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Something BIG is brewing…

Posted on 24 May 2010 by Stefanie

I am back from speaking out of town and I am planning something BIG. 

Unfortunately as some of my colleagues (and competitors) are on my list, and may be reading this, I cannot reveal everything for you in this post.  But TRUST me it’s important for YOU, and what I am creating could possibly be the BIG BREAK you are looking for.

Imagine you booked a seat in FIRST CLASS in an airplane and you will be in the air for the next 10 hours sitting right next to YOUR IDOL.  And he was willing to tell you ANYTHING you asked.  You had your dreams, materials with you so he could even go over your stuff with you…

HOW would you spend that time so you could walk away a richer person, spiritually, inner growth wise and financially?

TELL ME BELOW so I can make your wish come true.  Your thoughtful answers will help me get you what you need RIGHT NOW (please answer it on the link below).

THINK – If I was to put you in a room with someone who started from scratch and sold over a billion dollars worth of books and licensing products, as well as someone who was the behind the scenes person to help grow another multi-millionaire speaker, author….

And they were open to sharing their secrets….

And CLOSE the door (so you could talk in private). REAL private – as this is no seminar.

This could be your BIG BREAK!


What SPECIFICALLY would you most want to know or learn so you could do it yourself?

Think beyond “tell me how did you do it” and get as specific as possible. 

What info would you want to walk away with?

*Please answer this today – really make it count.  Only 20 people will actually be able to get their answers.


What plan or credibility item would you want to walk away with?

Some examples:

- Be part of a new best-seller book with other incredible authors.
- A marketing plan
- Back-end profit center strategy
- Video testimonial from a big name
- Book launch website created for you
- Feedback on your project(s)
- Sample licensing contracts
- Be their best friend

Very soon, I will be able to reveal what I am planning for 20 lucky people.

Good luck!!!



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Something BIG is brewing...

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  1. Miyako M Says:

    What I would wish for (WHTN) is for a financial miracle, so that me and my teenage daughter can go to live in South Korea to live…where she would like to pursue her career in Manhwa…Korean version of the Japanese Manga…she is an artist by natural talent, but being a single mum and living on the system don’t really help. I’m trying my best at University to acquire my BA, but I am in deep debt it is amazing. Whoever says that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ never really had to struggle, that’s fur sure. I’m tired of scams and whatnot, and I keep looking for anyone out there who is truly compassionate to help. Though it is hard for me, I won’t give up on this impossible dream… why impossible? well, because one needs to financially support him/herself if one wants to go live in another country. Only this is not one, but two people who have the same dream of living there. I made friends who are from there during my first couple of years in University; besides, I wouldn’t mind to pursue my own ‘on the back burner’ career of being a film director. Well, thanks for letting me express some of my thoughts here. Bright Blessings, Miyako

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