2006) and came in at different times.  And as I mentioned everyone was on their feet in support of Georgia.

The organizers really transformed the arena to look like a snow covered blank canvas from which lights told an ever changing story.  A story of our history, plus highlighting the seasons of Vancouver, Whistler and rest of Canada. This portion was designed to demonstrate how the climate & landscape shaped the Canadian culture.

There was a 20-meter led bear that rose up out of the floor, hundreds of fiddlers and tap dancers, aboriginal dancers welcoming everyone and skiers and snowboarders hanging in mid-air, skiing down a curtain of snow and lights.  The lights turned off and suddenly it seemed as if hundreds of skiers were (rollerblading) over the ice in red & white lights.

My favorite is when it looked as though real whales were swimming across the stadium floor, complete with spurting blow holes.  Everyone cheered! 

What were clouds became trees with a light change.  It was very magical and you never knew what to expect.

And something that made us all laugh was Canadian slam poet Shane Kcyczan recited a poem entitled “We Are More”, which had many on their feet with drums banging in agreement.

One of the ways the audience helped with the transformation was we all had to wear our white ponchos.  This allowed for a unity in form and color throughout the area, and provided a limitless backdrop for the lightshow to continue.

We were guided to blink and twirl our flashlights in unison to create a diamond like sparkle that took over the arena.  We gently waved our lit candles to the melodic sounds of Sarah McLachlan, K.D. Lang, and Jodi Miller.  We beat our drums as the percussionist background to Brian Adams & Nelly Furtado.

We saluted our Canadian athletes, and stars (Donald Sutherland) and much loved Wayne Gretzky – known to us as the greatest Hockey player ever to have lived.  And in true Canadian fashion, he was humbled by the cheers and adoration and took it all in red & white stride.  He said lighting the Olympic cauldron was one of the greatest days of his life. He was joined by NBA star Steve Nash, gold medalist Nancy Greene Raine and speedskater Catriona LeMay Doan.  There was a slight hitch as one of the columns would not come up. But in the end it was no big deal.

All in all this spectacular ceremony united our country and we were able to take pride in our spirit, beliefs and culture.  Everyone was smiling, and fans from every country went to celebrate over a beer together.  Isn’t that the way we should always be with our competitors?  Sounds good to me.

It was an amazing event.  I took LOTS of photos – so go here to check them out:  and add your comments please.  I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts –please post below.

Thank you!

So…What’s next?

Well every night there are fireworks right above my house – it is seriously freaking out my dog, but I hope you all enjoy it.

There are TONS of ceremonies and music concerts and all kinds of slow to fast paced entertainment going on all around the city.  You can take a quiet stroll on Granville street downtown and cuddle with your date and soak in the lanterns from around the world – a romantic idea or go ice-skating downtown and sip a cocoa or take in a rock concert around town.

Oh – and of course the games!!!!

Olympic schedule of events:  

2010 Free Attraction Guide:

Live webcast of Olympics:

Special Events:

My photos:

Talk to you soon.

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