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Posted on 06 January 2009 by Stefanie

This is Tania, Stefanie decided to leave the cold for warmer weather for a few weeks, she couldn’t handle the snow anymore. But I wanted to let you know that she’s in a book that is coming out today.

The book is by Arielle Ford (the ex-publicist to Deepak Chopra) and a friend and colleague of Stefanie’s. The book’s called The SoulMate Secret and it’s about not giving up on love.

Ariel phoned Stefanie, interviewed her, and put Stefanie’s personal story in the first chapter (she starts off the book) and the closing chapter which we are very excited about, we thought that was really cool – thanks Arielle!

If you want to pick up a copy of this good read and nice looking book visit: 

Stefanies in a book

SoulMate Secret 

Wishing you all the best,


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Stefanies in a book

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Liz Says:


    Thank you forwarding the good news. Please congratulate Stefanie for me and let her know that I shall certainly share the good news.


  2. Naomi Says:

    Hi Tania,

    That is absolutely wonderful to hear! Please give Stef my congratulations when she gets back from her vacation.

    I hope you too are doing well!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Tatiana Says:

    Hi, Tania

    Thank you for information about the book, it’s very interesting
    I am glad, that there is Stefanie’s story there.


  4. Annette Says:

    I just bought the book, Thanks so much!!


  5. Frank Says:

    Hi Tania, Many Thanks for sending me this exciting news of Stefanie. I am anxious to buy the book and look forward to reading it.

    I have had email problems and finally got on the system tonight after having spent an hour on the tele with a specialist.

    Thanks again….Frank

  6. Irene Says:


    That sounds great,
    I will check it out

    Hmmm connections, amazing things
    As one of my goals I have a list of 26 people I want to try to get endorsements from and Deepak is one of them.

    You never know.

    I am sure Stefanie and the team will help me think of people I have not even thought of yet

    Thanks for now


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