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This may be my last year….

Posted on 01 December 2009 by Stefanie

I have just met with my team and am currently going over the planning for next year (as you may be doing yourself) and thinking this may be my last year that I am able  I release the Inner Circle as it currently stands – or I may change it radically today, as I have a real world dilemma. 

Perhaps you can relate or offer some advice.

I discovered a few problems:
1. The current design of the Inner Circle Group includes 2 live events with limited attendees, monthly group mastermind coaching calls, private one-on-one with me, plus more.  It currently has me on ALL the calls, all the private sessions and at all the live events.  I actually love this – but you can see my team’s dilemma:  how can I do ALL this with every member receiving personal time?

2. In addition – at the 2 live events – we as a collective group focuses on EACH person.  We cannot do that if we have too many people.  This is likely why most other mastermind groups (even the ones charging $15,000 – $18,000 per person) are really just ‘seminars in disguise’  where they train from the stage – which is easier for those selling it, they make more money and they don’t need to limit the attendees.  Plus they don’t actually ‘coach’ you privately at all.  By the way, I don’t think that is bad of them- I admire the business model and they are making amazing money at it – great for them – truly. 

In fact I would coach YOU to only trade your TIME as one of the highest commodities.  So why am I not taking my own advice on this matter? (I guess because in this case it just feels wrong to me in this particular scenario. Darn conscious!)  I totally subscribe to charging value for money and not your time- but in an INNER CIRCLE? Just doesn’t make sense to me – so does that mean I RAISE the price and help fewer?  Ugh. I hate to leave people out.

3. As I continue to grow, I will be helping thousands of entrepreneurs, women and men, and therefore may not be able to do as much one-on-one consulting – so shouldn’t I SAVE that time for BIG clients and not giving it away now?  Again that feels icky.

O.K.  I admit…maybe doing it the way I have it designed is not as ‘business savvy for me’ as it costs me way more time and I am charging way below the price of those other people – but I have a hard time doing it any other way – as I‘d like to see actual results and support for you- not just another seminar.

So… IF I do this,…. this may be the LAST year I do this mastermind group with me this way.  I have 2 books coming out and am focusing on new areas – and I can only do so much at one time.  But the truth is I LOVE brainstorming.  I LOVE the live events where we focus on EACH person.  It is so rewarding.

Oh and here’s the 4th problem – last year’s grads ALL want to re-join , plus some are planning to have a few friends standing by the computer when we launch later this week, trying to ‘get them in’.  Their friends have witnessed their results and feedback all year and also know it sold out in 48 hours.

So I am really torn….do I raise the price to $20,000 like the other “big guys” and sit on my yacht (I really don’t have one) and basically make a seminar or do I keep myself as a major part of you support?

If I choose the latter I have to tell my husband we will be turning money away….oh boy… try to tell that your spouse, while we’re planning for a big move and possibly a family in the next few years. 

Well decision time HAS TO HAPPEN TODAY as I have to get the applications in before I leave town end of this week.

I have always in the past put people in front of profits, but that has also helped my competitors get more publicity time than me. I also cannot spread myself too thin or nothing else will get done.  Boy oh boy

Please comment if you have any thoughts on this.  I can tell you this is an honest dilemma, not a sales ploy. Turning people away from a smaller program is also hard if I keep the program as is. So either way some tough choices are happening today.

Appreciate you guys so much!

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This may be my last year....

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  1. Rev. W. Isaac Norris 3rd Says:

    Follow your heart always and listen to your IT (your Inner Teacher)YOU come FIRST. You must take care of you before you can ever take care of others. I never know where the next penny is coming from I just know it is coming. I live on a schedule income of less than 600.00 a month ss with rent of 800.00 my website has yet to bring in the first penny YET every monty my bills are paid, I eat and even some some goodies come in I never know HOW I just know it WILL. I am alone now with me,myself and I and know that soon there WILL be another lady in my life or not. I am complete with Spirit and I making a great team check out my website at,
    Rev. W. Isaac Norris 3rd

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thank you Reverend.

    I do use my inner teacher as my guide. Your story is pretty incredible. I will check out your website. Perhaps next year I can offer you some tips.

