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History is made tomorrow

Posted on 19 January 2009 by Stefanie

What an incredible day tomorrow will be.  What an incredible day TODAY is that as a nation we’ve come this far.  Happy Martin Luther King Day.

September 11th was a day that I know many of us remember where we physically were, who was with us and how we felt watching what we all knew in our hearts was a day that was both historic and heartfelt, may never be forgotten and how as a community of people no matter where we lived we all came together.

You may also remember tomorrow just as vividly.  I urge you to watch the inauguration tomorrow live, take time out of your busy day, or record it and watch it when you return home.  To me, it isn’t about who you voted for (although many of us are excited about Obama), it is so much more.  To me it reveals how much North America has changed or how many of us are willing to step forward, stick our necks out and make change happen in our own lives.  Hope, peace, good and service to do our part IS within us.

As a nation or individually we haven’t always shown our best side, that is human, but this election of hope, as well as the bravery and selflessness of the community that pulls together after tragedy, proved to me that what we all want is not so different, that we really should not feel so small or alone, how much we need each other but more than that, how much we need to help each other.  It also proved to me that we CAN show our best sides to others much more often, and that it is time to individually STEP UP and BE who we know in our hearts we can be.

This IS the year to be inspired.  This is the year to be of service to others.  This is the year to be YOU and to reach for what is in your heart and bring it into your life.

As you’re watching, I urge you to notice both your thoughts and feelings, surround yourself with friends and family and share your inspiration or quietly be present, because remembering how you felt about what is possible for you and for others – that inspiration is what will fuel your dreams…. your life in 2009.

Blog your thoughts below.

Wishing you success and happiness,

Stefanie Hartman

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History is made tomorrow

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Sandra Isom Says:

    Hello my friend, Stefanie,

    It IS a pleasure to hear from you and YES WE CAN!

    All things are possible unto him that believe….

  2. Anne Says:

    Thank you Stefanie.

  3. JV Says:

    I am impressed out of all the company emails and blog list I am subscribed to who want me to buy through out the year. You are the only one to send an email to acknowledge what is going on Jan 20 2009

    Maybe they are afraid of offending someone……..who knows.

    Regardless of wether I am doing biz with you or not. Acknowledgement of what is happening makes me stop and think………and it makes a world of difference………………..I guess it is what we dont say sometimes that makes all the difference.

    Our world is forever changed just like in 9/11…….

    I am impressed you took time out to say something …anything…….
    All the best to you…………..JV

  4. Shel H Says:

    Amen! Obama will be such a breath of fresh air. That 40 years after watching my white mom desegregate apartment buildings (she was a volunteer who made sure that “already rented” apartment was really rented), a person of color will be president…and that at least on the domestic side, he is a man of vision and power. I do wish he was more peace-oriented, though. His foreign policy team makes me uncomfortable.

  5. Jim Hallett Says:

    I am all for hope and inspiration, and yes, the inauguration of a black President does say a lot about what makes America great. However, I would not equate today in its impact on our life with 9/11, Pearl Harbor Day, or any of a number of other monumental days. Since the prime tool of government is coercion, it can NEVER be the solution to anything! Regardless of who anyone voted for (I supported Ron Paul, who is the only one that seemed to really “get” the financial mess and its real root causes, not to mention his pro-liberty, anti-coercion stance on ALL issues), it is important for each American to take personal responsibility for their life (and not expect government to be the answer) . . . and BE the kind of individual you want to see in the world – peaceful, joyful, compassionate, generous, and COMMITTED TO LIBERTY for ALL (without COERCION!!). I wish Obama well, but the institutions are deeply entrenched (not to mention most of his appointments come from the insider track as well), so I am not expecting change to come from Washington . . . but then again, real change never does. It always comes from within . . . and moves from the individual UP to the collective. As Gandhi so eloquently said, “WE must be the change we want to see in the world.”

  6. S M Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    Great words, I definitely agree!

    Best Regards,


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