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Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?

Posted on 30 July 2013 by Stefanie

Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?
Tired of trying to stay on?

Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm? Are you tired of living from pay-check to pay-check?

Maybe you’re tired of 60-hour work weeks. Maybe your work life balance feels more like a pipe dream with the deadlines, pressures and late nights at the office that prevent you from having a happy, balanced home.

Or maybe you’re just burned out from years in the same field and you want to feel inspired again.

If you’re dragging your feet to work every day, is it time to replace the leather in your shoes? Or cash it all in for a better life?

According to a survey by, over 50% of workers feel tremendous stress on the job, and 77% say they feel burnout.

If you can relate to any of this and your professional life is leaving you drained, then perhaps it’s time to re-examine life’s possibilities for you.  You can find a new way of working, earning money, and truly achieving a work life balance.

It may require a complete shift in how you think about earning money. Most people trade TIME for money.

How can you get paid for your value instead of your time?

One major way is to use your life experience to help transform other people’s lives in the areas of business, money, relationships, health or spirituality by becoming an “Expert” and building a business around your expertise.

It’s a sure fire way to use your life experience, sell information that you already have and put those years of hard earned expertise to good use while being part of an exciting viable business that is totally customized to fit your needs, your personality and your lifestyle preferences, thus making you happier and more balanced.

Think you have what it takes?

Could you be like Dr. Dubynski, who decided to build a business beyond his medical practice and become a “Parenting Expert”?

How about the University Finance Professor, Dr. Scott Brown, who is becoming “The Wallet Doctor”, an expert who is breaking open the doors on Wall Street and teaching the little guy how to win big through savvy investment strategies?

Ever heard of the V.P. of Internet Marketing, Bill Sweetman, at one of the largest advertising firms in the country, who is fast becoming a recognized “Blogging Expert” and even contributing as an Expert to national TV shows?

They are all re-inventing their life.

If you could replace your income without having to clock in to work every day, why not do it?

Selling your expertise allows you to get paid for your VALUE – not your TIME.

Most people have gone through some sort of re-invention at some time in their life. It may happen to you in your 30’s or your 50’s, but regardless of how or when you get there, could it be life’s way of giving you a little wake-up call?

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider getting Paid for your value and not your time, which will allow you to truly achieve the work life balance that you are searching for:

One: You can’t shake the feeling you were meant for more. Some people just instinctively know deep inside they are meant for something more. They may not even be able to explain it, but they get “the calling”.

You know it’s time to re-invent yourself when your job no longer excites you or you outgrow it.

There are many professionals who’ve worked in the same business for 25 years that decide they just want a different lifestyle. They’re tired of the 9-5 grind and want a life where they can spend more time traveling seeing the world or be at home with their families.

Two: You are a Vault of Information & Experience.

You’ve spent years learning and observing. You can see people around you making mistakes that you would have avoided. What is commonsense to you that is not for others?

Your natural skills and abilities and your valuable successes and accomplishments may be old hat for you but life changing for someone else. Stop selling yourself short!

Three: Flexibility. You’ve heard the term “Get a Life”. Now is your chance to do just that!

Work from home or build your own office. Work 5 days a week or work 3. Move to a new city or country every year and maintain your business from your laptop and phone. Take that 6-month sabbatical you have been dreaming of.

Four: Customization. Like to write? Travel? Train people?

Experts can package their information in the form of books, e-books, speeches, DVD’s, live group trainings, executive consulting, Teleclass trainings, online programs and services, membership sites, or creating a company that trains others to “do” what you “know”.

You choose the combination that suits your strengths!

Five: The Green! Finally! Can I say it?

No more begging for vacation time or your next raise. YOU are in charge of how much you earn and when. You write your own pay check, when you need or want it.

Article Written by Stefanie Hartman
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Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?

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Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?

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