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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

Posted on 16 June 2009 by Stefanie

Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

RICK FRISHMAN - Author 101

New York News! Need your input…

It has just been a whirlwind of crazy excitement around Hartman Enterprises lately – there is SO much going on – hopefully a lot of it exciting for you!

It’s hard to know where to start but I want to tell you more about my New York trip that was so amazing!

If you didn’t hear about it yet, I went to New York to meet with my publishers and attend Rick Frishman’s Author 101 conference and Book Expo America. It was so great to meet up with all of these people like Rick Frishman and David Hancock – I’ve been friends with them for years now, but this was the first chance to actually meet up in person.

Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?


It’s actually one of my favourite things about starting an online business and being in groups like the Private JV Clubwhen you finally get to meet up with people, you almost don’t even realize that you’ve never met them! I love being part of business that allows you to create these deep, global relationships with people!

I got the chance to catch up with old friends (that I have met) too – some speaker buddies, Mark Victor Hansen – I got a HUGE hug and kiss when I met up with him again!

Meeting up with all of these people seemed to make the connection we’d created over the years even deeper – it’s something I really recommend that if you get the chance to go to a conference or an event somewhere,  be sure to jump on it! Besides getting the chance to learn some great things, the ability to actually meet up with people in person is always priceless.

Just because you’re starting an online business, it doesn’t mean you don’t create awesome relationships both over the Internet and in person!

Even cooler was the chance to meet up with some of the Private JV Club members and even some of the folks from my Mastermind Group – it was like a big reunion!

Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?


It was great hearing from people about how much the club means to them and the new connections they’re making – one woman I met up with says she has so many potential new partners that she hasn’t even had the time to get back to them all yet – now that’s a great problem to have!

So much more happened in New York that I’ll be sharing in the blog over the coming days, but I just wanted to connect and show off some pictures in the meantime – giving a big shout out to everyone who was there at the conference – would love to hear some comments about your experience.

AND I can’t go into the details until later in the summer, but I’m going to be starting a publishing company and working with a an award winning well known New York Publisher and world famous distributor.

For that I need a name for my publishing house – and I need your help!

Leave your comments with name suggestions and I will give the person who came up with the winning name a chance at a big time publishing contract (we’re talking the works – distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle and major bookstores) for you or someone you know.

My tag line is: Publishing books that change lives.

Areas of interest are: business, trends, technology, innovation, entrepreneurial, non-fiction, biography, celebrity, health, some fiction (if it is life changing).

Some names already suggested:

  • Hartman Publishing
  • Strategic Publishing

Please vote or submit your own – and stop by soon for more updates!

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 Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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 Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

49 Comments For This Post

  1. DW Says:

    I like ‘Strategic Publishing’, but I also like ‘Hartman Press’ or maybe ‘Changing Trends Publishing’ or ‘Changing Times Publishing’

  2. Bruce Fryer Says:

    Thanks for the comments Stephanie. Here’s my suggestion (think Seth Purple Cow):
    “Hart Stopping Publishing”
    No one would forget the name.

  3. Cynthia Clark Says:

    Hart2Hart Publishing or Hart-to-Hart Publishing

  4. Liz Pagayonan Says:

    How fun and exciting! Congratulations! A dream come true! I like One Universal Hart Press or One Hart Press. Whatever unfolds as the name…it will be perfect!

  5. Dr. Judith Wilcox Says:

    Neither of the suggested titles test out as strong energetically, so I am going to suggest the one that energetically tests 100% strong: S.H.E. Publishing Co. Stefanie, you know how this energetic testing works and you know I only want the best of the best for you! S.H.E. Publishing Co. is the best of the best!

  6. Sandra Sellani Says:

    Hartfelt Publishing

  7. Sharon Says:

    What type of books will you be publishing? Will it be a particular niche such as business or more of an “anything goes” type of company involving both fiction and non-fiction?

    The two options so far are rather bland and run-of-the-mill. I’ve got lots of ideas but if you can answer that it would be helpful. You deserve something with a little more spice (or hart)!

  8. Jacqueline Says:

    Hi, Stefanie.

    Sounds like you had an exciting trip!

    The first thing that comes to mind for your publishing company is “New Possibilities Publishing.” After all, that’s what your business is all about… opening people to new possibilities.

    The other idea is “Connections Press.” You’ve certainly helped a great number of people succeed by teaching them how to connect. It is the connections we make with others that empowers us to change not only our own lives, but also the world.

    Thanks for the chance to participate in this exciting new phase of your career. I look forward to reading your updates!

  9. De'Anna Says:

    Heart to Hart Press, Hartfelt Publishing, From the Hart Press, Power Press, Mindstar Publishers

  10. De'Anna Says:

    Mindstar Publishers, Hartfelt Press, Heart to Hart Press, Bravehart Press

  11. Shera Davis Says:

    Aloha Stephanie,

    My vote is for “All Hart Publishing”. You are truely an inspiration for conscious entrepreneurs and female powerhouses around the globe! I’ve been following you for about 18 mos and you are quite a good model for success. I have a project (about to complete our 501 (c)3) dedicated to Nurturing the Healers of the Universe through stress management, burn out prevention and rejuventation programs. We are launching next month and have support from several amazing coaches in the field, including a presentation meeting with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield this week. So, Ms. JV queen, would you be willing to discuss an affiliate JV to support our project? It would be an honor if we could set up a 15 minute conference call about this.