    Thanks again,


  2. fondy Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Please don’t change everything so radically. Up the cost and take out the mastermind. We just want you, you, you!!!



    Stefanie Reply:

    Thank you Fondy!!

    I have decided NOT to radically change things. I think I am happier being able to help others more. I’ve loved earning income and sometimes fast, but never at anyone else’s expense.

    Not who I am.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Thomas Gibb Says:


    It would be with deep regret to see you not be available to help us and others as you have but I certainly understand your situation. So far there are only 24 hours in a day and some sleep has to occupy part of it as well as time with your spouse and future family.

    As Stephania and I are just starting down this path it is hard to comment with a long results page but we have certainly come away from our one day with you with a feeling of some direction (now we have to get through Christmas). We both feel that it is only because of your drive and (I’ll call it as I see it) tenacity that has got us aimed in a direction. Now we just have to stook the fire and keep going. Both of us know that it is ONLY because of your direct involvement with us that it is going to make it work and develop further.

    Our son Mike and wife Erika had a baby boy Nov 26 and Baba is there in Boston with them very busy doing Baba things.

    Remember you always have to do what is best for you because if you don’t nobody else will.

    With our deepest thanks for ‘the start’, and we hope continued support
    Thom and Stephania Gibb

    Stefanie Reply:

    Congratulations on the NEW baby!! What a wonderful Christmas you will have with your special little gift.

    Thanks for your words of the wise. I know you understand about time needing to be leveraged. I cut down my hours by half (almost) and this circle group is important to get the time with me so I am happy with it and I believe my members will be too.

    It’s good for us both.

    Next year it will be YOU training people to discover their highest potential and live in that space. So many young people would look up to you. You have great credibility.

    Thanks again,


  4. Michele B. Says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I read your email and here is my suggestion: Use Maestro Conference! I do not work for this company nor am I paid for promoting them. I have only “attended” teleseminars hosted by this service and they are better than any other conference calls I have EVER been on!

    While the presenter is talking, the participants on the call can email questions which the presenter can see ‘real time’ and choose to answer…or not. The presenter can even have an assistant who answers email questions while the presenter continues their talk. A poll can be taken of the listeners and the presenter gets immediate statistics on the poll results. The presenter can even break up ALL the listeners—which numbered in the thousands for the calls I participated in–into small groups of e.g. 3 -4 people who can then discuss among themselves more intimately. The speaker can even “tune into” the smaller groups to see if the listeners understand the concepts presented, had other questions arise as a result of the discussion, were talking off-topic etc. For the participants, it’s like being in the room with these people only you can’t see them.

    After all “return” to the main group, a poll can be taken, feedback can be gained from participants by typing in a summary of the group’s thoughts (this works best if the small groups assign a secretary to take notes and report back). The whole process feels MUCH more personal than a one-way conference call, there is ongoing interaction and I’ve even “met” people in the small groups with whom I communicated AFTER the call because we shared our contact information during the “break out session”. AND, I have never experienced the background noise and problems with muting/un-muting lines when the numbers soar into the thousands like I have during other teleseminars. The audio was always clear and the speaker accompanied by a Maestro Conference person who handled all the logistics of the call while the presenter focused on content.

    I have no idea how much this service costs but, if you could continue to PERSONALLY address your clients while maintaining—and growing—the size of your audience/client base, I think the service would pay for itself. You could even limit the number of people who call in but do the calls multiple times a week without (possibly) increasing your availability more than now. From the sounds of your email, you’re working 24 X 7 so this might free up time for you to take more one-on-one clients who won’t do/don’t like online conferences.

    Hope this helps.

    Stefanie Reply:

    That’s cool! Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate hearing about new resources and tips.

    Thanks again for writing,


  5. Ross Says:

    Hmmm, sometimes we just have to do what is best for ourselves Stefanie. As much as I’ve gleaned from our sessions and the respect and admiration I have for you and the way you do business; it’s just that…business.

    Unless you have someone who can run your Confidant Circle meetings with you in the background, dropping in when you have the time, your decision is already made. This is the way many others function or they do the psuedo seminar version which I personally don’t particularly care for.

