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Lessons From NYC

Posted on 22 October 2008 by Stefanie

Tania (our Director of Operations) and I are back from our New York Trip.  We went there to meet with some CEO’s and outstanding people to plan some great partnerships, alliances and events next year.  I was also being filmed for an Internet marketing magazine coming out next year called 
I have traveled all over the world but this was my first trip to the Big Apple. And I have to say while I love the west coast and the beauty and good weather that it brings, I really am a big city girl at heart.  Tania and I also fell in love with the people. New Yorkers (we found) were generous, really intelligent and ready to make things happen – which we loved.  I am a “walker” not a talker so obviously I was in heaven there.
The weather was actually better than on the west coast, I believe due to the hurricane that pased by Florida. It was a simple reminder of how good things can come from the bad.
We did a little shopping, mostly had meetings with people, and then I made a point to pay my respects at ground zero.  Being there in person and speaking to my New York friends about it, it was easy to feel what a monumental life changing event that day was.  This may sound strange, but you could feel peace and love (and still a little bit of confusion) around this site, something that was unexpected to me.  I expected to feel fear and destruction only.  I think this event brought many inner heroes out and bonded humanity. 
I was told that there are some people who understandably want to forget that day, for their own reasons. I was also told that many people who helped with the rescue (in a few minutes they actually had 30,000 volunteers at the site), have health problems today and unable to work or find jobs.  They are outcasts to those who want to forget. 
These are ALL HEROES.  People brought food, shelter, lights, and offered themselves up, even putting themselves in harm’s way, and never thought twice about it.  That day there was some acts of pure selfishness, but they were outnumbered by the massive actions of many of pure love and unselfishness.  That may be why that is the overwhelming energy left there (as far as I felt).  What an incredible lesson that even through acts of fear, it is no match for the counteraction of decency, love and generosity of the human spirit.  “Doing” not just thinking, but taking positive action on whatever it is that you know is important in the world, will help others and is truly what you were meant to do – then please do it!  Jump in, as those people did at ground zero.  They knew they needed to take action and didn’t think about it. They just did it.  Imagine how powerful your life would become if you applied that same energy, that same immediate urgency to your own life, to your own dreams.
This can be a time when the destructive energy of “fear” may be creeping into our lives.  This can also be a time when there is massive opportunity.   I don’t know about you, but the next time I get down about something I am definitely going to remember how important positive ACTIONS are to getting rid of any fears and doubts I may have.  I am jumping into my life!!!
Have a great week!
Stefanie Hartman

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Lessons From NYC

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  1. Annette Says:

    Hello my friend,

    This is EXACTLY the reminder i needed today, when I have been feeling so overwhelmed and alone.


  2. Scott E Says:

    Hi Stefanie and Tania

    Thanks for sharing that part of your trip. I have family in NYC. It is a beautiful place. The events that took place their have definitely altered our view of life – and it’s great to hear your powerful outlook – yes! Seize this moment – this opportunity – this day! Thanks.

    Scott E

  3. Liz Says:

    Wow — it sounds as if the trip was fun, potentially profitable, and a real learning experience. Congratulations to you and now go have a great week here.


  4. Chuck Says:

    Good hearing from you Stefanie! Good Luck with your ventures!!


  5. Vickie Says:



  6. Yvette Says:

    Hi Stefanie

    I just read your post and I am touched by what you have described of your experience of Ground Zero. Myself and my husband were also blessed enough to have visited there. We too felt a profound sense of peace and love and I would add some sadness in our hearts.

    It is true what you say that when incidents like this happen be they on a massive scale or not they bring out by and large what is best about us as human beings. The invisible lines of prejudice, bigotry and small mindedness gets put into sharp perspective, it seems to me at least. The stories of real people and what they did that day and subsequent days is what is inspiring and humbling on a fundamental level.

    I sometimes feel sad that we can wait for a major event to remember what is important to us and who is important in our lives. It serves us though if we move forward with renewed clarity and sense of purpose. I can only imagine for those directly impacted by 911 how it has changed their lives and am struck by how their lives help the rest of us to appreciate how great this life experience is when we wake up and really see it.

    The so-called turbulent times we live in now economically although hardly comparably to such a devastating event as 911 is creating heros that can impact lives, make fortunes and lead the way for those who are feeling lost. As Harv Eker describes it, the only economy that is really relevant is your own economy within. How is set and for what kind of success?

    Me, myself I am speaking to my clients about having the E-Factor – Empowerment Factor and how that will ensure that they become wealthy figuratively and literally. They decide which they want – struggle or success or poverty or prosperity. They can choose and they can create what they want when they know what they want, take the steps to get there, make great choices and let go to allow the universe to show up with your dreams wrapped in gold and silver.

