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Olympics are Here!!

Posted on 12 February 2010 by Stefanie

The Olympics are Here!!!!

I am so excited, in a few hours I will be heading to a cocktail luncheon downtown, then off to the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.  Some of my friends where at the rehearsal and they said it is going to be spectacular.  I am so excited and so lucky to be able to attend.  I will let you know what it was like, and see if I could sneak some photos for you.

The city has road closures all over the place and lots and lots of people, but the mood is really good and really alive.  You can walk down any street in and around the downtown area and hear people laughing.

Almost every night there is some celebration as well.  This Sunday (for Valentine’s Day) we’re going to the Olympic Medals Award Hand out, then Nelly Furtato (Canadian Singer) is doing a small concert.  I am trying to get tickets to INXS but haven’t been able to get them so far.

Anyway, what a great way to come home from JV Alert and all the fantastic people I met there.

Gotta go – try to figure out how to wear my Olympic fleece mittens, scarf and jacket with cocktail wear.  A girls dilemma!

All the best, Stefanie

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Olympics are Here!!

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  1. Penny Says:

    Hello Stefanie,

    You’re in for a treat tonight!
    I was at the rehearsal on Wednesday as an athlete parade stand-in. It was great!


    Penny V

  2. Diane O'Shaughnessy Says:

    Stefanie, have a great time! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun!
    Diane from MA

  3. Steven Says:


  4. Eric Says:

    Hi Stef, I am so happy for you to be able to go!

    Have a great time!!

    Blogging is not the right medium for this kind of event, though. You really should Twitter about it. All your fans could follow your twitters live while we’re watching on TV.

    (and if your team got your name out there as one of the people twittering about the olympics, I’m sure you’d discover some new fans)


  5. Karen Says:

    Hey, Stefanie!

    Have a fabulous time. I’m an Olympics super-fan (was an alternate in the stone-age!) I’ll be watching for your blogs. Stay nice and warm…which will probably be easy with cocktail luncheons, lots of laughing people and great concerts. Besides, knowing you, you’ll find a way to make fluffy fleece and cocktail attire fashionable!

    How great to be with people striving to be at the top on their game!

    Karen Wilson
    Int’l Assoc. of Intuitive Entrepreneurs

  6. Julie Says:

    Hee hee Olympic fleece mittens! You go sister! I can just imagine and feel the powerful energy in your midst — have a ridiculously splendid time!

    Happy to see and enjoy it through you :)

    fly high!

  7. Carolyn Says:

    I’m delighted you’ll be at the Olympic festivities…thanks for keeping us all posted on your blog.

    Have a fantastic time tonight and throughout the next couple weeks!
    Carolyn Gross

    P.S. I’ll be with best selling authors all weekend at Conscious Life Expo in LA…
    my kinda Olympics!


  8. Larry Says:


    Look at you …. terrific. ….. I hear you are married and from all your emails, I would say are doing well …. Congratulations … hope this finds you and yours great … Have a blast at the Olympics …. I trained a few olympians … one of which is there now.


  9. Sahana Says:

    Yaaaaa hoooo…..Have a blast.

  10. Britt Says:

    Glad to hear, Stefanie, that you were able to be at the opening of ceremonies IN PERSON!

    Sorry I can’t think of any Olympics stories, but, you betcha, I am going to watch as much as possible.

    Be well and happy,


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