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How Is the Change in Publishing Companies Going to Affect You as an Author?

Posted on 07 July 2009 by Stefanie

How Is the Change in Publishing Companies Going to Affect You as an Author?

The Times Are Changing

I’ve been loving seeing all your comments for my publishing house names – keep them rolling in by adding your comment right here! (Remember, the winner gets a shot at a big time publishing contract (we’re talking the works – distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle and major bookstores) for you or someone you know.

While I was at the book expo in New York I spent a lot of time with my publisher, Morgan James – putting together some exciting stuff that I’ll be announcing soon – a very big deal that will be great for everyone on my list!

While I was there I learned a lot about traditional publishing – and it appears that the publishing world is being transformed just as much as the marketing world is these days. It’s pretty clear to me that the model for publishing is going to change – illustrated even more deeply by some news I heard while I was there…

Everyone was abuzz about the shock from hearing a huge publisher – 900 years old – the original publisher for Mark Twain, who recently announced that they are something like seven billion dollars in debt.

All of the other publishers looked up to this flourishing house – this monster – and it’s failing was like a bank going down – just something you don’t hear every day!

It’s yet another signal of the changing times, and the importance of moving along with the changes.

Being at the booth in the book expo was a huge thing for me – both Rick Frishman (partner of Morgan James) and David Hancock (CEO) were so down to earth and fun to be around – it’s just a thrill to be able to work with them!

They were making fun of me the whole time because I just couldn’t stop laughing at all the fun – making jokes that I was bringing all kinds of people to their booth because I’m tall and blond – I told them if they wanted me to be their booth babe, they were going to have to pay me more!

Really though, I was shocked at the calibre of people coming up to the booth – people from Time Warner, CBS, Barnes & Noble, Amazon – presidents of these huge well-known companies were coming up to shake hands with Rick and David – they clearly had great relationships with all of these guys, and I was just in awe to be part of all of it!

Mark Victor Hansen came over with his ‘entourage’ of admirers – he loves to network and introduce people, which means he’s always surrounded! He pulled me into the center of his circle and started introducing me to people, shoving me in front of company presidents – and all I could think about was how embarrassed I was to be dressed in jeans and a t-shirt!

It was a very surreal moment – let me tell you – but great fun all around!

I also learned a couple of great tips for authors:

  • First, be careful of advances! If you are going to huge publishing companies, you’ll want to have an agent – there are just too many ways that you can sign off your rights. I was hearing horror stories of publishers paying advances and then shelfing the material – meaning it just never gets published and there’s nothing the author can do about it!
  • You also want to watch for what rights you are giving away in any contract – if you’re not careful, you may not be able to speak on or create any programs based on your topic!

(Of course, that’s one of the reasons I love Morgan James – you get to keep all your rights!)

All in all, it was such a great trip – really eye-opening. I’m getting very excited about the publishing companies industry – I can see that changes are coming that are going to be very positive for authors all around. I’m excited to be a part of that equation soon myself!

I want you to be part of it too – so be sure to suggest some names if you haven’t already! Head over here now to leave your comment for your chance to win!

How Is the Change in Publishing Companies Going to Affect You as an Author?

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How Is the Change in Publishing Companies Going to Affect You as an Author?

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