    Bloom on in bliss
    Shera L. Davis, M.Ed.

  12. Dr. Niama L. Williams Says:

    What about “Hartman House” and your tagline could be: “We put the word(s) out for you.”

    “Hartman House” bespeaks sophistication and seriousness as well as calls up the old tradition of publishing houses that nourished authors and established relationships with them that lasted lifetimes.

    My two cents, generously given, while wishing you the best on your new venture!

    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

  13. Heather Browning Says:

    Congrats! Why not keep with your branding….

    Hart Matters Publishing

  14. Leanne Says:

    The first thing that came into my mind was: ‘Hartfelt Publishing’

  15. Jan St. John Says:

    How about

    WRITE ON Publishing?

  16. Kathleen Kaplin Says:

    Estefani Publishing

  17. Kimberley Jones Says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I think the name of your publishing house should reflect your own powerful qualities of vision & purpose along with a sense of leadership, offering books that lead people into a new life.
    Therefore I like: ‘VISIONARY PUBLISHING – Books That Change Lives’.
    I wish you well. You are a bright light indeed!

  18. Nat Says:

    What about ‘Strategic Heart Publishing’ or ‘Limitless Change Publishing’?

  19. sandy Says:

    All of those names are “eye-catching”, and how about:

    ’7th Dimension’….y’know, structural integrity of our solar system, air-communication, birdsong….the coherence which binds all together.

  20. Tabitha Says:

    Congratulations Stefanie on this important new step in the direction of “Hart of Success”:) I had a minor dissapointment this week as I had everything planned and ready to go for my first Mastermind Group session. I was going to call my Mastermind Series: Lesotho’s Best-Kept Secret. For a variety of social and cultural reasons, the mastermind series cannot be launched here in Lesotho. So I’m giving you the name “Best Kept Secrets Publishing” with a blessing and an even stronger intention than ever to host you and your team in South Africa in 2010 for the launch of my Mastermind series.

  21. Darla Otto Says:

    Hi Stephanie:
    I love Hartofsuccess….why not stick with it through all of your marketing. People can remember you by one name. I am afraid if you start using to many you personally may get lost.

  22. Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" Says:

    Hi Stefanie

    Here are a few ideas from Black Belt Bob Private JV Club member and domains available. These should spark some creative ideas.

    Stefanie, you may not like some of the names however if nobody on the blog posts the exact name you want and if the post opens your creative mind that leads you to the final choice then the originator that gave you the idea should win.

    See you later inside the private jv club for special members

    Black Belt Bob

  23. Gina Bell Says:

    How about:

    Hart of Success Press (or, … Publishing).
    Hart of Change Publishing

    That’s all I’ve got this a.m. pre-coffee ;) If I think of others, I’ll pop back in.

    Good luck & Congratulations on the exciting news Stefanie!

    ~ Gina

  24. yvette Says:

    Hiya Stefanie, I really like Hartmann Press, it sounds so established already. Or what about Namaste Publishing House or Extraordinary Press, Superb Publications, or what about Home Run Publications.
    The best of luck with this venture, I have no doubt it will be a massive success for you. May you relish every moment! Lol Yvette xx

  25. Erika Cook Says:

    How about Hartman House Publishing?

  26. Esther Says:

    Hart Publishing or Heart Publishing (play on words)

    All Heart Publishing

    Point Publishing (because you are getting to the point)

  27. Patricia Stallworth Says:

    My suggestion: Hart of Success Book Publishers (HSBP). ps

  28. Susan Winlaw Says:

    So many wonderful suggestions in the notes above…………you’ll have quite the choice.

    From the Hart Press
    Hart for Heart Publishing

    are my 2 suggestions. I didn’t have time to read all of the listings above. I hope they are not already there.

    Best wishes…..Susan

  29. Leslie Says:

    How about:

    1. Express Press – OR
    2. Dimmi Publishing or Press (Dimmi means “Tell Me” in Italian) – OR
    3. HartSmart Publishing or Press – OR
    4. Catalyst Publishing or Press – OR
    5. Messenger Press or Publishing – OR
    6. Awaken Publishing or Press – OR
    7. WordPower Press or Publishing- OR

  30. Randy Peyser Says:

    Hart House would be a great name for a publishing company.

  31. TaniaH Says:

    Wow, so many brilliant suggestions, I don’t know how Stefanie will choose!

    It was mentioned to me that press evokes the feeling of moving forward or motion and publishing is more grounded, but of course either publishing or press will also need to be a perfect fit for what’s in front of it, and choosing is going to be tough!

  32. Jessica P. Rareshide Says:

    Publishing books that change lives

  33. Lyn Says:

    Here is my suggestion – Libellus Publishing “libellus” is latin diminutive form of the ordinary word liber (meaning book), from which we get the English word library. Sometimes the word was used to describe what we would call: essays, tracts or petition (wikipedia).