    The other factor is that if you choose to continue and your other ventures start getting in th way, then your favorite program starts to degrade and that’s just not yur style.

    All for now.


    Stefanie Reply:

    Hello Ross,

    Thank you for your ideas, you have the ultimate viewpoint. Watch for an email from me either tonight or Monday – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


  6. Barbara J. Semple Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    I feel compassion for your situation. If it were me, I’d “be” with the dilemma for a while, or until Spirit moved me to act, and see what sorts out. Allowing myself to be in the void of not knowing is a healthy thing. It is a place of creative potential.

    I would also pray for clarity in the answer for this situation, especially before I went to sleep at night.

    Another option is to imagine yourself having made one choice or the other, or a new alternative, and feel/be with your choice. Does it happily resonate with you or does it feel really awful? Does the choice make you feel stronger or does the choice make you feel weaker?

    The clarity will come and it will be what is the highest, best good for all concerned because you truly wish it to be resolved for the best of all.

    That’s my “2 cents.” :-)

    Many blessings,
    Barbara J. Semple

    Stefanie Reply:

    Great advice Barbara – THANK YOU!

    I appreciate you so much!


  7. Sue K. Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I really like Barbara’s suggestions. I second the idea of “trying on” the different solutions to your dilemma. Which one feels the most authentic to you? Which one aligns with your Highest Good (may or may not be the one that generates the highest income)?

    Another question I find useful in assessing things is “which direction will serve the most people?” Sometimes this helps…

    Good luck! Let your Spirit guide you – and it’ll be the right decision.
    Sue K.

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Sue, powerful questions. I will use them!


  8. Joanna Says:

    Blissful ease with each breathe Stephanie~

    I really like Barbara’s insights~

    I in joy looking into some energetic interpretations like astrology, numerology & the like~

    I am inspired to “know thyself” and embrace uncertainty gently~

    I am infinitely grateful for the peaceful, loving solutions and the Divine guidance to that which serves my highest good and the highest good of all~
    (as an intention) Show me what it is I want to be with today to serve~

    I trust perfect timing~ It is perfect because it is~

    I like to smile, look in the mirror and say, wow, look at me go now with great amusement when things get weird~

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Joanna, I am going to try out your advice. I am a big fan of Blissful Ease!!

    Thank you for writing,


  9. Alex Says:


    I admit that I would not have necessarily replied if I had not honestly felt the quagmire you’re in. A difficult situation to the say the least and proves that despite one’s experience, we all run across these quasi-moral situations throughout our business/personal lives.

    Going back to basics has always been my course of action when confronted with ANY complex issue.

    Take yourself back to the first day you started your company or companies. WHY did you create them? Seriously ask yourself that! What, specifically, was the passion that motivated you? The answer to these questions will very likely give you your answer.

    Also, something to consider…

    Loosely speaking, an entrepreneur is someone that creates a business from nothing into something. There is something truly powerful about that as you can appreciate!

    Is that entrepreneur literally going to have $20,000 to pay for a seminar? I ask that with the utmost sincerity as your previous clients are a good reference as to whether they will or not.


    Stefanie Reply:

    Great advice Alex – thanks for your remarks.

    Why I do what i do is a powerful question to consider.

    Thank you for writing,


  10. David Says:

    Sometimes you have to go for the “high-hanging” fruit ! All of your members have told you that ….FIRST – comes you and Family ! The fees will make the group that much more selective….the info that the group comes away with and reports to others will leave them gasping and it will continue to grow. When one makes a wholesale change like this….it begets the tired cliche….” The first step is the most difficult”.

    GO FOR IT !!!

    Stefanie Reply:

    I am actually shocked that my own clients are telling me to do what is best for me. That in itself speaks volumes. I am truly humbled.

    Thank you for writing,


  11. Kathleen Kaplin Says:


    I love the way you put so much passion and energy into your work. You give of yourself 110% and help many people achieve amazing success.

    However I understand your dilemma, there is only one of you. Deep within your soul you already know the answer to this as we always have to honour the integrity of our soul.