    On a housekeeping note Stefanie, thank you for all you do for us small fish to swim with big fish, what you have taught me has led me to have a billionaire as a mentor, and now I am his Empowerment Advisor!! Imagine that. I have sold out with my first order of books – “Having the E-Factor – Empowering Ordinary Individuals to Live Extraordinary Lives”. This was a very small number but now that I know it has legs, I can give it wings. The way you taught how to get a book written has directly led me to having this kind of success. We are now looking at trademarking our name and merchandising etc. Who’d have thought that a year ago. We have also had a few published articles and I was signing copies of my books 2 weeks ago like a celeb. Take a bow.

    We have a long way to go to be achieving financial success. However, your assistance has been life transforming. I hope the referrals from my book lead to you having amazing success through us. That would be a real thrill for me personally.

    I wish for you massive, massive, massive success personally and professionally.

    Warmest regards always

    Yvette xx

  7. Catherine Renee' Says:

    Delightful to hear about your trip. Thank you for sharing your first hand experience of Ground Zero. I have wondered what it would be like. Thank you for the uplift.

    Welcome back,
    Catherine Renee’

  8. Kyrie Says:

    Thanks Stephanie—what an awesome reminder of such profound gifts to our freedom, from everyday heroes. These gifts should remain in the forefront of our awareness, but sadly, do not. You have inspired my daughter and I to add a new component to a large-scale philanthropic project that we are developing. We want to inspire renewed gratitude for these heroes. We also want to raise funds for those who now struggle with medical and financial needs. We would love your perspective on what actions would be most useful.

    -you touched our hearts, Stefanie.
    -thank you.

  9. BB Says:

    Thank you Stefanie, for this insight. You continue to be a source of great inspiration to me.

    I so appreciate you and your sister, even though I have never met her!

    BTW. I am striking out doing a teleseminar interview with a woman I met on your site, I think it was a Mastermind group. I am interviewing her tomorrow, and I am using every note that I took from the Santa Fe weekend, believe me!

    “Just do it”, you said, whatever it is!

    I am actually really excited about this, and I am sure it will be fun!!
    Much love and tons of appreciation for all you do!

    B B

  10. Marcia Says:

    Thank you Stefanie for the encouraging and inspiring words about Ground Zero and the heroes. I especially love how you challenge us to jump in and live, to do the work we’re meant to do.

    I look forward to meeting you one day, face to face!


  11. JW Says:

    Hi Stefanie:

    I am glad you had a great trip and connected with the energy of ground zero and the response to 9/11. I was part of the response to those left behind. CT was hard hit with the losses.

    Even today, I had a client whose fear of flying began around 9/11. As a trauma specialist and crisis response expert I will never forget the impact of that morning, my phones ringing constantly and my pager buzzing on my hip as I went into action. I was, prior to 9/11, one of those crisis responders who was in the trenches doing all of the responding. 9/11 catapulted me into another level—I was responding in all directions and on all fronts, and helping others as a consultant in organizing their responses to their communities and organizations.

    There was an extraordinary pulling together in the common experience of shock, trauma and response that those who were responding will never forget. There was also an extraordinary spiritual response from around the world as everyone of every faith stopped and prayed for the victims, survivors and responders.

    The inner experience of what is important in life was heightened and many made life changing decisions in the months that followed. Others are still suffering, especially the emergency personnel who went in, responded immediately, came out alive and continued to dig for their brothers and sisters who did not come out alive.

    The respiratory ailments from breathing in the toxicity on the site has already killed some. Others are permanently disabled. The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has permanently disabled others—both civilians and emergency personnel. I could go on an on about this, but I will stop here and say that I am glad you were able to experience the love, the peace and the dedication that permeates this place. It is at the heart of the work of the courageous emergency personnel who put their lives on the line every day around the world.

    I have been part of that amazing group of people for many years—first as an EMT with a volunteer fire dept. ambulance and rescue, and then, soon after, as a Critical Incident Stress Management debriefer and trainer. It is so important to experience the passion and dedication to the work that we do and take the plunge to put ourselves out their and learn from our challenges. These guys and gals are perfect examples of that.

    After every response, no matter how small or large they take a look at what worked and what didn’t and they work on fixing what didn’t. They do this because they are entrusted with the lives and property of others. If we each do this with whatever our life challenges are then we get clearer and stronger in our ability to meet them and to excell as a result of them.

    Thanks for sharing your experience of NYC and Ground Zero.

    Love and Blessings,
    J W

  12. Gregory Says:


    I enjoyed this post immensely. I was at ground zero about 2 weeks after the event. I can remember staring into the rubble, yet not really seeing, but feeling the compassion, awe, and reality of it all. I was, like you, surprised. I appreciated your words, they touched my soul.


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