    To your success Stefanie

  34. Gloria Morotti Says:

    I would like to suggest Tru Hart or True Hart. Thanks.

    Gloria Morotti

  35. Velma Gallant, The Queen of JOY! Says:

    Oooo! I love doing this! FUN!

    Hart Global Publishing
    One-Hart Publishing
    Global Hart Publishing
    Hart Connection Publishing
    Vibrant Hart Publishing
    Hart Alive Publishing
    Thrive Publishing
    Bold Hart Publishing
    Divine Hart Publishing
    Thrive Alive Publishing
    Hart-Vibe Publishing
    Living Hart Publishing
    Core Hart Publishing
    Hart-Mind Publishing

    I may come back later.

    Pick me! Pick me! (Runs off to the Vision Board.)

  36. aura Says:

    how about a hart of peace publishing or hart of strength publishing good luck with the endeavour and all power to you

  37. clara noble Says:

    How about
    Your Success Publishing
    Road to Success Publishing
    TheBook4U Publishing

  38. Jk Says:

    My suggestions: The Hartman Publishing Company
    The Hartman Publications
    Hartmans Media Group,Inc

    Happy choosing, there are so many possibilities!!!

  39. Marcia Breitenbach Says:

    Conscious Hart Publishing: Bringing You Books That Change Lives

    Spirited Publishing: Books that Change Lives

    (I also like HartofSuccess Publishing but see that this is already up there)

  40. Joanne Says:

    Home of Hart Publishing~
    House of Hart Publishing
    From the Hart Press

  41. Vickie Says:

    Hey Stefanie:

    I love the Hartman Press or Hartman Publishing…I think it is strong branding and it appears as if the universe blessed you with having a lot of Hart in everything you do.

    I am so excited about this new addition to your empire…it is fabulous and it makes sense. It’s a natural evolution.

    hugs and champagne


  42. Irene Eaves Says:

    Hi Stefanie:

    I am just throwing out a list of names. I would sure like to see Hart in the name. Here goes and some you may have already gotten. I agree Hart has gotten far in more ways then one.

    SHE Publishing
    Upward Trends Publishing
    Global Trends Publishers
    Changing Tides Publishing
    Global Hart Publishing (my favorite)
    Success Hart Publishing
    Ignite Publishing
    Write Hart Publishers (like this one too)
    Global Fusion Publishers
    Expanding Hart Publishers
    One Hart Publishers
    Diversity Hart Press
    Hart Hand Publishers (H2)
    Hart Steps Publishing
    Hart Words Publishers
    Hart Union Press
    Hart Journey Publishers
    Lifting Harts Publishing

    Good Luck with your name search.
    You always make things fun and I love that.


  43. Doug Says:

    Hart to Heart Publishing

  44. Shaun Masterton Says:

    Hartegic Publishing

    twist on Hartman and Strategic.

    good luck an hope all is well

    Shaun :)

  45. Duane Love Says:

    Dear Stephanie
    As you are aware, we are expanding our consciousness and shifting away from old ways of being and doing things. As Old Energy structures collapse and New Energy arrangements are put into place, so does change become acceptable. How this all comes about, is that we are no longer depending on outside sources or organizations to run our lives. Instead, we are finding all the solutions within our self – specifically within our DNA – the 2nd to 12th layers, which are all multidimensional in nature.

    Within our present time, as a new form of consciousness embodies us, we are experiencing our DNA transmuting. This allows the veil to thin and for us to become multidimensional. I am sure you are well aware that as a human race we are evolving to a state of not leaving our bodies, but rather expanding our awareness into different dimensions and other physical structures. Our presently expanding DNA provides us to feel things more deeply, even simply just for the experience. We are now beginning to do all this with the realignment of our Divinity and God-Self, which can only truly come about by accessing it through our multidimensional layers of DNA. As this takes place, we discover that we have the key to access how to bring forth more peace, joy, love, compassion and abundance into our lives.

    In summary, multidimensional living is what we have all waited for and what is going to be the most talked about and practiced process of our lives for many, many years to come.

    I have this deep feeling that your publishing business is going to expand and thrive. I do believe that you will achieve this by having the most appropriate name for the upcoming years: ‘Multidimensional Publishing’.

    Lots of love.
    Duane Love

  46. Duane Love Says:

    Multidimensional Publishing or Interdimensional Publishing.

  47. Artur Rybowicz Says:

    Stephanie, first of all congratulation on a new venture than my suggested name: Insight Press, that’s what your really do, reveal true treasure to the world. If you dont’t take it, I reserve this name to my venture which is comming up soon. Best regards, Artur

  48. Estee Taschereau Says:

    I loved reading your story about the change in publishing. I had a chance to meet with Rick Frishman at CEO Space in Las Vegas this July, and he gave very encouraging feedback on my book.

    Here’s my suggestions

    Light of Life Publishing
    Life Mastery Press
    Inner Connection Press

    Thanks for your great articles!
    Estee Taschereau

  49. chanel handbags Says:

    Thanks again for the great quality web blog posts that you provide. You’re writing skills are amazing and I’ll be coming back for updates.

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