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What Rule Are You Following in Your Advertising Techniques?

Posted on 07 July 2009 by Stefanie

What Rule Are You Following in Your Advertising Techniques?

Sorry - the computer fairy's probably not going to stop by today - but wouldn't it be nice?

I just read a great post from Marc Goldman on the importance of having a great affiliate system set-up for your Joint Venture partners.

I know there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who really don’t like having to pay attention to these ‘technical’ details in their online advertising techniques and partnerships – I think sometimes we all kind of just hope that the IT fairy will come down and take care of it all for us – or that if problems arise, they’ll just go away!

But there are some things that you just can’t leave to the good will of your partners, clients, and customers – and money is one of them.

Making money is obviously an important part of having a successful business.  But in order to really make money, you need to have a system that can easily process credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) as ‘chasing cash or checks/cheques’ can be a real hassle, along with a reliable affiliate back end that will not fail at tracking your partners’ promotions.

Here as some places that can help you to cash in:

  • Moneris – Canadian Customers who want to charge US Funds.
  • Paradata – For Canadians who want to charge in Canadian or US dollars.
  • – For American Customers and Canadians who want to charge in US Funds.
  • PayPal - This is a fast way to take credit card payments without the formal merchant account process.
  • OS Commerce – Free downloadable Shopping cart system.
  • PowerPay offers a variety of PC and web based solutions allowing brick & mortar retail, e-commerce.
  • provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to thousands of business customers around the world.

While these are just a few of the many systems available – the important thing is to truly invest the necessary time and dollars into these things for your business – whether you learn to understand it yourself or pay someone else to explain and/or implement it for you.

I’ve heard it said that it’s almost always easier than you think it will be to bring in new customers, clients, and partners – the problem is actually keeping them and getting them to come back!

If you’re not on top of things in this key area, you’re going to be running into those snags yourself.

In the end, you’ll pretty much always want to gauge your advertising techniques and partnerships according to the golden rule – it’s simple, but it works: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

What Rule Are You Following in Your Advertising Techniques?

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What Rule Are You Following in Your Advertising Techniques?

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