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My Sister Turned 40!

Posted on 07 June 2011 by Stefanie

Just wanted to share with you that I just returned from a trip to see my sister on her 40th (I can’t believe it!) birthday.

She works tirelessly at helping our students and mastermind groups, so many of you know her already and wish her well.

40 is a great age, you know who you are, you care less what people think of you and more of what you think of yourself.  It is time to dance at your own party (in life!) and to fulfill a big dream of yours. 

Did you realize that 40 years ago…

1. Call Waiting…. referred to a line outside of a phone booth. 
2. A flat screen…. was something you put in your window to keep the insects out. 
3. An airbag…. was someone who talked too much. 
4. Spam….. was found only in the kitchen. 
5. A cell phone…. was what you use to make your one call from jail. 
6. Guys only got pierced ears…. from going to a really loud concert. 
7. High speed access…. was an on-ramp to the freeway!

Statistics show that the person with the most birthdays tends to live the longest.  In that spirit, I wish you ALL many fabulous birthdays to come.

Please tell us your experience below of turning 40 or aging in general.

Thanks!  and Happy Birthday Tania!!!!

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My Sister Turned 40!

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  1. Liz Says:

    Hey Tania!
    Happy 40th Birthday! I hopw you had a wonderful day and warm wishes for a year of all your dreams coming true!!

    Enjoy y being 40….it’s wonderful!

  2. Kris Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Greg Martin Says:

    PC was not even an acronym when I turned 40. Within five years, a revolution had started and now very few can do without one. In fact I changed careers using a PC and then moving on leading projects that interfaced the PC/Main frame world.

    Keep your eyes and mind open and the years will make little difference as birthdays are just a number.

  4. Tabitha Says:

    Happy Birthday to Tania. I am not quite 40- turning the corner this year in November. I’ve been psyching myself up for it because I belive it really is a milestone and that LIFE does indeed begin at 40. Having recently made the transition from church ministry to running an entrepreneurial development project, I had to take time to examine the Biblical significance of the number 40. Throughout the Bible, it takes 40 years for God to undo all the conditioning that enslaves you and move you from a place of tests and trials that build character to your destiny. I’m certainly resonating with this pattern, havign spent the last 40 years trying out all sorts of roles and paths until this year I finally got complete clarity about my vision and mission on earth. My two small boys asked me the other day whether we had nintendos when I was growing up. I said no, we had atari but it was nothing like today’s playsation and x-box games (Pacman was ridiculous compared to the superheros who combat villains in today’s hi-tech, animated games!). That led to a conversation about how much the world has changed since I was a child: my children have never seen a vcr and once when they went to my mother’s office and saw a typewriter they asked : “what kind of keyboard is that?!”
    My eldest son, who is 10 is doing a science project for school and wants to demonstrate how brain waves work. When he showed my husband and I all the software he needs for the project, even my husband (who works for microsoft) exclaimed: “I’m lost… you’re doing a science project and you need all this SOFTWARE ?? What happened to building a model volcano or showing how an electrical circuit works?” My son sighed and replied ” Dad, that’s old school!”
    But for me, the greatest thing about turning 40 at this time in history is that it helps me align perfectly with The Shift humanity is beginning to experience on all levels. The entrepreneurial development project I am running incorporates training, coaching and spiritual insights about how business, the global economy, relationships, social structures, institutions and our spiritual perspective all have to adapt to make room for more conscious, cooperative, unified ways of relating to ourselves, each other, the planet and God. I could not have dreamed that I would be doing this kind of work, even 5 years ago, while struggling to keep up with all the changes in the field of training and coaching and wondering how I would ever compete with people like you :) . So I think the significance of turning 40 in the next 3-5 years is that we will still remember a time when Competition was the norm, Money was equated with Greed, Materialsim and Consumerism and the only children you raised were your own and not your step-children, adopted Aids orphans (in this part of the world) and babies brought into the world by teenage mothers whose partners abandoned them..

  5. MB Says:

    A little birdy said you just had your 40th birthday. Congratulations and whooohoooo!

    I think all birthdays are great ones to celebrate and this is an especially wonderful one. I personally couldn’t wait to get to 40! (and then 50!!) I knew it represented a freedom, as well as a greater level of maturity. I was right.

    So celebrate that, and celebrate YOU, as I do, and I am grateful that you came to Earth those 40 years ago to bring your light here as you accomplish your mission.

    We are all better for it.

  6. CD Says:

    Happy belated birthday! not sure when your birthday was but welcome to the 40 club:)

  7. NC Says:

    Happy happy Birthday! Hope your day was/is every bit as wonderful as you are!

  8. Dr E Says:

    I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! Ahh…40…hope it is your best year ever!

    Dr E

  9. Lisa Says:

    I turned 40 yesterday. I think of you and how we supported each other so many years ago. Hope to see you around sometime!

  10. Tshombe Says:

    Happy Birthday, Tania! I’ve experienced your awesomeness and feel blessed to have met and connected with your amazingly helpful, loving energy.

    I also turned 40 this year!

    (Even more reason to celebrate LOL)

  11. Pete Moring Says:

    When I turned 40 I thought – ” But I still feel 17″ – Not so bad after all.
    However, when I turned 60 I thought – “I still feel 17″ but now know every day is a blessing as friends drop of the perch and the time vortex spins ever-faster …. Just like my old Mum told us when we were kids, but of course we didn’t believe her :-)

  12. Charlotte Babb Says:

    Your new life has just begun. Think of the changes you will make by the time you are 60–another whole adult lifetime! Maybe by the time I’m 80, I’ll learn to type!

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