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Hey – Dreams Do Come True!

Posted on 14 January 2010 by Stefanie

Hey   Dreams Do Come True!Now that the weekend is approaching, I am sending you a personal email asking for you to support a sweet guy and friend of mine, Sam Worthington.

Don’t worry – it will be FUN.  And no, you don’t have to send me money.   Ha Ha. I’m not asking for that kind of support.

Just take a friend or your spouse out on an enjoyable evening and please go see the AVATAR movie!  My friend is the star of the movie, he  plays the main character ‘Jake Sully’.  Info:

We go waaaaay back and I’m SUPER proud of him.

Besides, it’s a fun movie – I suggest you watch the 3-D version.  Very cool and nice message about our planet.

He is presenting at the People’s Choice Awards soon, yay!  

By the way – he has worked really hard at his career, he worried about the ‘next job’ as actors do.  He even spent some time living in his car.   Anyway, he is humble and grateful and very importantly works VERY hard at what he does.  And I think that is good for you to know.  He never felt ‘entitled’ to any success or for any leg-ups in this world.

So go watch the movie, and think of yourself and Sam – and know that dreams DO come true.  Just keep at it- like Sam.

Enjoy the weekend!


PS – for all you JV Club Followers – now YOU are 1 degree away from a major movie star!  Ha Ha.  But his hands are full right now, so please don’t send me ton of emails or requests to do a business deal or become a friend of his.  I will respect his privacy.  Hey – I’m not even posting all my private photos of him – same reason,  just this one great shot.

Much love!

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Hey   Dreams Do Come True!

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  1. Sahana Says:


    That was a great performance by Sam in the movie Avatar. His performance in other movies has received rave reviews. Glad to know even more about your connections with humble spirits like him and many others.

    The philosophy believed by Navi’s in the movie is exactly the same as the one in the “oneness experiment” that I am involved in. I had goose bumps every time Neytiri (female lead character) spoke about their connection to the planet!!! It is the same principle followed by our ancient civilizations.

    YES we all are connected; being aware of it is the beginning of it. This movie shows us how to become aware of our surroundings.

    YES dreams do come true, watch the movie and follow your heart, being aware and present every moment.

    Enjoyed the show (would like to watch again)


  2. VJ Says:

    Thank you Stefanie ! I will go …………..

  3. Vickie Says:

    Hey Stefanie

    How Cool, just saw Avatar this weekend…your friend is fabulous in the role. What a great message the move has.



  4. GE Says:

    Let Sam know that our family of five will be viewing the 3-D version this next Monday…but, wait to go to the bank ‘til Tuesday!


  5. RA Says:

    Hi Stefanie. Congratulations to your friend Sam. It is always nice to hear about the success of others, especially when they had to first struggle to make it to the top!

    We need more great people to make a great fortune so that the good people have most of the money, to do great things together with.

    Make it a great day!

  6. MC Says:

    I saw the movie in 3D last Sunday and loved it. Thanks

  7. NC Says:

    Wow! That’s really cool that you know him Stefanie!

    The movie was so awesome. Planning on going back to see it again.


  8. V Says:

    Hi Stefanie:

    Very cool! I’ve seen Avatar at the Imax, even better than just regular 3D. It’s my favourite by far. I will go see it again, and now knowing I’m only separated by 1 degree to him, that’s even cooler. He did a great acting job. :-)

    I hope your year is going better than it originally started out and you can now see that everything was perfect as it was.

    Lots of love and light.

    I would love to connect with you again. It has been so long ago.

    Your friend,


  9. EK Says:


    I am laid up right now, but my daughter and her fiancé went to see it and LOVED it. Congratulate him for us.

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