    Many blessings


    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Kathleen for your warm advice. I truly appreciate it.

    Thank you for writing,


  12. Richard Smith Says:

    Hi Stefanie,
    I can’t offer you any ideas or help since I’m no where near the level of business that you are, but I can suggest that you contact Dr. Joe Vitale at or see his website at You might be surprised at whatever he suggests, but it is worth a try!

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Richard, I know Joe and his work.

    Thank you for writing,


  13. John Says:


    Your situation reminds me of my years in MLM, where rarely anyone ever got one-on-one. But basically the people who got close to the top had access to their guru in groups of say, 30, or 10, or rarely but sometimes 1! But those small groups are making things happen, and Mr/Ms Guru’s getting paid through the MLM system.

    In your system, hopefully the people (we’ll call them your front line, even if it isn’t MLM) are hopefully earning a good sum of money, and for 1 on 1 with you, cost should be less of a factor for them.

    The only thing you can do is put a price tag, and you’ll see who your ‘real’ followers are – and I’m sure you ‘can’ deliver the goods for them! :~)


    Stefanie Reply:

    Great advice John. You do make a very good point.

    Thank you for writing,


  14. Miriam Knight Says:

    It seems to me that you are in the happy position of having raised the perceived value of your time, and therefore can increase the cost of your services for the next group. The problem you face is balancing maximum (or at least enough) income with greatest personal satisfaction. As long as people understand the deliverables up front and get what they contracted for with you, the price should be what the market will bear. I agree with Alex, that that is an unknown in this economy.

    You are, however, always free to offer discounts or partial scholarships at your discretion. It doesn’t serve anyone’s interests to be overstretched. In my opinion, you are better off working with fewer people at a higher cost and top quality, and then making the information available to others through seminars, DVDs, books, etc. As long as you don’t raise expectations you can’t meet you’re on solid ground.

    Use your inner guidance as to what feels right and clear, and also what gives you the best quality of life. Hey, life should be joyous, and money is a very imperfect yardstick.

    Stefanie Reply:

    Great advice Miriam. And I agree, life should be joyous and fun.

    I’m in!

    Thank you for writing,


  15. Ernie Zelinski Says:

    Whatever you do, there has to be discomfort.

    As Jack Canfield says, “Make today your day to start that uncomfortable new habit.” Jack goes on to say, “Almost everything we’ll ever do in life that is really powerful, that really produces a result in our lives, that quantum-leaps us to a new level … requires us to do something uncomfortable”

    In the same vein, Seth Godin in a recent blog post declares, “Going with the flow is a euphemism for failing.”

    I wrote a book relating to comfort and discomfort called “Look Ma, Life’s Easy.” (Published in 5 foreign languages but not in English)

    This book emphasizes the importance of following “The Easy Rule of Life” in order that we can experience satisfaction and true happiness.

    “The Easy Rule of Life” simply states that when we take the easy and comfortable way, life ends up being difficult and uncomfortable. When we take the difficult and uncomfortable route, however, life ends up easy and comfortable.

    See a diagram of “The Easy Rule of Life” at:‘s-Easy-Corporate-Giveaway-Edition.html

    All told, for your decision to bring results, you have to take the difficult and uncomfortable route.

    Ernie Zelinski
    Author of “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free”
    (over 110,000 copies sold and published in 8 foreign languages)
    and “The Joy of Not Working”
    (over 225,000 copies sold and published in 17 languages)

    Stefanie Reply:

    Cool book ideas!

    Thank you for writing,


  16. Irene Eaves Says:

    Hi Stefanie

    Do what is right for you and at any given time that can change.

    If you do 1 more year with a mastermind group perhaps there are some creative ways to do it with a bit less time from you. Perhaps brainstorm that with your group. If other business things you are invovled with move forward you will need more time on your hands for sure. I loved being part of your group and there is no way I would be where I am without you. It is your heart energy that is your gift. You are not like the other guys and that is also your gift. drat!!! I know that one too! Whatever you need to charge do it from your heart and trust. I support your decision no matter what the outcome because well …I believe in you.
    I would be honoured to spend time with you again but I know at the rate the other guys charge it would not be doable for me. However there are many people who can and will pay a higher rate because you have grown.

