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Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?

Posted on 19 April 2009 by Stefanie

Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?There are 2 famous lines in the Jerry Maguire movie.  One of them is, of course, “Show me the Money!”  But the other one is the one that women always remember because it’s the romantic one – “You had me at hello.

I think BOTH are relative to business – however, the romantic one is the one that I apply toward my marketing strategiesparticularly when it comes to presentations (like teleclasses)!

Did you know that when it comes to your presentation, what you start out with is SO much more important than the last 15 minutes of the “close” at the end?

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across that have it all backwards – they put all their time and energy into that final 15 minutes.  But the truth is, if you’ve done your job through the first 45 minutes of your talk, you can write a simple, easy sales pitch for the end and you will create massive sales – and way more than you would have otherwise!

I taught this strategy and went through a teleseminar template that I described to Matt Bacak (Internet Marketer), and when he started using it, his sales went up dramatically and immediately.  He said my template felt “real” and “the best” to him, it made so much sense to him and he loved the new insight of “You had me at hello”.

The impact was even greater for him as before he spoke to me he had just had meeting with someone that was really salesy and aggressive, which he didn’t enjoy at all – and his sales reflected that.  But using this new structure worked for him amazingly!  In fact it was the best sales he’d ever done.

What he learned is that your best sales come from you speaking the truth, being who you are, and knowing the structure of what you need to put it in.

You don’t have to be someone that you’re not in order to make great sales!

I taught these same ideas to Eric Lofholm.  He’s a GREAT salesman – he sells to people at seminars all the time, but he admitted his teleseminar phone sales were terrible.  He actually just gave up on the whole idea of doing teleseminars!

But he simply needed a different structure, because selling on the phone is very different than selling on stage.  I taught him the structure that I teach in my Millionaires in Training (MIT) program (and honestly that one little piece is worth the price of the course alone!)

And he went from giving up (and no sales) to selling half a million of products in a few months from the 1 structure I gave him!  That speaks for itself!

You might be interested to know that the reason I put this structure together was because I was actually hired by a company some years ago that hosted 3-4 teleseminars a month for different people to sell their products, while he made a commision.

The owner brought in these people, and he made an average of $10K a month through booking these speakers – so having people that would really be good at selling was very important to him!

My job was to listen to the teleseminars and tell the owner who would sell and who wouldn’t.  And I would actually sit there listening and write down the exact time of when this speaker would lose their audience – some would lose it at 5 minutes into the call, others at 30 minutes, and some would lose them at several points throughout the call!

It was almost like having a first date and saying the wrong thing – several times!  These people were unknowingly completely ruining their relationships!  And let me tell you, you’re NOT going to get a second date when that happens!

So I would write these times down for the owner of the company, and then we would look at the printout from the phone company after the call that would tell us exactly when people started hanging up – and it matched exactly.

And it was tragic – because not only were these sellers losing people emotionally, but they were so turned off that people actually hung up!

And who knows about those people that didn’t hang up – I mean they could have been staring at their grocery list or vacuuming the house by that point – because they no longer had any reason to be invested in the call.

In these cases it was more like, “You LOST me at hello!”

So I started to realize that a lot of great business people were running into these same issues, and came up with the structure to implement to keep this from happening!

This is what Eric Lofholm had to say after he learned it:

Thank you for the awesome coaching. I am a master at selling from the stage. However, I have done over 100 conference calls and never had success closing orders on a teleclass. I implemented over 10 ideas you suggested during our coaching session. My results were incredible. In fact my phones began to ring off the hook before the call was even completed. Your insight was awesome. I’ve added it up and I’ve profited over $500,000 since implementing your ideas. I look forward to utilizing your consulting services for years to come.

If you find yourself running into these same issues in your marketing strategies when it comes to presentations or teleseminars, begin to implement the following:

  • One of my HUGEST pet peeves on a call is when people say, “You folks”.  It doesn’t matter if there are 1500 people on the line – you need to be speaking to just one person! Say the word “You”.  You can even envision talking to a certain person in your mind to better assist you to speak in this way.  You will be surprised at what a difference it will make for you!
  • AND, many people make the mistake of selling only in the last 15 minute of the call or presentation. It’s like there’s all this lead-up and then BAM – buy stuff from me! The reality is, you should be seeding your product or service throughout the entire presentation – the end is where you can give the details, but your sales pitch shouldn’t be coming out of left field!

It takes me about 60 minutes to go through the whole structured template for my clients & students, but these are probably 2 of the most important aspects of presentation and keeping that “You had me at hello” mindset.

Put these into effect in your teleseminar and you’ll begin to see changes right away!

If you want to learn more about the MIT program and the marketing strategies that have worked for people like Matt Bacak and Eric Lofholm, visit Millionaires In Training.  Then you’ll not only be applying, “You had me at hello”, but you’ll be saying, “Show me the money!” too!  Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?

Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?

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Did You Know That When I think of Marketing Strategies, I think of Jerry Maguire?

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