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Do Nice Guys Finish Last… When it comes to Business?

Posted on 12 April 2009 by Stefanie

Do Nice Guys Finish Last… When it comes to Business? I talk about the term I coined called the Next Evolution in Business, which essentially means that instead of trying to crush your competition, you actually work WITH them!  It is where the future of business is headed.

You probably feel similarly, but sometimes doubt can come up – for example, is it true that the nice guys finish last? Is it only the selfish people that earn top dollar or can the person with heart and there to serve others also be rewarded financially?

There are ebbs and flows with every business, so if that seems to be the case and you’re feeling a little bit down, hopefully this story can offer you some encouragement!

I have been really close friends with a certain Hollywood producer for about 20 years or so.  I used to work in television – where this whole “Nice guys finish last”  attitude was VERY prevalent – and I did not enjoy it! (in fact it’s one of the biggest reasons that I decided to leave that business!)

At any rate, about 5 or 6 years ago I was at a small house party with this producer in Hollywood, and that’s where I met Eric Mabius (the guy that plays fashion editor Daniel Meade on the show Ugly Betty).

He hadn’t gotten the part in Ugly Betty yet – he was just a regular guy at a party with his wife (Ivy Sherman).

We spent practically the whole night chatting, laughing, sharing stories.  He and his wife (then girlfriend) were so much fun and down to earth – it was a pleasure to be in their company! And unlike many of the other “Hollywood types” at the party they related to me well as I didn’t treat them any differently than if they grew up on my block back home.  So we stuck together.

These were so not the ‘typical’ Hollywood folks – Ivy was an incredible artist and showed some of her work – she was talking about starting a business painting murals for children’s rooms – all in all it was just great to chat with this super nice couple!

So while we were talking I started to fix some drinks (as I was the hostess for the party) and then Eric said that one of the drinks he really liked was a Mojito. I had never heard of this drink before, and he was shocked!  His response was, “This cannot continue!” (it was really funny).

Next thing I knew, he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside.  Eric actually jumped the fence to the neighbors backyard to pick some wild mint that was growing there.  We were all laughing our heads off and trying to keep quiet while he went to pick this (wild) mint to make me a Mojito.

So he comes into the kitchen, rolls up his sleeves, and starts crushing the mint.  Everyone was shocked that somehow this pretty well known actor jumped a fence for me and was now personally crushing mint and making me a drink.  The shock was so funny to see as this is a town that caters to actors – that made it extra amusing.  It was pretty gallant of him.

Of course, it was delicious – and it ended up being such a fun evening and a great memory of this actor that was just a super nice, regular human being!

It was less than a year later that he got the role on Ugly Betty, and I was so happy about it because he truly is a really nice guy who worked hard and deserved success! He married his high school sweetheart; they are still together. He stays out of the limelight for the most part and is happy just being at home with his 2 kids and openly shows that he feels blessed by all that he has.

Now every time Ugly Betty comes on I think of him jumping over the fence like that, and it reminds me of how a  nice guy finished first!

This is not a guy who took short cuts in his career, he simply worked hard, didn’t buy into any ego trips or Hollywood hype, and stayed true to himself.

I think about him when I want to remember that nice guys CAN finish first, because in a lot of industries there is hype that you should do anything you can to kill your competition and inspire fear and horde everything to yourself – and it’s just not viable anymore!

I have seen so much evidence over and over again that proves that something new is happening in the world of business today – and I love to see the proof of it in stories like Eric.

If you’re feeling down about trying to compete and it just doesn’t fit where your heart is at, I invite you to learn more about how you can work with others (nice people!  to bring your business to greater success than you ever dreamed possible!) Join me on a complimentary tele-training on April 30th to hear more about how you can collaborate for success.  Visit The Private JV Club to sign up!

Do Nice Guys Finish Last… When it comes to Business?

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Do Nice Guys Finish Last… When it comes to Business?

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  1. JJ Says:

    That’s a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

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