    I wish you peace with your decision.


    Stefanie Reply:

    Oh, my darling Irene. Thank you for your kind words – especially from someone who wants to book next years mastermind with me.

    Your heart is so big. Thanks for the advice – I think you’ll be delighted!

    Thank you for writing,


  17. Catherine Renee' Says:

    I affirm the others encouraging you to tune clearly into heart. Make decisions based on love not fear, open hand/open heart with no attachments or expectations. When you are clearly in your brilliance it becomes effortless and the mind quiets. This is a reminder to myself as well, as I have so many decisions to make as of late.

    Stefanie, your ability to tune into others is clearly a gift, a very powerful gift. You see the results of this and it is wonderful and may Spirit guide you in fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime.

    Ah….you once shared a wolf story with some of us. Do you have a Native American or someone you can ask to tell you the significance of this? The answer may help you presently.

    Warmly, with love,

    Catherine Renee’

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thank you Catherine. You are such a wonderful woman. I enjoyed working with you. Thanks for your thought provoking advice.

    Thank you for writing,


  18. Tabitha Says:

    Hi Stefanie

    Although I am nowhere near the level of business you are at, I can relate in some ways to your dilemna. It is wonderful that you put people before profits but I agree with all those who said that this is after all business and your time is valuable. I closed down my Life Skills Coaching practice because I wnated to spend one-one-one sessions with every single client and really wasn’t at all passionate about the big seminars that don’t really give people tangible results. My ads used to say ” Tired of Microwave Popcorn seminars that lose all their sizzle as soon as you leave the room? Then book a private “Own Your Life” assessment..” I did the assessments for free but only about 5% of the people who came for these became regular clients. The overheads for advertsing and printing these assessments got too high. Then my husband complained that every evening was taken up with clients and I became torn between focsuing on my network marketing business, my writing and the coaching.

    I’ve always loved coaching and it’s definitely my passion but I never had enough business savvy to establish a practice that really served me and my clients. Three years ago I left everything to volunteer full-time with a church project and discovered that I could use my writing and coaching experience to train and mentor young adults joining the “Transitional Phases” programme we set up. Suddenly, I was back to coaching and mentoring small groups four evenings a week- and now I wasn’t even getting paid for it! But I followed my heart and Spirit’s guidance, knowing this would eventually lead me to fulfilling my Life Purpose. I agree with the person who said: Remind yourself WHY you started your businesses. I still don’t get paid a cent to coach and mentor young adults in my church’s programme but it brings me so much joy and fulfillment to know I am helping them making the right choices and decisions at crucial “transitional phases”- and the amazing thing is my writing, which I didn’t focus on :marketing” suddenly got noticed by a couple of magazines and the distributors in my network marketing business got so inspired that they suddenly (after 4 years of nothing happening) started producing massive volume!! When you follow your heart, your passion and Spirit, “everything works together for the good”.

    I know run a Mastermind for everyone in my circle of influence who wants to know more about the topics covered in my coaching, writing and apeparances at Network 21 seminars- and I charge a “steep” price for this for 3 reasons: 1, the people who are serious about working with me in this way can afford it and it offsets all the free time I give away to those who don’t have any money; 2, I don’t have the time to work with a large mastermind group on an ongoing basis so I use it to “sift” clients and select who I am prepared to invest time in working with; 3,I built in a Kingdom-finance module whereby 15% of profits from this mastermind are donated to a church or ministry of the person’s choice so that in future the churches and minsitries can become equipped to run the mastermind themselves. In this way, my conscience is happy that I am practising compassionate capitalism in a way that really benefits everyone and I’m letting myself off the “hook” of becoming so invested in working with individuals that I end up tired, stressed, drained of energy and broke.

    I hope this gives you some ideas about how to work through the dilemna- give it time, pray about it and focus on your Higher Purpose and what Spirit wants to accomplish through your work and legacy.



    Stefanie Reply:

    Wow. An incredible story. Thank you for those amazing ideas. I love that!

    I hope we can speak soon. How powerful to trust yourself and take that leap of faith.

