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Want To Be Famous?

Posted on 24 February 2011 by Stefanie

I’m currently looking for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and generally fabulous people to be featured as case studies in my upcoming book being published this fall on how people turned their expertise into cash, or made money online, or have an unusual work environment.  I can’t give too much of the details away (so my competitors don’t scoop me), but even if you think you a tiny fit, please add your story here:


Or visit the survey directly at:

Once you submit your story, I will see which ones fit into my book.

Who knows, you might even be invited to go on some TV interviews with me.

There is no charge to be in my book.

This is free promotion for you.

Submission deadline – March 31st.


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Want To Be Famous?

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  1. Bryan D. Toder Says:

    Since my twenties, I have been fascinated with hypnotism and how it can benefit people. But, it’s always been hard to learn — because, back then, there wasn’t anything like the Internet. The only was to learn hypnotism was from a book (or another hypnotist). My dilemma: I didn’t know anyone who did hypnosis and learning it from a book is like learning to sing from a book.

    At a seminar in 1999, I overheard a woman who said she did hypnosis on stage — something that I had wanted to learn for years! She put me in contact with her teacher, my now-mentor Dr. Scott McFall, and he taught me hypnotism in his office in South Dakota. (Dr. McFall is probably one of the best hypnotists in the world and I feel very fortunate to have trained with him.)

    After learning stage hypnosis and performing it for a while, I decided to learn and do clinical hypnotism. So, I went back to South Dakota and got trained and certified as a Clinical Hypnotist. (By the way, it turns out that the best clinical hypnotists started out as a stage hypnotist! Why? Because, if I can get you to walk around onstage — in front of 2,000 people — and you believe there’s a live Martian in your pants… what I do in my office is “baby stuff” compared to what’s done in a stage show!)

    Within two weeks of opening my practice, the hypnosis clinic was hugely successful and is now considered one of the top hypnosis centers in the country. (I usually see between 16-22 clients a day and on my desk sits a book with over 700 written testimonials!)

    Most of my weight loss clients are successful — mainly because they are held accountable. They even have to pass a “screening” to qualify as a client.

    From seeing hundreds of weight loss clients and how they’ve behaved, why they succeeded (and why some failed!) gave me the insight and structured techniques that bring automatic success to my clients goals, and allowed me to write my new book, “Get Thin—Be Happy”.

    I met Stephanie Hartman in 2010 and joined her mentorship program. One of the first projects was to write a book. (Now that’s a homework assignment!)

    However, since I’ve successfully worked with weight loss clients for so long, this was a cinch to do and the book was completed in under a week. Now, “Get Thin—Be Happy” is selling strong and more people are finding out the Six Easy Steps to Weight Loss Success.

    With Stephanie’s guidance and advice I am now doing interviews and talks for radio, television, the Internet and live groups for people who want and NEED to improve their lives for the better.

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