    Thank you for writing & the inspiration,


  19. Eric Fredrickson Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    I feel for you! This is the hardest point in the career of any mentor who starts from a place of love and generosity. Success breeds growth, which leads to a loss of (or fragmentation of) the personal 1 on 1 “aha!” moments that a mentor lives for.

    Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, there is no way to solve this dilemma in the way that you or I or anyone else with a true desire to help would like.

    You essentially have two choices.
    1) Try to stretch yourself to create a true personal relationship with thousands of people.

    This is not an answer and I’m sure you know it. I watched a well-known local strive mightily to do this, saw the cracks develop in his personal life and his health, and then watched sadly as he literally destroyed his family relationships.

    2) Limit the amount of people you help directly, and savor what you love best while you accept the limitations of physical and emotional space.

    Of course from a pure business perspective the best way to limit sales is to raise prices. But you know that. I know this is not about money for you.

    There is a 3rd option, where you leverage assistant teachers, JV partners, media, and books to help more people than you could alone, but of course I don’t need to tell YOU about THAT! :)

    I just want to state the obvious that you need to accept that the 3rd path is not the same as the first path. There is some satisfaction from being able to help through these tools, but the thrill of personally changing someone’s life is lessened by the degree of separation.

    As you go down that 3rd path you need to manage your expectations as well as those of your clients who will not be getting you 1 on 1.

    As someone who’s seen both sides, I personally feel that success is in some ways, just as hard as failure. We always have to make choices and we can’t do everything and be everywhere.

    You know all this, of course, but I hope it’s been helpful to have your clients and friends tell you publicly that we know how hard a choice this is, and we will respect your decision.

    Eric Fredrickson

    Stefanie Reply:

    As always Eric, you are a gift to talk with. I really appreciate having met you and love all the time we spend together. I have great respect for you and I really appreciate all the “reminders”. ha! Ha!

    Great advice. I believe what I will do is a combination of #3 and #2 – we’ll see how it turns out.

    Thank you for writing,


  20. lisa Hurtt Says:

    Follow your heart! I would love to be one of the big guys in this field!

    Life is an adventure…Live it to the fullest!
    Lisa Hurtt

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks for the inspiration Lisa! You understand the essence of life!

    Thank you for writing,


  21. Shara Gardner Says:


    Crossroads in a business can be daunting. It is interesting that you share your thoughts with us, but I am more concerned about your fragmented energies. Can they be good for your business in general? Or the quality of your coaching? Can you possibly give as much to a small number of people as you could by reaching many more with your time?

    I ask you these questions because I feel a wave of wisdom coming on … achieved from 40+ years in a small business, never grabbing the opportunities that would make me a “big guy.” I also never moved out of my “small” business mentality, mentoring small clients that never seemed to move beyond my own smallness. That’s my story, but there is a cautionary tale for you. Spread your wings!

    You have an opportunity in front of you. Of course you want to help the small businesses and entrepreneurs because your heart is in it. But do you always want to be spreading yourself thin just to gain favor with your smaller clients?

    Take it from a “business granny”… if I could have reached tens or hundreds of people with one block of time, I would have. My life would have looked vastly different and my bank account, lifestyle, and general financial ease would have been much better.

    Good luck on your decision. But, personally, I’d go for the bigger opportunity to help HUNDREDS more people in the same block of time. Coaching was a stepping stone to your real talents. Get yourself OUT THERE!

    In peace & prosperity,

    Stefanie Reply:

    Shara, I can’t tell you how powerful your words were for me. I love knowing I have a “business granny” out there now – very cool. I LOVE that!

    I think I’m going to try a combination to ease back the one-on-one and move forward touching many lives. We’ll see how that goes. I know in my heart I only want to reach thousands if I actually can “touch” their lives – as what drives me is seeing others succeed and grow into their own lives. for whatever reason that is important for me.

    i know it is rare (as I’ve found out over the years) that’s a rare trait and not always shared by those in “the spotlight”- which is maybe why they didn’t have this dilemma.

    But I Teach others to create their desired lifestyle around serving others – so I am confident I can find the perfect combination for me.

    Thank you for writing,


  22. Judith Wilcox Says:


    I can totally identify with your issue. The main thought that comes to my mind is that going bigger sacrifices the quality. Going more expensive will knock out some of the people you really love to work with. Maybe you need to think about an interim phase where you mentor a select few to do some of the things you do in this program to free you up to do what only you can do. For instance, people can be trained and mentored to facilitate the one-to-one and group brainstorming leaving you free to just do the coaching.

    The facilitator training program could also be a money maker for you.

    Love and Blessings, as Always,


    Stefanie Reply:

    Thank you so much Judith. I hope you feel better soon.

    GREAT advice.

    Thank you for writing,


  23. carmen dragomir Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    I totally understand how it feels to have a burning desire for freedom to create more and to evolve. Each person and business is different, so I will tell you how I would like to be connected with you and your business. I have to admit that I can hardly find the time to attend our meetings as I am excited about every idea that comes my way and want to apply it right away and before I know the day is gone! :) But one thing I have learned that helped me with my business is that everything can be systemized. I’m still waiting for the cloning to be invented though :)

    Why not create a program/software where we can “check in” with you every 3-4 months. For example (you may have this as part of your get it done series, I don’t know) here are few things that you could go over to see my progress and help me with my dilemmas:
    - my first launch and all other launches following (what to do before, during and after the launch)- and have boxes that I have to check when each step is done or add questions (this can be another box right under)
    - off and online marketing strategies- what companies I should target, why and how.(no need to be specific, a hint is all I need)
    - products creation- which ones we should create and how (including but not limited to ebooks, videos, books, gifts), how much should we charge, show the research that we’ve done online and offline
    etc- it’s almost like putting in a software the anatomy of the body of your business and make it work :)

    All our work could be reviewed by one of your team members (Vicky from the privatejvclub or someone else), she could meet with you during a one week period and then you have one day (or 1hr/day) phone call with each inner circle member (it will be more like a cyber circle).

    This is just the first thought that came to my mind, if I get more ideas I’ll let you know.

    Carmen :)

    Stefanie Reply:

    Great feedback! We’ll chat more about it on the phone.

    Thank you for writing,


  24. Shawn Cox Says:

    Hi Stefanie!

    You offered to have people reply… so here it goes.

    One of the issues you noted is that you teach people only to trade time as their highest commodity. I agree with this when it comes to many different business models, however, when it comes to coaching, a different rule applies.


    You know that your results are the best when you work one on one with others. You also know that those people who “teach from the stage” don’t rely as much on results, they rely more on how much money they can make.

    As far as how much you charge, this is a dynamic thing that is different for everyone (meaning your clients). The amount you charge should be a challenge for them individually. Meaning that 5000 might be a challenge for one person, where 1250 might be a challenge for another.

    One other issue you noted is that people want to sign up again… Hmmm… When I was in martial arts, it became an option to become an assistant instructor after receiving an orange belt (a little over a year of training). What was so interesting is that those who went on to teach accelerated their training 3 fold over those who only wanted to learn.

    Perhaps there might be a business model where you might train others to then go out to help other people and accelerate their results on their own. This kind of goes along with the birds kicking their young out of the nest as well. As a coach, I am careful to make sure a client does not rely on me too much. By helping them find their own resources within themselves, they become self reliant. I believe that all people already have all the resources they need to succeed, they just need help finding those resources from time to time. And since a mind cannot solve a problem at the same logical level in which it was created, they need someone outside themselves to offer insights about what they may not be able to see.

    My basic point is that eventually our clients should be self reliant and even better than that, be able to help others in the same way.

    And of course, as always, my opinion is not to be taken as advice or prescription. Take what you like and leave the rest to be considered later.

    Have a wonderful week!


    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Shawn,

    Your points are well taken. I appreciate your experience & advice!

    In fact, I have reached out to 1 grad who will be helping me not with the inner circle but with my other courses. I’m excited about it.

    Thank you for writing,


  25. R Robert Allan Says:

    Hello Stefanie. I very much enjoyed reading your blog and the delima you are facing. Thanks for being open, honest and forthcoming. You are a very special person.

    You and I share similiar challenges, with both of us being authors, public speakers and personal coaches (among several other tasks). We are given great gifts – that contain important messages. What matters most is that the message is heard by as many people as possible.

    Modern technology can help you reach more people, in less time. Whenever possible use teleseminars, webinars and other such communication tools. Your team and supporters can help with the details.

    You have been chosen as a special courier to deliver a very important message to the masses. Concentrate on the message and all other things will fall into place.

    Make it a great day!


    Stefanie Reply:

    Thank you for your kind words. I am taking it to heart.

    Thank you for writing,


  26. Nicholas Says:

    The decision on how to proceed is entirely yours, as long as your clients in mind. Although, I have not yet contracted you to do any work for me, your business ethics and attention to your clients’ needs are what I admire in you and respect you for.

    You don’t flood my inbox with daily email and whenever you send one, I don’t delete it without reading it and taking action where I can. Hence I’m taking my dear time to post a comment to your blog.

    I wish you the best as I wish myself now and always.

    Stefanie Reply:

    Wow. Thank you Nicholas. I was so excited to get your email. Its great knowing you’re listening and hearing your viewpoint.

    I do not email sales letters on purpose. Its great to see people notice and appreciate it.

    Thank you for writing,


  27. Liz Says:


    Have you considered training a cadre of “experts” who would have their own groups to carry on the messages? These experts would carry your message to groups but be closely watched and helped to ensure that their groups get the right training and information?

    Good luck.

    Elizabeth Kearney, Ph.D
    Generational Project Group
    An Affiliate of Kearney & Associates.

    Stefanie Reply:

    Yes love that advice!

    Great to hear from you.

    Thank you for writing,


  28. Frank Kickbush Says:

    Steph… Reflect on your purpose, why you do what you do… Then follow your heart… do you do it for the people, or for the $$’s?? Which will draw you closest to your ultimate purpose? Which will sustain your opportunity to fulfil your purpose?

    Perhaps there is a solution that does both: meets the needs of your people and others as well as abundantly fund your ability to do so.

    Frank Kickbush
    FK Training Solutions
    Author: The Secrets of Self-Leadership

  29. Clever Zulu Says:

    Hi Steph,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing. Having taken time to think and analize, I find you to be a warm hearted person who loves what you are doing. Other guys do it for money you know. But you are unique and different, Wow I love that. Continue to let the light shine.

    Now I would like to join your mastermind group for next year and be at the heart of what you are doing.

    Best Regards

  30. Desiree Leigh Thompson Says:

    I love to see such high participation in a group. I am glad I got a second chance to throw out an idea or two. I haven’t been long with the group. Actually, I haven’t really met anyone except for Tania but I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

    Anyways, on to the question you are asking. I have a couple of articles in my October blog posts if you are interested in reading them rather than going into fine detail here. I wrote about them when I purchased The Teaching Company’s product called The Art of Critical Decision Making. Wonderful and insightful information. Although many of us already know our decisions stem from our Source ‘when we are connected’, this material gives us great insight and more of a relaxed mannerism when we get involved in the process.

    Decision making is a process. A process that may take a while for you to sort out, depending on the circumstance, but also depending how cluttered your heart may be. Every experience you are creating will clarify your answers. And every question you ask will lead you to where your heart desires to be.

    What is of utmost importance, though, is the art of asking the question. What I mean by that is whenever you need an answer, do all you can to fine tune that question. The more detailed and specific you are with your question, the more clarity you will gain in your answers. The more you question, the better you’ll get at questioning, too.

    Synchronicity, coincidences, and messages will all begin to line up while you stand back and watch your life unfold according to your ‘true’ heart’s desire. Being the objective observer you will be in state of awe viewing this. What’s also great is that you may even be taken into a completely different direction, something that is totally out of alignment with what you do, only to find out that that was not really what you wanted, but, the wondrous thing is that you gained everything you needed from that experience, more clarity.

    With much love and light!

    Desiree Leigh Thompson

  31. Diedre Borys Says:

    I have frequented your posts before. The more I read, the more I keep coming back! :-)

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